Skip and Sqak World
Developer(s) Namcom
Publisher(s) Nintendo

Sony Microsoft

Platform(s) PlayStation 2,

GameCube, Xbox, PSN and Xbox Live Arcade (HD)

Release Date(s)
(PS2, GC and Xbox)

May 4 2003 (NA)

May 15 2003 (EU)

May 29 2003 (UK)

November 11 2003 (JP)

(PSN and XLA)

March 4 2012 (NA)

March 16 2012 (EU)

April 14 2012 (JP)

May 3 2012 (AUS)

Action-Adventure, Platform
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Single Player, Multi Player
Media Included Violence

Skip and Sqak World is the first game in the Skip and Sqak World games and serves as the 10th Anniversary of the franchise developed by Namcom. The game was released in May 4 2003 in North America, May 15 2003 in Europe, May 29 2003 in UK, and November 11 2003 in the Japan. It is developed for the Gamecube, Playstation 2, and Xbox.

The story is when a monsterous duo kidnaps Skip and Sqak's freinds to another planet. Now the birthday duo need to save their freinds and defeat these 2 villians.


It's Skip and Sqak's 10th Anniversary and their freinds want to have a surprise party when they get home. While getting ready, each freind gets abducted by strange monsters who take them to Planet Partytopia. When Skip and Sqak come to the party to find it ransacked, they read an invitation saying "Welcome Folks To Planet Partytopia, The Best Place For Any Party In The World!" and go to a rocket ship to fly up to Partytopia.

Meanwhile on Partytopia, the duo running the place, Scump and Qwak (who look almost like Skip and Sqak except more bigger and look hideous) find out Skip and Sqak are on their way here and sent their minions to destroy them. After going to many places on Partytopia and saving their freinds held hostage by the bosses, the 2 heroes get to fight Scump and Qwak in their castle. Once defeating them, Scump and Qwak started to cry because they wanted to have a birthday party like Skip and Sqak but no one comes to their party. Feeling sorry for them, Skip and Sqak invites the Bosses and Scump and Qwak to their party.

Mini Games

  • Bowling (Roll the ball to hit pins)
  • Pool (Try to hit all the balls in the holes)
  • Dogfight (Shoot down the other players)
  • Boogie Frights (Copy what the zombie does with the arrows below)
  • Rafting (Race down a river with a raft boat)
  • Knock Off (Your inside a ball and you need to shove your opponents off the arena)
  • Target (Shoot many targets as you can in 3 worlds and a boss is fought in the end)
  • Combat (Use melee and weapons to knock out your opponents)


  • Mai (Mia's doppleganger)
  • Dr. Ront (Dr. Tron's doppleganger)
  • Crucoo (Croco's doppleganger)
  • Chubby (Tubby's doppleganger)
  • Omp (Imp's doppleganger)
  • Ribbin (Robin's doppleganger)
  • Queen Cheepsy (King Cheatsy's doppleganger)
  • Dub (Dib's doppleganger)
  • Rashon (Roshan's doppleganger)
  • Cindah (Cynder's doppleganger)
  • Scump and Qwak (Final Boss)


  • Forest Of Music (BOSS: Mai)
  • Crystal Caves (BOSS: Dr. Ront)
  • Wonderful Lake (BOSS: Crucoo)
  • Ice Cream Mountain (BOSS: Chubby)
  • Dance Mansion (BOSS: Omp)
  • Sight See Tower (BOSS: Ribbin)
  • Delicous Soup Land (BOSS: Queen Tootsie)
  • Land Of Music (BOSS: Dub)
  • Spacetropolis (BOSS: Rashon)
  • Ballet Palace (BOSS: Cindah)
  • Scump and Qwak's Castle Of FUN (BOSS: Scump and Qwak)

HD Remake

The game was later remade in HD available on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade and released in March 4 2012. Both these versions have trophies and achievments.

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