Sky Warriors is a 3D rail shooter for the Wii U and is the first installment in the Sky Warriors series. The game focuses on two pilots (and the player can choose either two to play) who are in a world war and fly their airplanes to defeat the enemy army, and win the war. The game features many locations and some are loosely based off of real locations as the location where the game is set itself resembles Europe.

Sky Warriors is Rated T for Teen and has an upcoming release of November 2013 - January 2014. The game features multiplayer where the two players can team up to destroy the enemy nations or can battle each other in many versus mini-games.



Chris Skyflight

Chris Skyflight is the Male choice character for the player to choose in the game. Chris Skyflight is a 25 year old man who had recently graduated from the Flight Academy where he becomes a war pilot in a world war. Chris serves in the war due to one of the enemy nations attacking his city thus turning it nothing, but a barren wasteland, he also comes from a line of war pilots as he as well uses his plane "Hawkeye" during battle. Chris is energetic as he's always prepared to serve in the war and can crack some 4th wall jokes once in a while, but at times he can be negative and cruel, but he's still an energetic person and always keeps his eye on the job.

Alana Skyride

Alana Skyride is the Female choice character for the player to choose in the game. Alana is 23 years old and like Chris she also recently had graduated from the Flight Academy. Alana serves in the war as she avenges her dead father as he died in the war when she was just a toddler. Alana as well uses her own war plane named "Skyline". Alana has a mixed personality as her emotions change when what the atmosphere of the situation of the mood she is in feels like. Most of the time Alana can slack off, but she always performs her job well done.

Skyler Macvosh

Skyler Macvosh is a Male who is currently in training at the Pilot Academy. He is one of the main characters in the game as he joined either Chris or Alana on their journey to not only help them, but to gain experience. Skyler is a tough 21 year old man as he was found at his village where he was the only one who survived after his small village was attacked, ever since that day he became tough/brute. His airplane is known as "The Swisher"

Harper Adriel


Marlow Kaladrey

Marlow Kaladrey is one of the main characters in the game and joins Chris/Alana on their adventure. Marlow is 33 years old as he has been a war pilot for a couple of years. Marlow can act cocky at times as he thinks he's the greatest pilot ever. He can also be impatient as he can get mad whenever someone rushes him, but he still tries to protect his friends from any harm. His airplane is known as "Blastoid".


Kenneth Bakersfield

Kenneth Bakersfield is a 68 year old Male former war pilot. He helps out Chris/Alana on their adventure as Kenneth can tell the two some tips and advice, and some tricks to do that are useful during battle. Kenneth has an enthusiastic and motivational personality as he tries to teach all the greatest moves there is. Kenneth was a very famous war pilot as he was considered to be the reason on why his nation won a past war. His airplane was known as "The War Field".

Tom Walker

Tom Walker is a 19 year old Male who is currently starting at the Pilot Academy. He is excellent when it comes to creating or repairing airplanes as he is found at the Academy's Plane Shop. Tom can either create, repair, or even customize your airplane.

Rico Alavarez

Rico Alavarez is a 20 year old Male and is a juvenile who always causes trouble around the Academy. Rico has a mean personality as he tries to bully everyone in the academy and causes many problems such as vandalizing airplanes, messing around with fuel filters, and more. Rico does have a role in the game as he can recycle old/broken products and create another new working object.

Anna Claradale

Anna Claradale is a 22 year old Female who is said by many students to be one of the most gorgeous students in campus. Anna has a bubbly personality as she can act very crazy at most times. Anna can be called for back up whenever more help is needed during battle. Her airplane is known as "Thunder Strike".


Name Description Boss
Chapter 0: Prologue Welcome to the Pilot Academy! Here Chris/Alandra will begin their journey, but they first must start training once again before heading to the battlefield. None
Chapter 1: A Flight to Remember Chris/Alana start their journey as they head through many lands which have been destroyed due to the horrors of the war. Nuke Tornado
Chapter 2: As the Quest continues Chris/Alana are now traveling through the abandoned Acorn Woods, Charletzburg, and Wintercastle as they try to stop the enemy nations from attacking. Chris/Alana then have to travel through the mysterious freezing Twin Summit Mountains. Chemical Bullet
Chapter 3: Nation Takeover Chris/Alana have to save many ruined, once active towns from enemy nations as they them as main control points for trade such as weapons, boats, and planes. Wave Grenade
Chapter 4: The Day ceases to exist Chris/Alana head to the deep jungle and many other locations as they confront the enemy nations as they disrupt and destroy all of these locations for their takeover and personal hub location. Axe Carapace
Chapter 5: The Harsh Conflict TBA TBA
Chapter 6: The Fight for Freedom TBA TBA
Chapter 7: Justice Remains TBA TBA


