Skulk the Raccoon is one the many villains of the Sonic universe. He is the main villain of the game, Sonic Dynamic Duos. Skulk breakes the Master Emerald, steals and hides the 7 Chaos Emeralds, takes Dr. Eggman prisoner, kidnaps Amy Rose and Cream the Rabbit, rebuilds Metal Sonic and Tails Doll, steals all the Chaos Emeralds and absorbs their negative energy to become Super Skulk. He is soon defeated by everybody, especially from the combined efforts of Super Sonic and Super Shadow. He reappears as a Tails: Galactic Mission. He tries to prevent Tails from rescuing Cosmo from the Metarex. He later appears in the last story, where he is fought before the true final bosses, Doom Oak and the Forestation Planet. He will reappear in the next game, Sonic Dynamic Duos 2: The Wrath of Skulk, where he will have new friends/partners: Blood the Squirrel and Tyrant the T-Rex.


Skulk is very cold-hearted and will always finish what he starts. He holds permanant grudges against everyone, especially those who foils his plans. He doesn't care about anyone but himself and his plans, which was his ultimate downfall during the Skulk boss fights in Sonic Dynamic Duos. He is very serious and is never comical. He is also a technical genius as he was able to rebuild Metal Sonic and Tails Doll in a matter of minutes. However, his genius, doesn't surpass the genius of Miles "Tails" Prower.

TV Show Appearences

In his debut episode of Sonic Fanon X, Skulk gets trapped in the vastness of space, but is rescued by the Metarex. In return for his rescue, they want him to kill Sonic the Hedgehog and his friends. He was able to take out Sonic, Knuckles the Echidna, Amy, Cream and Cheese, and Chris Thorndyke. Even with the help of Shadow the Hedgehog, Rouge the Bat, and Dr. Eggman, he was still unbeatable. Unfortunately for him, he wasn't able to beat Tails and Cosmo. The two fought and Skulk nearly beat Tails and almost killed Cosmo. But thanks to Tails and the X-Tornado, Skulk was beaten, and he saved everyone aboard the Blue Typhoon. They soon threw a party for Tails for his heroism, but little do they know that Skulk wasn't finished off completely. In his next appearence, the remains of Skulk have been in a bottle for the past 6 months and Metarex Leader, Dark Oak, thinks the time's perfect for Skulk's Revenge to happen. He tells Metarex Commander, Black Narcissus, to throw it onto the Blue Typhoon, thinking that the new and improved Skulk will destroy Sonic and his friends. He throws the bottle and retreats. Out comes Skulk, and everyone, especially Tails is shocked that he survived. He fights Tails and gets thrown onto the bridge. He then disappears into the lower chamber where he kidnaps Cosmo and soon deploys Robo-Cosmo. The fake alien tells Tails to head to the lower chamber of the Blue Typhoon. He gets locked in by the robot impersonator and finds an unconscious Cosmo next to Skulk. Tails tries to revive her, but it failed. Tails then gets so enraged, he kicks Skulk in the face and punches his guts. Tails then takes Cosmo to a safe location where he trys to revive her again, this time it worked. Tails then promises Cosmo that he'll protect her no matter the cost. Skulk comes back and steals the Master Emerald and transforms into Super Skulk. He kidnaps Cosmo and heads to the bridge. Sonic, Knuckles, Amy, Cream, and Chris are all counting on Tails to rescue Cosmo and defeat Super Skulk. He tries to use the Sonic Power Cannon, which worked, but turned Super Skulk into the monstrous Skulkrush and starts to devour Cosmo. Tails then finds a rope and uses it to rescue Cosmo. He delivers a blow to his heart, which weakens him. Sonic then used Ring Tunnel to finish him off. Tails saved Cosmo once again from Skulk and is rewarded for his heroic bravery. But was this the end of Skulk? His final appearence involves Skulk's soul to be taken out of him. He sneaks onto the Blue Typhoon and attacks Cosmo, but Tails once again, comes to her rescue. However, Skulk has thought of a full-proof plan that not even Tails could figure out a way to defeat him. He possess Cosmo and dubs the name Coskulk. Tails doesn't want to hurt Cosmo, so he aims for the amulet, but he soon figures out that her amulet is her life source and if its damaged, she will die. Skulk also has tinkered up a thing he likes to call the Permanant Possession Gas, or PPG for short. The gas starts to kick in and within a matter of hours, Cosmo will die and Skulk will permanantly possess her. Tails must figure out a way to save her and fast, as he only as 6 hours before its too late for both Cosmo and Tails. Tails, with the help of Sonic, Chris, and Amy, must find a way to save her and defeat Skulk's soul. They try light, since ghosts hate light, but thanks to Cosmo's plant-like abilities, she grows. They then try to suck the soul out of Cosmo with a vaccuum, but Cosmo gets sucked into the vaccuum as well. They finally try to use a sound modulator, but it doesn't do anything on Coskulk. As much as they hate to say it, they need to ask Eggman for help. He soon invents the Egg Buster, a machine that shoots electrical energy beams at the ghost, but doesn't harm the victim in anyway at all. The plan works. Sonic and Tails manage to defeat him, but is still hanging onto the bottom of the Blue Typhoon. Tails rushes to save him, but Skulk declines the save, and falls into the black hole. Cosmo is saved once again, thanks to Tails and the others, as well as Eggman. Now Skulk will never again be a threat to Cosmo, Tails, or anyone aboard the Blue Typhoon.


