Sky Smash: Unleashed is an umbrella fighting game made by Meme (tbc) with help from  Dark (tbc), SGY (tbc), Hammy (tbc), and Fandro (tbc).



Playable Characters


Character Image Character Name Description Franchise
Mariossbi Mario Mario is the main man of Nintendo, so he would obviously show up. He mostly uses power ups like the Fire Flower, Boomerang Flower and Cat Suit. Super Mario Bros
Luigirr Luigi Luigi is Mario's cowardly brother. He can use the Ice Flower, Tanooki Suit, and the Poltergeist.  Super Mario Bros
Peach.SSB4 Princess Peach Peach is ready to battle! She wields her parasol, Perry, so she can glide and whack. She can also pluck turnips out of the ground and throw them (not very lady-like) and summon Toads to fight for her. Super Mario Bros
Ruby Rose - Trans Ruby Rose Ruby uses her sycthe to attack, which can transform into a sniper rifle. She also is one of the faster characters in the game, as speed is her semblance. Ruby Rose
Sonic the hedgehog Sonic Everyone's favorite blue hedgehog joins the fray! He attacks by using his signature moves, such as Spin Dash. He can also throw rings. Sonic The Hedgehog
BatmanAccent2 Batman It's Batman, the most popular DC hero. He attacks with gliding and using his Batarangs, and he can also summon the Batmobile. Batman
LegoBatman LEGO Batman The more cartoony version of Batman enters the fray! He attacks with a grappling hook and Batarangs, and can summon the Batwing! Lego
Scorpion-mkvsdc-white Scorpion The Yellow Sub...Ninja! He attacks with fire,punchs,kicks and the spear..."GET OVER HERE"! Mortal Kombat
KirbySSB4 Kirby The pink Popopo joins the fray! He uses his Warp Star and copy abilities, and can heal himself with a maxim tomato.  Kirby
KSSU Waddle Dee small Waddle Dee The Waddle Dee joins the battle!  He can't do much but if he finds his spear, look out! Kirby
150px-All hail sgy Shy Guy the Yellow Shy Guy the Yellow, more commonly known as SGY, is the master of everything that exists ever. He uses his machine guns and fart bombs, and can summon his loyal army of bikini girls. Shy Guy the Yellow
CrankyKong Cranky Kong

The big winner of VGX joins the fray! He is very slow and he has attacks like  Scrooge McDuck from DuckTales. He can hit people with his cane and summon animal friends.

Donkey Kong
SSB4 Little Mac Little Mac The green-clad boxer boy barges in! He attacks mostly with punches, and he also can transform into Giga Mac. Punch-Out!
Beck Beck Otherwise known as Mighty No. 9, or Megaman 2.0, Beck can transform his arms into weapons to attack. Mighty No. 9
MaximumMaxRide Maximum "Max" Ride Max is the leader of the flock. She is able to fly at supersonic speeds and use her fighting skills. Let's just hope no Erasers come by... Maximum Ride
AngelMR Angel Angel is Max's little girl, and the youngest member of the flock. She can fly, read minds, control minds, breathe underwater and talk to underwater creatures. She can also use her talking dog, Total, to attack. However, if she drops Celeste, then she has to get her back. Maximum Ride
Alpha Alpha Alpha is a user ofthumb TOME, and can use his many abilities in TOME for battle, such as Zeus' Rage or Orion's Shield. He also can use the Forbidden Power, which transforms him into his demon form. TOME
Kitty Uni-Kitty Hiiiii! I am Princess Uni-Kitty, and I welcome you to Sky Smash: Unleashed! I can attack with sparkles of happiness and my Astro Kitty suit, and I can be ANGRY KITTY!! The LEGO Movie
Tagbot Tagbot It's Tagbot! He can use spray paint, jet packs, pogo sticks, magnets, multipliers, super sneakers, jumping, switching lanes, jumping on trains and hoverboards to attack. Subway Surfers
Poopbuttkoopaling Poopbutt He is Poopbutt Koopa!  He opens doors for everyone - and if they go through the doors they suffer from some kind of status alliment.  Only Waluigi is immortal to this because Poopbutt doesn't open doors for Waluigi except Waluigi. Fantendoverse
148px-Disney INFINITY - Jack Sparrow Captain Jack Sparrow Aye, mateys! It be Cap'n Jack Sparrow! He can use his cutlass, or sword, to attack. He can use his gun to shoot ya into the blue yonder! Pirates Of The Carribean
Tailsracingbigfilesizesharpecolor Tails Sonic's buddy, Tails uses machines and his two tails to attack! Sonic the Hedgehog










Image Name Description Location Attacks
003Venusaur Venusaur Going mad due to Mr. Burns machines, this lone Venusaur has taken over Kong Jungle Maze in order to keep away from the evil robots! Kong Jungle Maze Vine Whip, Stomp, Roar
Dream Boy by Dark(Fixed) Dream Boy A selfish childish brat is the last of the normal bosses to be controlled by Mr. Burns!  He is actually the game's weakest boss, having 0.01% accuracy in his only attack, dream punching, and even if he does hit you you gain HP. Weak Dream Punch



To be decided by crew!

Main Theme:

The main theme of the game!

The Lego Movie Videogame - Batman Dubstep Theme16:29

The Lego Movie Videogame - Batman Dubstep Theme

Final Boss Theme:

The theme when going against Mecha Burns.


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