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Skip and Sqak XD: Chaotic Galaxy
Developer(s) Namcom
Platform(s) Wii U, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PS Vita
Genre(s) Action Adventure, 3D Platform
Release Date(s)
October 14, 2014 (NA)
October 17, 2014 (EU)
October 30, 2014 (JP)
November 8, 2014 (AUS)
Single Player, Multi Player
Age Rating(s)
Everyone 10+

Skip and Sqak XD: The Game is a video game adaption to the TV Series Skip and Sqak XD. It is released in Fall 2014 for the Wii U, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PlayStation Vita. The story seems to take place during the events of Season 1, with RED stealing a gadget that can protect an entire planet and reprogram it to become a planet destroying machine and SSFF, WASP, GIRL and RAVI all have to stop the villains before they reprogram the gadget.

The game recieved mixed to postive reception from critics who praised the game's long length, combat system and level design but criticized it's repetitive gameplay.


SSXD: The Game is a 3D action adventure game that involves SSFF, WASP, GIRL and RAVI exploring planets, protecting Blue Ant Bases fighting hostile aliens and the despicable RED. Each character has their own weapons which more can be bought with coins, and killing enemies gives the characters experiences to upgrade extending their health and strength.

The game also has vehicles that can be driven in some planet levels.



  • Skip
  • Sqak
  • Croco
  • Tubby
  • Robin
  • Cynder


  • Stingo
  • Blinky
  • Samantis
  • Riot
  • Logan


  • Kyra Kross
  • Sarah
  • T1na
  • Megan
  • Maid


  • Ravi
  • Tara
  • Tek-5
  • Cherry
  • Bruter


In the Galaxian High Ship, SSFF were called down by Dr. Tron who shows them his new invention that can protect an entire planet from evil invaders like RED called the "Global Radiation Shield". With that gadget, all the planets in the galaxy will be safe from the evil Red Ant invasions. Skip, Sqak, Croco, Tubby, Cynder and Robin volunteer to help Tron go activate the first GRS on the Blue Ant Space Station only to get ambushed by Melvin who kidnaps Tron, summons a monstrous Thunder Flash to destroy the heroes, and vanishes with the captive simian. After defeating the Thunder Flash, SSFF learned that Melvin has sent Ty, Bruno, Jerry, Lance, Egghead and Dr. Keef to cause mayhem in the galaxy. With WASP missing on Planet Prickly, GIRL trapped under an avalanche on Snow Flake Comet and RAVI stranded on Planet Dune, the heroes have to bring them all back together to thwart RED and rescue Tron. After recruiting the 3 lost teams, SSFF go on a journey to stop RED while trying to find out where they're keeping Tron. The four teams venture across the galaxy, exploring planets and defeating members of RED and their terrestrial minions. During the journey, SSFF rescued Tron from Lance's Acid-Free Submarine.

Later on, the teams learned that their close weapons selling program Weaponized Arsenal Robust (W.A.R) is secretly selling illegal weapons to RED who payed them heavily with Priceless's money. After capturing and interrogating W.A.R's owner Carl Nuclearo, the wimpy CEO tells the teams that RED is using all those illegal weapons to turn the GRS into a planet destroying entity. SSFF tries to thwart RED on Planet Xoon, it turns out RED is still keeping Tron prisoner and the one SSFF saved was actually a robotic doppelganger named "Dr. Trap". After destroying Trap, the teams need to find the real Dr. Tron who knows the GRS's weakness. The teams discovered the real Dr. Tron frozen solid on Snowball Iciclosis and thaws his frozen prison.

With their simian scientist back, SSFF, WASP, RAVI, and GIRL all head to RED's destructive GRS that is prepared to destroy every planet in the galaxy. Melvin and his RED team fight the teams in the center core of the GRS, with the teams winning the battle successfully. The damage from RED's Defense Weapon causes the whole GRS to malfunction, expelling the villains and transporting the teams back to Galaxian High. Afterwords, Captain Salt tells the teams that the GRS is unfortunately destroyed but Dr. Tron is pleased because an invention like that nearly threatened Galaxian Sector and the whole galaxy. Salt then gives SSFF, GIRL, RAVI and WASP all medals for their victory of saving the galaxy and stopping RED once again.

Meanwhile, after the credits, RED are all stranded on a debris of the GRS slowly drifting back to Xoon. Egghead suggests he can sing to pass the time, much to the other villain's annoyance.


Galaxian Sector

  • Galaxian High (hub world)
  • Galaxian Satellite Station (BOSS: Thunder Flash)
  • Planet Prickly
  • Snow Flake Comet
  • Planet Dune

Enterprise Generating Globe (E.G.G) Inc.

Egghead works as the chairmen of the Eggnoid's E.G.G to gather weapons for RED's GRS.

  • Outside E.G.G
  • Security Towers
  • Eggbatory
  • Eggnoid Depot (BOSS: Eggnoid Mutant)
  • The Boiler Facility
  • Scrambled Prison Cells
  • Yolk Sewers
  • E.G.G Building (BOSS: Egghead)

Planet Forestria

Ty Wombat was sent to establish a saw mill to chop down all the trees in the woods and set up a saucer factory in it's place.

