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You hit me with a goddamn stick?!
Sky yelling at Kyo after fighting her, Kyo: The Dystopian Chronicles


Sky, Kyo's zuger rival at start.

Sky is one of the Main Characters of Kyo: The Dystopian Chronicles. She is a yellow Zuger who was raised by Wes and the bandit gang. At first, she begins to rival with Kyo ever since they met but later on they become good friends.


One night, Sky cloaked herself and broke into Kyo's house to steal the stone that he and aunt Kamy found. Kyo, Dizzy and Fungus chase after the cloaked girl down the sewers where Kyo fights her in an underground bar. Defeated, Sky takes off her cloak and yells at Kyo for hitting her. Seeing that she is a Zuger, Kyo is joyed to see another one of his kind.

However, Sky isn't happy around Kyo and when she begins saving more crisis than him, Kyo begins to grow jealous of her, growing a conflict between them.

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