Stage 1 - Boring Plains

This is quite literally the dullest level ever. Even the level music is boring. There aren't any obstacles in your way when you try to clear the level. And even when you try do the other objectives, there's nothing that can stop you. Even the bosses are total pushovers.

Other Objectives:

  1. Collect all 100 Coins
  2. Defeat All the Enemies
  3. Defeat Goomboss (BOSS LEVEL)
  4. Jump in the Center of the Stage
  5. Make A Miiverse Post About How Boring This is
  6. Defeat Vanish Waluigi (BOSS LEVEL)
  7. Clear this Level with Ten Characters
  8. Clear the Level in the Slowest Way Possible
  9. Defeat Joey's Top Percentage Rattata (BOSS LEVEL)
  10. Wait For 2 Hours

Stage 2 - Pleasant Plateau

In total contrast to the first level, this is quite exciting! Everything stands out, nothing is a snorefest and the music is upbeat. Too bad this stage comes with two of the harder bosses of the game. Unlocked when clearing Boring Plains.

Stage 3 - Cerulean Cavern

Oh no, this isn't the cave in the Kanto region. In fact, the overabundance of Zubat is its only relation with Pokémon! It actually references the blue and black Underground levels from Super Mario Bros.

Stage 4 - Place

This is a place filled with things and stuff. Enemies are common here and it has a terrain. Items and summons are found here. This area introduces a gameplay mechanic and has missions. Characters are recommended here.

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