This page is for Skull Kid in Super Smash Bros. Rumble (CtM) only. For info on Skull Kid in everything else, go here.



250px-Skull Kid MM


  • Neutral Attack - Punches once, and then kicks. The punch deals 4% and the kick deals 8%.
  • Dash Attack- Uses two tentacles as a whip, similar to the tentacles that Majora's Mask has in the boss fight.
  • Forward Tilt - Places a spiked top and spins it on the ground, similar to the ones used by Majora's Wrath.
  • Up Tilt - Whips tentacles upwards. 8% damage.
  • Down Tilt - Places a bomb on the ground that looks similar to the Blast Mask. The explosion has a fire aspect and deals 14% damage.


  • Forward Smash - Takes off Majora's Mask and slashes with it twice using the mask's spikes. Deals 16% at full charge.
  • Up Smash - Sends out a beam. If the beam hits an opponent, they will flip upside down and fall. If they fall near a void, they will fall back down. If an opponent lands on a platform, they can walk on it, allowing them to walk on areas fighters can't access normally. The beam deals 18% at full charge.
  • Down Smash - Places a bomb on the ground that has a similar texture to the Blast Mask. Similar to his down tilt, but deals 20% (at full charge) instead of 14%.

Aerial Attacks

  • Neutral Aerial - Performs a quick, weak punch. Deals 4%.
  • Forward Aerial - Fires an energy bolt forwards, similarly to Majora's Incarnation. Deals 8% damage.
  • Back Aerial - Whips backwards using Majora's Mask-like tentacles. 10%.
  • Up Aerial - Flips and kicks upwards. 7%.
  • Down Aerial - Plays the Song of Storms on the Ocarina of Time, causing raindrops to fall from under Skull Kid. Each raindrop deals only 2%, but there are a great quantity of them.

Specials and Final Smash

  • Neutral Special (Song of Healing)- Plays a song on the Ocarina of Time, healing 10% of Skull Kid's damage Can only be used five times per stock.
  • Side Special (Energy Charge)- Charges and fires an energy ball similarly to the ones used by Majora's Incarnation.
  • Up Special (Bunny Ears)- Skull Kid puts on bunny ears and jumps upwards. Doesn't work if he is already using the bunny ears item.
  • Down Special (Majora's Power)- Hurts Skull Kid by 20% but doubles his power. Based off of the use of Majora's Mask from Smash Tour.
  • Final Smash (Moon Crash)- The Moon crashes onto the stage, dealing high damage to all of Skull Kid's opponents.


  • Side - Looks around while a fairy spins around him.
  • Up- Levitates in the air.
  • Down - Plays the Ocarina of Time.

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