Sky Riders
Developer(s) Hammy Games Inc.
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) 3DS
Release Date(s)
Grand Prix



Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Racing
Media Included 3DS Cartridge

Sky Riders is an umbrella racing game for the 3DS. Made by Hammy Games Inc., This game is different from most racing games, taking place in the air for the most part, hence the name. It includes characters that the creator has taken a liking to.


In the game, you fly through courses based off of the represented franchises. There are many objects and obstacles depending on the course. Players can collect Coins from the Mario series to build more speed. On every track they can also find items that are to be used in advantage of their user. When players fly into something at high speed, they will crash.

Players can customize their vehicles (body, spoiler, propeller, cannon, etc) to improve speed, drift, handling, acceleration, projectiles, ascension, landing and take-off. After playing a course, you will be ranked in stars from zero (worst) to ten (best). These stars can be used as currency in the Shop and your previous rating on the current track will be displayed in Online mode.


There will be four classes, those being SpeedSkillPower, and Balanced.


Name Image Special Class Franchise
Yoshi Yoshi Artwork - Mario Party Island Tour

Triple Egg:

Yoshi gets three Eggs to throw at opponents or use to deflect attacks.

Balanced 100px-SSB Mario Series
Kirby Kirby L

Ultra Sword:

Kirby turns into Ultra Sword Kirby and swings his sword around.

Speed SSB Kirby Series
Navi 120px-Navi Art


Navi will lock on to the racer ahead of her and dash toward them, sending them off-course.

Skill SSB The Legend of Zelda Series


Chespin uses Rollout and speeds ahead.

Speed SSB Pokémon Series
Pinkie Pie Pinkiecore

Party Cannon:

Pinkie shoots confetti at the other racers, covering their screens.

Power My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic

Shell Roll:

Gary curls up into his shell and dashes ahead.

Balanced Spongebob Squarepants
JeromeASF Baccabetty


Jerome gets out Betty, his diamond axe, to do some chop chopping on the other racers.

Power Social-youtube-logo-grey
Mickey Mouse Mickey-2-psd16624


Toodles has the tools! The mousketools, so when he needs 'em, Toodles will bring 'em!

Power DisneyIcon
Alex Russo Russo Alex


Alex clones herself and the clones attack other racers.


Enderman Enderman

Ender Drangon:

Enderman jumps onto the Ender Dragon and speeds ahead.

Skill Minecraft symbol

Wish Wash:

Cosmo blasts the opponents with water from his wand.

Speed Fairly Odd Parents
Katniss Everdeen


Katniss gets out her bow and starts shooting the other racers with it.

Balanced The Hunger Games


Vehicle Parts


Wing Cup Cloud Cup Storm Cup Rainbow Cup
Mushroom Sky Manhattan Skyline Dimmsdale Fly Over Dragonspiral Tower
Bikini Bottom Tour Willie The Giant's House District 12 Hunger Games
Nutty Noon Kalos Sky Ponyville Raceway Rainbow Road
Cloudsdale Palace of Winds Planet Popstar The End


Name Image Description Franchise
Mushroom 200px-SuperMushroomK&K An item that gives you a short speed boost. SSB Mario Series
Warp Star Warp Star KDL3D You jump onto the Warp Star and speed ahead of the other racers with invinciblity. SSB Kirby Series



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