"When all is lost, something will rise from the ashes. Something big. Something new. Something different."

Skybound is an Alternate Fantendoverse built off of the shattered pieces of a different universe that the Netnu of that universe destroyed.



Aeria replaces Earth in this universe, serving as the planet where most things related to Fantendo happen. Aeria, at its core, is a very small, very barren planet. Surrounding it are thousands and thousands of miles made up of sky, home to thousands and thousands of floating islands, airships, and other such things.

The inhabitants of Aeria all live on those flying constructs, so high up that their weight is lowered substantially, allowing them to jump and bound around tens of feet into and across the air.
Often, less experienced characters will fall into the sky-blue abyss if they don't land on anything solid, so there are several groups of professional flyers assigned to each city for the purpose of catching anyone about to meet a terribly long and boring fate.

Household appliances, airships, and most other machinery are steam-powered.
Technology, though it has advanced quite a bit, has never upgraded to a different power source.


Scratch Kat

Scratch Kat is one of the characters featured in the Skybound AU. Not much has been worked out about what he does, or what his place is, but he does have art so that's cool.




(Articles taking place in Skybound)


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