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Skuntank did not originate from fanon, and more information can be found on their respective wiki(s). You may read more about it on the following wiki(s):

#435 Skuntank
Official artwork.
Category Skunk Pokémon
Original Region Sinnoh
National Dex Nr. #435
Sinnoh Dex Nr. #085
Generation 4
Pokémon Color Purple
First Appearance Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Versions
Type(s) Poison/Dark
Ability/ies Aftermath, Stench
(Hidden: Keen Eye)
Average Height 3'03"
Average Weight 83.8 lbs.
Evolves From Stunky

Skuntank is a Poison/Dark type Pokémon that is purple in color, and has a cream colored belly. It evolves from Stunky.

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