Skye the Subzero Superhero
Developer(s) RTA Games
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) The V²
Release Date(s)
Age Rating(s)
ESRB2013E10 PEGI 7
Genre(s) Action, Platforming
Series RTAverse One-Offs
Predecessor Jess' Quest
Successor TBA
Media Included V² disc

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Skye the Subzero Superhero is an action-platforming game, released on the V² in 2016.


The game revolves around Skye Caballero, a character from the RTAverse with cryokinetic powers. In this game, Skye uses her powers to figure out puzzles and to reach other platforms that would usually be out of range. The game itself has 32-bit graphics. Skye can upgrade her abilities to do more.


Skye the Subzero Superhero follows Skye as she travels through multiple dimensions after an unexplained incident that opened portals all around Anaheim. There is not much of a storyline, and the player can simply play without having to pay attention to a certain something.


Ability Description
Snowball Skye can shoot a snowball at an opponent or at a target to trigger an event of sorts.
Icicle Skye shoots icicles so she can knock down dangling platforms. These tend to knock down two at a time at first.
Freeze Skye causes a severe temperature drop, freezing any opponent in her proximity.


The soundtrack in Skye the Subzero Superhero is rather varied, ranging from Smooth Criminal by Michael Jackson to various electronic artists.

Artist Song
Michael Jackson Smooth Criminal
Huey Lewis and The News The Power of Love
deadmau5 // Rob Swire Ghosts 'n' Stuff
Strange Talk Cast Away
Nitro Fun New Game
Pendulum Blood Sugar
Pendulum Watercolour
Pendulum The Island




  • Skye the Subzero Superhero has the lowest age rating of any RTA Games product.

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