Skip and Sqak XD
Producer(s) Namcom
Genre(s) Science Fiction, Comedy
First Air Date(s)
August 24 2013
Age Rating(s)
Country of Origin United States, Canada
Original Language English
Season(s) 2
Episodes 70
Runtime 10-20 minutes
Status Still Going
Skip and Sqak XD is a comedy 3D Anime Series created by Namcom. It is a sequel/spin off to the Skip and Sqak Anime Series. The show focuses more on Skip, Sqak and their friends saving the world rather than funny business. It aired on Disney XD in many countries, but it Australia and Japan are the only 2 countries to air on a different channel. The show also features the New Characters from Rangers.

The show is rated PG for violence, emotional scenes and teen drama.


SSFF (Skip and Sqak Freedom Fighters) are told by King Drogo that they have been promoted to Elite Heroes, and they are going to the Galaxian High Boarding School in space along with many other teams who were promoted. SSFF are given their own room inside the station, and they being advised by the simian Dr. Tron, his two partners Hip and Hop (who are both reformed), and Skip's mother Queen Aleena. SSFF now have to protect earth from the evil RED (Revengeance Evil Doomsquad), who used to be friends with them now want to get revenge for their defeats.

In Season 2, the show features more intense and darker plot elements and emotional drama to the characters such as romance, rivalry, and friendship. Also, the other teams GIRL, BRUTISH, WASP and RAVI are given more bigger roles and character development. Professor X2 and his SSSSS Team appeared during the second season, mostly them and RED fighting to see who can conqure the universe first.


List of Skip and Sqak XD Characters


The first season aired on August 2013 and ended on June 2014. A second season is aired in September 2014. click HERE


click HERE to read quotes from each episode.

Video Games

A video game based on the show's first season is set to be released in fall 2014, while a sequel based on Season 2 is set for fall 2015.


International Channels

  • Disney XD (United States)
  • Disney XD (United Kingdom)
  • YTV, Disney XD (Canada)
  • Nickelodeon (Australia)
  • Disney XD (Europe)
  • Disney XD (Malaysia)
  • Disney XD (South Africa)
  • Disney XD (Latin America)
  • Cartoon Network (Japan)
  • Disney XD (France)


  • The show is very similiar to Pacman and the Ghostly Adventures, since it has a high school, saving the world and set in a future setting, but Skip and Sqak XD has a different plot.
  • Sadly, Mr. Owl will not appear in this show at all. According to Coo Koo Clux, he accidently injured his wing and he cannot be able to go to Galaxian High. However, a picture frame of Mr. Owl can be seen on Clux's Desk.
  • The episodes in this show air on Saturdays, just like the other show.

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