  • Forestria Glade
  • Lumber Yard
  • Rhinobra BBQ
  • Saw Mill (BOSS: Saw Machine)
  • Log Chopping Section
  • Lumberjack Camp
  • Tree Cutting Area
  • Construction Site (BOSS: Ty Wombat)

Magma Crater

On a giant molten rock in the middle of a huge asteroid field, Jerry rides in his Shell Bot to search for any remaining lava pools to gather lava energy for RED's GRS.

  • Crater Field
  • Coal Tunnels (Top)
  • Coal Tunnels (Bottom)
  • Lava Ocean (BOSS: Lavathan)
  • Volcanic Hills
  • Asteroid Chunk Mine
  • Lava Syphon Machine
  • Shell Bot (BOSS: Jerry)

Planet Toxicate

This giant ocean of acid is where a secret weapon built by Red Ants sunk into long ago. Lance uses his Acid-Free Submarine to find and locate the weapon for RED's GRS.

  • Acid Sea Harbor
  • Docking Station
  • Sub Surface
  • Seafood Kitchen (BOSS: Chef Chowder)
  • Pipe works
  • Submarine Freezer
  • Submarine Halls
  • Control Room (BOSS: Lance)

Planet Gekka

Bruno Toad sets up a military outpost for mercenary Warts to train their strength through deadly obstacle courses.

  • Target Course
  • Mine Field
  • Wart Guarding Post
  • Wart Base (BOSS: Wart General)
  • Wart Bunker
  • Underwater Drain
  • Wart Battle Field
  • Bruno's HQ (BOSS: Bruno Toad)

Planet Amazonia

Queen Priceless is mining for artifacts in the ancient Amazonia Temple with the help of outlawed Dingcats.

  • Rainforest
  • Quicksand Swamp
  • Jungle Path
  • Amazonia Temple (BOSS: Immortal Guardian)
  • Dingcat Camp
  • Carnivorous Plant Garden
  • Amazonian Temple
  • Priceless Manor (BOSS: Queen Priceless)

Gloomy Moon

Dr. Keef has built himself a factory on this dark moon where he upgrades E.G.G's weapons and constructs powerful ones.

  • Crater Plains
  • Robot Scrapyard
  • Outside the Factory
  • Security Zone (BOSS: Security Banana Bot)
  • Reject Area
  • Inside the Factory
  • Weapons Conveyor Belt
  • Factory BRAIN (BOSS: Dr. Keef)

Weaponized Arsenal Robust (W.A.R) Network

The teams discovered W.A.R network has been selling illegal weapons and gadgets to RED, and decide to question the network's CEO Carl Nuclearo.

  • W.A.R Business Facility
  • Restricted Area
  • W.A.R Sewers
  • Outside W.A.R Building (BOSS: W.A.R Ultra Tank)
  • Nuclear Section
  • Technology Exhibit
  • Staff Hallways
  • Carl's Office (BOSS: Carl Nuclearo)

Planet Xoon

The teams head to Xoon to defeat RED and stop their GRS from destroying planets once and for all. The city is inhabited by two species, Red Ants and Flashers.

  • Xoon Desert
  • Flasher Caves
  • Xoon Village
  • RED Inc. (BOSS: Heavy Arm Flasher)
  • Xoon City
  • Red Ant Buildings
  • Xoon Palace (BOSS: Dr. Trap)

Snowball Iciclosis

A frozen ice planet where RED are imprisoning the real Dr. Tron deep in the ice.

  • Blizzard Fields
  • Icy River
  • Snowflake Forest
  • Frost Fountain (BOSS: Snowathan)
  • Snowy Mountain
  • Deep Glacier
  • Icicle Caverns
  • Ice Cube Prison (BOSS: Icicle Guardian)

RED's Global Radiation System

RED has successfully reprogrammed the GRS to destroy planets instead of protecting it. Now SSFF, RAVI, WASP and GIRL all have to stop the GRS and RED from destroying billions of innocent planets in the galaxy.

  • GRS Radiation Shield
  • GRS Firewall
  • GRS Defense Hall
  • GRS Power Core (FINAL BOSS: RED Defense Weapon)


All enemies in the game play in a role on how much health or strength they got.

  • Grunt (Weak)
  • Speedy (Weak)
  • Soldier (Medium)
  • Brute (Big)
  • Tank (Strong)
  • Boss (Strongest)


Flashers are electrical reptile creatures who work as Melvin's servants. They can be found in Galaxian Sector, Xoon and RED's GRS.

  • Flasher (Grunt)
  • Zapper (Speedy)
  • Shooter Flash (Soldier)
  • Armored Flash (Brute)
  • Tank Flash (Tank)
  • Thunder Flash (Boss)


Eggnoids are egg-like aliens of the E.G.G Inc who work for their chairmen Egghead.