Name Description
Bullet Bullets are the most used items in the game. Bullets are used during battle to take down enemy planes.
Oil Can Oil Cans are items which are the reason on why the planes are flying. Oil Cans can be brought at stores whenever the plane's oil supply runs out.
Rocket Rockets are items and when they are gained, they can be used to fire at enemy planes which causes a lot of damage to them.
Missile Missiles are items that when, and when used can cause one hit kills to enemy planes.
Force Field Force Fields are items that when used, the player will be invincible for a limited amount of time as they can plow through anything.


Name Description Owner
Hawkeye Hawkeye is Chris Skyflight's plane as he uses it throughout the game. Hawkeye is Brown as it's front resembles a beak and it's sides resembles wings. Chris Skyflight
Skyline Skyline is Alana Skyride's plane as she also uses it throughout the entire game. Skyline is blue as it has mixed colors of yellow as it resembles a sunset. Alana Skyline
The Swisher The Swisher is Skyler Macovosh's plane and it's blue as it also has white paint to make it resemble a cloudy sky. Skyler Macovosh
White Bomber White Bomber is Harper Adriel's plane. It's white, but a bomb is spray painted on it. Harper Adriel
Blastoid Blastoid is Marlow Kaladrey's plane and it has a plane fighting other enemy planes to have it resemble Marlow fighting in the war. Marlow Kaladrey