  • Homing Attack
  • Super Speed
  • High Intelligence
  • Spin Dash
  • Helicoon
  • Dark Energy Sphere
  • Dark Energy Magic
  • Dark Energy Blast
  • Possession (Sonic Fanon X Only)
  • Teleportation
  • Invisibility
  • Duplication
  • Copycat
  • Super Skulk
  • Skulkrush (Sonic Fanon X Only)


  • Scene with the Chaotix before the final fight with Skulk in Sonic Dynamic Duos
  • Vector: Man, its good to have you back Charmy!
  • Espio: Yeah! It's also good that you found the last Chaos Emerald.
  • Charmy: I just found it on the floor. Aren't I lucky or what?
  • Skulk: Excuse me, can I have that?
  • Charmy: Sure. (gives Chaos Emerald to Skulk by accident)
  • Vector and Espio: NO!!!
  • Skulk: (evil laughter) You are so easily tricked!
  • Vector: Come on! We have to tell the others!
  • In Skulk's Debut Episode, when he talks to Sonic, Tails, and Cosmo
  • Skulk: So, you are the bums the Metarex told me about?!
  • Sonic, Tails, and Cosmo: THE METAREX?!?!?!
  • Skulk: That's right! They saved from space and I owed them one. So, I said, why not destroy Sonic the Hedgehog and his prissy little friends.
  • Cosmo: You can't talk to my friends like that! Nobody wants you here! GET OUT!!!
  • Skulk: (Skulk is shocked) Ouch! Bit of an awkward moment. But no matter, if your gonna talk to me like that, I'll just destroy you instead of simply talking to you. (Fires a Dark Energy Sphere at Cosmo, but Tails protects her)
  • Tails: Get away from her!
  • Sonic: And you better get away from him too!
  • Skulk: Alright then... (Sonic, Tails, and Cosmo sigh in relief)
  • Sonic: Tails, protect Cosmo and escape with her. QUICK!!!
  • (Cosmo gets scared but is consoled by Tails) Tails: Its OK. I'll protect you, just trust me.
  • Cosmo: Okay, I trust you.
  • Skulk: And I'll be trusting on myself to come back for you later. Away with you all. NOW!!!
  • Tails VS. Skulk (First Fight)
  • Cosmo: Tails, thank you so much for saving me.
  • Tails: I was glad to do it. All I care about at this point is your safety and I won't try and let anything hurt you. Because if they all try to hurt you, they will all have to go through me first.
  • Cosmo: ...Thank You...
  • (They walk back to the bridge and Skulk appears) Skulk: Hand over the girl, as well as yourself over. NOW! I'm done wasting my time destroying you all. I have bigger plans to blow up this stupid ship.
  • Tails: (shocked) Your gonna what?!
  • Skulk: You heard me. Unless you don't wanna see your precious ship into scrap metal and everyone aboard turned to rubble, hand over the girl, THIS INSTANT!
  • Tails: Stay back! I won't let you near her!!! (picks up Cosmo and flies to safety)
  • Skulk: You think I can't fly! Watch this! (starts flying fast, straight for Tails and Cosmo)
  • Cosmo: Hurry Tails, he's coming.
  • Tails: Its okay, just trust me.
  • (Skulk fires 10 Dark Energy Spheres at Tails and Cosmo and only 1 of them hits them) Tails: Were going down.
  • Skulk: (grabs Cosmo) Such a pity when a knight (as in Tails) loses his precious steed (as in Cosmo).
  • Tails: I've never let Cosmo down...
  • Cosmo: Tails, you don't have to do this.
  • Tails: NO! I always wanted you to be safe and happy. When Skulk is around, its the exact opposite, scared and sad.
  • Skulk: That's not true. I, for one, am actually happy. And you know why?
  • Tails and Cosmo: Why?
  • Skulk: Because your precious ship is now gonna be in smithereens now!!! (evil laughter and Skulk lights the fuse to blow up the Blue Typhoon)
  • Tails: I'm through with you! Get off my ship now!
  • Skulk: I would love to, but I wanna travel light, what should I leave behind? The girl...or the gem?
  • Tails: The Chaos Emerald?!
  • Skulk: Here you go then. (throws Chaos Emerald at Tails and leaves with Cosmo)
  • Tails: THAT"S NOT WHAT I MEANT!!! (flies after Skulk to rescue Cosmo)
  • Cosmo: (Tails smacks him with his tails, and rescues Cosmo) Your'e a really brave fox. You know that?
  • Tails: Yeah, I do. Now stay here, I got to delit that fuse.
  • Tails: (Tails finds the fuse and throws water on it, which delits it) I DID IT! I REALLY DID IT! I SAVED THE DAY!!!
  • Sonic: You sure did pal!