  • Scrambled Egg (Grunt)
  • Sizzling Egg (Speedy)
  • Poached Egg (Soldier)
  • Yolk Egg (Brute)
  • Boiled Egg (Tank)
  • Yolktopus (Boss)


Rhinobras are Rhino-Cobra hybrids who are illegal lumberjacks helping Ty demolish the trees in Forestria.

  • Ugly (Grunt)
  • Slasher (Speedy)
  • Smacker (Soldier)
  • Rammer (Brute)
  • Hard Shell (Tank)


Coalroids are creatures made of magma that inhabit the Crater Rock.

  • Rocky (Grunt)
  • Lava Squirt (Speedy)
  • Heavy Arm (Soldier)
  • Pointy Rock (Brute)
  • Shellkon (Tank)
  • Lavathan (Boss)


Gillyans are fish-like creatures who work for Lance in his acid-proof submarine.

  • Hooker (Grunt)
  • Jet Stream (Speedy)
  • Water Bomb (Soldier)
  • Anchor (Brute)
  • Chumpback (Tank)
  • Chef Chowder (Boss)


  • Trigger (Grunt)
  • Crackle (Speedy)
  • Bullet Head (Soldier)
  • Knuckle (Brute)
  • Bucket Head (Tank)
  • Wart General (Boss)


Dingcats are female dingo-cat hybrids who work for Priceless on Planet Amazonia.

  • Whipper (Grunt)
  • Razor (Speedy)
  • Vicious (Soldier)
  • Fat Kitty (Brute)
  • Big Bad Cat (Tank)

Robot Monkeys

Dr. Keef's personal robotic servants who are totally inventive and bonkers as Keef himself.

  • Monkey (Grunt)
  • Plugged (Speedy)
  • Boom Banana (Soldier)
  • Bigfist Gorilla (Brute)
  • TBA


Frostimals are ferocious animals that inhabit Snowball Iciclosis.

  • Snow Brawl (Grunt)
  • Frost Bite (Speedy)
  • Yeti (Soldier)
  • Ice Slam (Brute)
  • Blizzard Breath (Tank)
  • Snowathan (Boss)
  • Icicle Guardian (Boss)


Through out the game, the teams ride on certian vehicles.

  • Brawler Ball
  • Aquaphant
  • Ground Shark
  • Boulderdillo
  • Star Hornet


The PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game have trophies and achievements.

  • Space Ranger (Beat the game on Easy Mode)
  • Planet Defender (Beat the game on Normal Mode)
  • Alien Warrior (Beat the game on Hard Mode)
  • SSFF (Beat the game with Team SSFF)
  • WASP (Beat the game with Team WASP)
  • RAVI (Beat the game with Team RAVI)
  • GIRL (Beat the game with Team GIRL)
  • Bombs Away (Kill 100 enemies with Skip's Bubble Bomb)
  • Stinger Reloaded (Kill 100 enemies with Stingo's Stinger Gun)
  • Outta My Way (Kill 100 enemies with Ravi's Jet Beak)
  • Whip it Good (Kill 100 enemies with Kyra's Whip)
  • Getting Stronger (Fully upgrade one whole team)
  • Galaxian's Army (Upgrade all characters)
  • Welcome to Galaxian Sector (Complete all Galaxian Sector levels with any team)
  • Cracked Egg (Complete all E.G.G Inc. levels with any team)
  • Tree Hugger (Complete all Planet Forestria levels with any team)
  • All Mine (Complete all Magma Crater levels with any team)
  • Intoxicated (Complete all Planet Toxicate levels with any team)
  • At Ease, Soldier (Complete all Planet Gekka levels with any team)
  • Doom Raider (Complete all Planet Amazonia levels with any team)
  • Moon of the Apes (Complete all Gloomy Moon levels with any team)
  • W.A.R is Heck (Complete all W.A.R Network levels with any team)
  • Coming Xoon (Complete all Xoon levels with any teams)
  • Nothing Ice to Say (Complete all Snowball Iciclosis levels with any team)
  • Congrats! (Complete all GRS levels with any team, and beat the game)


Aggregator and Reviewers Scores

(PS3) 77.25%

(X360) 75.82%

(Wii U) 72.11%

(PS Vita) 68.90%

Metacritic 70%
Destructoid 8/10
Eurogamer 7/10
GameSpot 6/10
IGN 8/10
Metro 7/10
Hardcore Gamer 3/5
GameZone 7.2/10

Upon it's release, Skip and Sqak XD: Chaotic Galaxy recieved average positive reviews from critics who praised the game's level design, long length and combat system but criticized the gameplay for being repetitive. It holds a 70% on Metacritic. GameSpot states "although the levels do look nice, the camera can get a tad clunky especially during big enemy battles" and scored the game a 6/10. IGN praised the game's long length and combat gameplay and scored the game an 8/10.


Skip and Sqak XD- Chaotic Galaxy Xbox 360
Skip and Sqak XD-Chaotic Galaxy Wii U
Skip and Sqak XD- Chaotic Galaxy PS3
Skip and Sqak XD- Chaotic Galaxy PS Vita

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