Sky is the main protagonist of GamerTendo's Tendoverse series.

Tendo Character
Full Name Sky
Current Age 15
Gender Male
Species Human
Align Heroes
Current Status Alive
Ability/ies Somewhat Superhumanish


Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Sky has somewhat several powers and abilites. He has some superhuman abilities like every dang fictional character , including his strength, speed, stamina, and durability. He's only 15, and likely didn't do any of this stuff earlier years so he doesn't have many years of expierence.

He has some weapon proficency, also. Primarily using swords, shields, and some other weapons.

He also has the ability to summon some type of aura field that's blue, which he can use to create weapons, such as swords, staffs, gauntlets, guns, and other things. He can also use this to increase his speed, power, and other abilities.



Hello, I am Shock. At thouth service...I nailed that medieval accent thing, right?
to Sky



  • He's based off some RPG/Adventure game protagonist, such as Link, Cloud, and Sora
    • And onto adding that, his name comes from the fact that: Sora is sky in another language, Clouds are in the sky, and Sora sounds like Soar with a a at the end, therefore he wanted to connect his character to that.