Skip and Sqak TV Game is a game developed by Namcom based on the Skip and Sqak Series. It is developed on the Playstation, N64, and Gameboy Color and released in July 1998.

The story is when a Cyborg Alien named Rexes plans to bring Villains from TV Shows to take over the real world. The SSFF have to travel into these shows and stop these villains before they come into reality.



In the TV Dimension, an Alien named Rexes plans to summon Villains from TV Shows to conquer the real world because he knows "people on TV don't get hurt" and recruits all sorts of bad guys to take over the world. Meanwhile, the SSFF are watching TV in their room until they got a call from Dr. Tron about Rexes's plan.

Dr. Tron builds a Transport into the TV so the SSFF can enter the TV Dimension. As soon as the SSFF enter the TV Dimension, they go into all sorts of shows such as a Cartoon Forest, a Haunted Mansion, a Prehistoric Jungle, a Crime City, a Chinese Town, a Tropical Island, a Pirate Bay, a Space Station, a Huge Ocean, and finally Rexes's Lair.

The SSFF fought and defeated Rexes before he could use his Satellite to turn the planet inert, and escaped before the whole Lair explodes which destroys Rexes completely. The SSFF go back into the real world where Tron congratulates them for saving the world, and the gang shut off the TV.


  • Toon Land: A world where colorful cartoons live happily but the Edgar Crud the Hunter causes trouble for the toons.
  • Creepy Castle: A haunted castle filled with ghosts, zombies, and ghoulies. The scariest monster in the castle is Drake Cula the Vampire Bat.
  • Jurassic Reality: A world of dinosuars live in this huge Jungle, where the monsterous Razor Fang eats any creature he sees.
  • Crimeful City: A city where crime occurs every 2 minutes. The biggest criminal is Jack Thugs who always robs the bank.
  • Sumuari Village: A japanese city with ninjas running around led by the Black Sensai.
  • Tiki Islands: An island with many Tiki Natives hunting for food... And that means you! The natives worship the Tiki Tower.
  • Blood Water Ocean: An ocean where pirates sail about hungery for treasure. Their captian is Captian Blade who won't let anyone steal his treasure.
  • Space Odds: A huge space world where aliens and cyborgs search for planets to conqure. The evil Dark Raider leads an army of Robots to destroy the SSFF.
  • 20 000 Coins Under The Sea: Underwater lies Sharks, Pirannahs, and other dangerous fish as the biggest fish, Fangs the Shark wants to eat the SSFF for desert.
  • Rexes's Lair: In a world made of Metal and Computers is the base of the evil Rexus. Becareful, there are lasers and traps everywhere.


  • Edgar Crud: This Poacher loves to catch any animal he sees. He is a parody of Elmer Fudd from Looney Tunes.
  • Drake Cula: A Vampire Bat who is the scariest thing in his show. He is a parody of Dracula.
  • Razor Fang: A T-Rex who enjoys killing small dinosaurs. He is a parody of Sharptooth from Land Before Time.
  • Jack Thugs: The Worst Outlaw in Crimeful City. He may be small, but he comes up with big crimes.
  • Black Sensai: The leader of the Ninja Gang. He is a skilled assasin with a Katanna. He is a parody of Shredder from the TMNT Series.
  • Tiki Tower: The tower of Tiki Masks is the worship of the natives. They sent the natives to kill the SSFF.
  • Captian Blade: The captian of the pirates in his show try to kill the SSFF who came into the show. He is a parody of Captian Hook from Peter Pan.
  • Dark Raider: The leader of the Robot Army who sends his soldiers to kill the SSFF. He is a parody of Darth Vader from Star Wars.
  • Fangs: A huge shark who tries to eat the SSFF. He is a parody of Jaws from the Jaws Movies.
  • Rexes: The Main Antagonist of the game. He is a cyborg alien who summons TV Show Villains to take over the world. He is later defeated by the SSFF and his lair explodes, which kills him.