Skorp by dre
Current Age Presumed 30s
Gender Neutral
Species Unknown
Current Status Alive
Height 7'09"
Weight 312 lbs

Skorp is an antagonistic character debuting in the Zaxinian Lifts at some point.  They are one of Zodiez's twelve henchmen, being the leader of the Scorpio Sweepers.


Skorp is a very tall mutant human with red skin and white eyes, and dark brown hair. Their tail is both red and purple and is quite rigged, although long and has a sharp, slimy green point at the end. Their right hand is a claw with very sharp surfaces, and their left hand is just like any human being's. Their attire is strange and foreign, and one cannot begin to describe it.


Skorp can dig their tail into foes to poison them as their main attack, but otherwise they can bite very hard, slip others to the floor with their tail, and unleash an intimidating roar to make foes back away, or to warn them of their overwhelming strength. With the intellect and structure of a human, they can bypass obstacles that many scorpions cannot, and can set up man made traps on their own.

Skorp is capable of morphing into a large scorpion, although how they attack and act as that is quite unknown.


Skorp is perhaps the wisest of the snicks' villains, not wanting to be near society, to the point of being somewhat shy. However, they are very confident in their abilities and will never let anything get in their way to accomplish their goals, as mysterious as they may be.

Relationships with other characters



  • The name was going to be Scorp, but was changed to "Skorp" following name coincidences from a completely different game series.  Athena has forgotten which one.
  • Despite their status as a demon, Skorp is not immortal.

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