Please put every character in Alphabetic order!

  • A: A typographic character that solely exists to be put first on the list. It can attack with the 26 normal letters of the Alphabet, as well as other typographic letters.
  • Alfred Pennyworth: Batman's butler. He uses coffee mugs and dinner plates to attack, as well as becoming his own superhero...OLD MAN!!
  • Applejack: Clearly a cool mare. She's able to turn apples into murderous weapons. She can heal herself with these fruits, too.
  • Arend: A guy at Fantendo. He can use a pencil to draw characters fighting for him.
  • Birgit Õigemeel: A singer from Estonia who attacks with good singing and weird dresses.
  • Boris: Some random guy who walked into the building. He said "letmahinurgaem" and we said "shurynut"
  • Cake: A lie.
  • Cinos the Hedgehog: It's pretty darn obvious. He is SO not a recolor of Sonic. Enough said.
  • Claus the Mighty: Another guy at Fantendo, who seems to take the appearance of another Claus. Attacks with his army of Goomy.
  • Dewott: A Pokémon that looks to be a big blue otter. He can use water themed moves and use his shell to attack.
  • Dream Boy: The strongest in the game. He's not a Marty Stu, and can use FIFTY POWERS AT THE SAME TIME. How cool is that?
  • Gasparo: A totally original character that obviously isn't a recolor of his brother Mario. He's also a treasure hunter and super strong, totally unlike Wario.
  • Gold-Gold Daisy: A new original character that is Gold-Gold in color and is obviously not just Daisy but an entirely new separate character and is super cool and necessary to the plot.
  • Goomba: Possibly the second most useless character on this list. Can only Headbonk and is super weak.
  • Hamclub: This guy is a user at Fantendo who is madly in love with Pinkie Pie. He can use light powers, grow wings and use fairy magic. Super manly, right?
  • Heinz Doofenshmirtz: An evil scientist who actually can be a good one if he didn't try to be evil. Attacks with Inators.
  • InukaneYumiko: A newcomer to the Fantendo community. It is implied in a certain way that she has a huge crush on Lumoshi. She attacks with magical spells.
  • Kaos: who normally is the villain of the Skylanders games, now takes the role as the hero now a new villain has come to town.
  • Kraid: One of the biggest enemies Samus has ever encountered. He's so big, that enemies take damage from him rather than vice versa. He can also shoot his belly spikes.
  • Lopunny: A Rabbit Pokémon. Uses jump kicks and dizzy punches to attack. It kicks extra hard when its ears are tugged roughly.
  • Lumoshi: Another guy at Fantendo. Madly in love with Rosalina, he uses the power of the Stars to guide him through.
  • Magikarp: THE most useless character. It can only Splash around, and while it has more HP than Goomba, he's still pretty weak.
  • Megan Woman: Mega Man's gender swapped counterpart. She uses TWO Mega Busters, and can fire a beam SO LARGE, it can kill a god. She's TOTALLY not a Mary Sue.
  • Nabbit: A rabbit-like creature that takes everything away from the commonfolk. Nabbit cannot be hurt by normal enemies, but in return, he cannot use any power-ups except for his Bronze Gold Form. He also cannot attack when he somehow loses his bag.
  • Nergal Jr.: Some boy/beast hybrid who is very lonely. He uses the tentacles on his back in battle, and can even freeze enemies.
  • Pario: The most epic dood ever, He is better then Gasparo and Zario. He uses the power of YouTube subs.
  • Pinkie Pie: The best everything in anything ever. She can use her toothless crocodile named Gummy for obvious reasons, her party cannon, clones and can turn into Pinkamena.
  • "The Electric Demon:" A mysterious character of mysterious mystery. It uses electricity and it's mystery powers to attack.
  • Twilight Sparkle: Pony princess of friendship. She can use all kinds of magic, AND she can fly!
  • Trip the Portal Master: The ultimate Gary Stu. Can use forty powers at the same time and is incredibly handsome.
  • Trip the Zilch Master: A character who claims to be attractive and powerful, but is almost as useless as Goomba. He can only punch.
  • Wolfgang: A dumb, annoying wolf who uses a skeletal guitar to attack. But that's basically all he can do. I mean, really. Not much more can you say about that. I mean, he fights with a guitar, right? And that's just... wow.
  • Wolf Surgeon: A wolf surgeon that uses a scalpel and other surgical equipment. He has to work with patients that are his prey, making it tough for him not to go in and eat the organs inside.
  • Yeldir: Ridley's reincarnation created in a desperate attempt for Ridley to make it into the game, but at the terrible cost of Yeldir becoming "too small" for the game. He can use this to his advantage, getting in places that bigger characters can't get in and also can avoid enemies much more easily. However, he can't attack unless he transforms into his Bronze Gold form. 
  • Zoop Zoop: Zoop zoop!


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