Skorp by dre
Date of Birth July 30th
Gender Genderless
Species Fandraxonian / Shadow
Current Status Alive
Height 7'09"
Weight 312 lbs
Skorp is a minor character in the Zaxinian Lifts, being the example model of a remodeled Fandraxonian species and the fearsome guardian of the Twilight Topaz, a gemstone that grants the user tranquility and perfect harmony so they wouldn't destroy anything or lay waste wherever they go. While typically hunting and working for the government's forces in an effort to set an example for models that would soon follow their example, they actually spend a lot of their time hunting down the Twilight Topaz, which was stolen from them. Skorp is a few centuries old and was chosen by Fandraxono as the basis for the new Fandraxonian models after his own had started showing signs of great weakness. Underneath their skin, Skorp is a wingless Gamma Fandraxonian. They are also a Shadow human, though hardly look it.


Skorp is a very tall mutant scorpion-lookalike Fandraxonian with red skin and red eyes, and dark brown hair. Their tail is both red and purple and is quite rigged, although long and has a sharp, slimy green point at the end. Their right hand is a mechanical claw with very sharp surfaces, and their left hand is just like any human being's. Their attire is strange and foreign, with their origins unknown.


Confident in their abilities and focused directly on their goals, Skorp uses their sharp instincts and impulse-inspired reactions to accomplish their day-by-day schedule, always being on the lookout for things that are wrong or for things that threaten them or the Twilight Topaz they're supposed to guard. They have a very high sense of leadership, trying to stand high and mighty and compete with other Fandraxonians for power when the time calls for it, and can get bloody competitive if things do not go their way initially. Skorp does not like being near society much, however, preferring to be alone and plot wisely for whatever may come their way next. Skorp has a tendency to fall for traps, however, due to being so focused that they miss things they really shouldn't. They also share signs of weakness around nice people; when the person that's speaking to them is nice, they tend to drop their weapon and run away cowardly.


Skorp has a threatening tail they can stab into opponents to stab them, but their bites are painful and the power is drawn out in a slow manner that makes the sensation of pain last a long while. Skorp's tail can be used to sweep opponents to the floor or hold them up so they can get punched rapidly. Having studied communication for many years, Skorp had gained the intellect of a human being, able to overcome many obstacles that many Fandraxonians and scorpions cannot generally cross, and set up their own traps that way. Skorp can hiss as well to intimidate enemies and get them to back off, which is especially used if Skorp does not want to pick fights.

Relationships with other characters


Despite problems with his relationship with a certain lady at his side, Skorp finds Fandraxono to be a responsible, respectful leader and tries their hardest under his command to work with the team they're in.



  • The name was going to be Scorp, but was changed to "Skorp" following name coincidences from a completely different game series.  Athena has forgotten which one.