Skulk's Past

When Skulk was born, he had no parents, no friends, and no purpose for existence. He later saw a shiny gem called a Chaos Emerald, but when he touched it, its brightness turned dark and its color was turned to dark black. Skulk later found out he had the power of flight, duplication, invisibility, teleportation, and a super transformation, however, Skulk's super transformation only provided the dark, negative energy of a Chaos Emerald. He later finds out that he can transform into Super Skulk with just 1 Chaos Emerald. But if transforms with all 7 Chaos Emerald, he'll be invincible and can wipe out an enemy with a single blow. He later had the power to manipulate dark energy from his tail. At age 6, he started to use these powers for death, danger, and destruction. He started working on a Death Ray with the mysterious Clockwerk, a cold-hearted owl bent on wipeing out the Cooper Clan. After 2 months, it was ready to fire and destroy the world, a young Tails broke the lever that would cause it to fire and destroy the world. Tails didn't know he saved the world when he was only 3 and Skulk wanted revenge. He took Clockwerk's advice of revenge and ransacked Tails's house and killed his parents. Tails then went to live with Sonic and Skulk's hatred and rage grew more and more. After a decade of hiding, Skulk returned in Sonic Dynamic Duos, but was later defeated. He appeared in 3 episodes of Sonic Fanon X and was defeated once again by Tails. He helped out the Metarex in Tails: Galactic Mission where he tried to prevent Tails from rescuing Cosmo, no matter the cost. To this day, Skulk still holds a grudge on Tails that he barely knows about.


  • In a deleted scene of Sonic Fanon X, Skulk sings a modified version of Hellfire from The Hunchback of Notre Dame, where he sings about his lust for Cosmo. And if can't have her, the pits of hell would. Also, if he can't have her, he would blow up the Blue Typhoon (which he actually tries to do).
  • He's the only animal character that doesn't wear gloves.

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