File:The Skeleton army.jpg
The Skullkin (Skeleton Army) is an evil race of Skeletons in Ninjago. they are members of the Doom clan. they serve Lord Gramadon as his helpers or Minions.


  • General/King Samukai (Supereme Leader)
  • Coronal Wyplash (Second in Command) - Master of Ice
  • Black Boom - Master of Fire
  • Kruncha - Master of Earth
  • Nuckal - Master of Lightning
  • Frakjaw - Warrior of Fire
  • Chopov - Warrior of Earth
  • Bonezai - Warrior of Ice
  • Ripjaw - Warrior of Lightning
  • Bim Bam - Boss of Skullkin Troopers


  • Skullkin Trooper (Foot Soldiers)
  • Skullkin Soldiers (Elite Foot Soldiers)
  • Skully (Flying Enemies)
  • Skullkon (Elite Flying Enemies)
  • Skullkin Mega Trooper (Tanks)
  • Skullkin Bishop (Magic units)
  • Skullkin Miner (Scouts)
  • Skullkin Mineboss (Scout cheifs/ slave whippers)
  • Skullkin Engineer  (Smiths)
  • Skullkin Elite Guard (High Ranked troopers/ Guardians of Samukai, Slithraa, Dogpound and Lord Gramadon)
  • Doom Clan robots (human foot soldiers)

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