Name Description Appearance
Pilot Academy The Pilot Academy is where Chris/Alana attended when learning on how to become a pilot. There are many students at the Academy and the academy as well has many features such as hangars, a library, dorm rooms, a large flight practice field, and much more. Chapter 0: Prologue
Lakefield City Lakefield City is a city where the gang travels through which has been affected by the war. The city has many features such as destroyed homes, roads, and other buildings. A large lake surrounds the city, but all of it now is just radioactive waste. Chapter 1: A Flight to Remember
The Ruined Forest The Ruined Forest is a large forest which is located near Lakefield City. The Ruined Forest used to be a lush green forest, until a battle had take place at the location which turned it into just a black empty field. Chapter 1: A Flight to Remember
Coal Co. Mining Site Coal Co. Mining Site is a location that is near the Ruined Forest. The Mining Site used to be a very populated location where many miners such as coal and many other goods. The Mining Site then closed down due to air pollution and nothing remains in it other than coal, old tools, and the skeleton of deceased workers who died during their job. Chapter 1: A Flight to Remember
The Forbidden Acorn Woods The Forbidden Acorn Woods is a large location where many plant life and wildlife had wiped out due to nuclear arms testing. Ever since, the woods has been nothing, but a barren wasteland full of hallow Acorn trees. Chapter 2: As the Quest continues
Charletzburg Charletzburg is a village which is located near the Twin Summit Mountains.  The village was once peaceful one of the enemy nation's armies had arrived to attack leaving it nothing, but ruined streets, homes, and other buildings. Chapter 2: As the Quest continues
Wintercastle Wintercastle is a town that is located on Twin Summit Mountains. Wintercastle during the time of the war is snowing, but the town is shown to have little of a population due to a recent attack which most of the population have evacuated. Chapter 2: As the Quest continues
Twin Summit Mountains Twin Summit Mountains are two tall mountains where it snows heavily and many climbers have climbed up to the top of one of the peaks. Many camps from enemy nations are spotted here.  Chapter 2: As the Quest continues
Falcon Shore Falcon Shore is a city that is located near the Coast Shorelines. Falcon Shore is known to have many harbors and trade, but due to the recent war, the harbor has been taken over and a main hub for enemy nations to trade weapons and boats. Chapter 3: Nation Takeover
Riverdell Riverdell is a city that is located near the Coast Shoreline as well. Riverdell is well known for it's rivers, but now Riverdell is mainly used for enemy nation camps. Chapter 3: Nation Takeover
Clearwolf Clearwolf is a city that is located in a forest. A large factory has taken over the city and has used destroyed much of the forest's land to trade lumber in for many other goods. The factory is also shown to operate fuel, but produces air pollution which covers the sky with smoke. Chapter 3: Nation Takeover
Northmere Northmere is a town that is located near the Coast Shoreline. Northmere is known for it's beaches and other tourist attractions. The town was once populated and was a success for trade, but then enemy nations have allied and taken over the beautiful city and have converted it to an empire.  Chapter 3: Nation Takeover
Coast Shoreline A fascinating large location which has a large beach which expands for miles and miles long. Due to the war, a battle is in place during Chris/Alana's mission here as they have to defeat enemy nations' planes and warships. Chapter 3: Nation Takeover
Fairbeach Fairbeach is a village that is nearby the large beach of the Coast Shoreline. Fairbeach has small homes as many of it's residents fish for food and such. Boats are fought mainly throughout the level as they shoot many missiles hurdling at the player. Chapter 4: The Day ceases to exist
Pinebridge Pinebridge is a mysterious small town that is located east off of Fairbeach. Many countless mysteries have been reported in this strange town, but an invasion had begun and Chris/Alana must stop the armies before it's too late. Chapter 4: The Day ceases to exist
Haunted Harbor of David Crout Haunted Harbor of David Crout is a large abandoned harbor miles away from Pinebridge. The Harbor was once an alive location where many ships traded for goods. Now the harbor is abandoned and spirits are said to roam around the forgotten location. Armies have taken over the harbor and transformed it into a weapons base where many weapons of mass destruction are produced. Chris/Alana then have to stop the factory from producing more murderous weapons. Chapter 4: The Day ceases to exist
Orick Road Orick Road is a location where it's a long highway across a distant land. Not a lot is seen from this long highway, but enemy nations have marked this useless territory, but it's up to Chris/Alana to stop them. Chapter 4: The Day ceases to exist
Medlen Where does the big road of Orick take us? Not only to the fantastic city of Medlen, of course! The once known beautiful city is now in ruins and ashes as one of the enemy nations have invaded, but it's still always Chris/Alana's job to stop them. Chapter 4: The Day ceases to exist
Collas River Collas River is a large river miles away from Medlen. The river was shown to have much wildlife and many many room. As one of the enemy nations' plan, they cut down it's landscape to use as a hub. Chris/Alana then have to attack them before it's all too late. Chapter 4: The Day ceases to exist
Nanaride Nanaride is a jungle which is located off the East of Collas River. Nanaride is seen before to have luscious plant life and wildlife. That then was all over as a new project was form by a new alliance of enemy countries to tear down the jungle and use it as a base for airplanes. Chris/Alana must destroy the new airplane base and stop the new threat. Chapter 4: The Day ceases to exist


Name Description Appearance
Nuke Tornado Nuke Tornado is the first boss of the game and is fought at the Coal Co. Mining Site. Nuke Tornado's attacks that he fires small missiles at the player, and he/she has to dodge them in order to progress through the battle. When Nuke is defeated, the second chapter is unlocked. Chapter 1: A Flight to Remember
Chemical Bullet Chemical Bullet is the second boss of the game and is fought at the high Twin Summit Mountains. Chemical Bullet's attacks that he fires many bullets at the player and can launch his rockets at them. When Chemical is defeated, the third chapter is unlocked. Chapter 2: As the Quest continues
Wave Grenade Wave Grenade is the third boss of the game and is fought at Coast Shoreline. Wave Grenade's vehicle first starts off as a boat as she can launch missiles at the player, but then her boat transforms into a plane as she can fire swirling missiles against the player and bullets at all directions. When Wave is defeated, the fourth chapter is unlocked. Chapter 3: Nation Takeover
Axe Carapace Axe Carapace is the fourth boss of the game and is fought at the jungle of Nanaride. Axe has two large axes oh his airplane and can use them to attack the player. Axe can attack in many directions with his powerful axes, but when he is defeated, the fifth chapter is then unlocked. Chapter 4: The Day ceases to exist

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