Skip and Sqak Rangers
Developer(s) Namcom
Publisher(s) Nintendo

Sony Microsoft

Platform(s) Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii U, PlayStation Vita, 3DS, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Release Date(s)
(Wii U, PS3, Xbox 360, Vita, 3DS)

September 8 2013 (NA) October 4 2013 (EU) November 30 2013 (AUS) January 25 2014 (JP)

(PS4 and Xbox One) November 19 2013 (NA) November 28 2013 (AUS) December 20 2013 (EU) March 5 2014 (JP)

Singe Player, Multi Player, Online Play
Age Rating(s)
Everyone 10+
Genre(s) 2D Platform, Action Adventure
Predecessor Skip and Sqak Back In Action (2012)
Successor Skip and Sqak Ancients (2014)
Media Included Violence, Mild Language

Skip and Sqak Rangers is a co op game developed by Namcom and the third installment in Skip and Sqak Next Gen. It is released on the Wii U, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360 in September 2013, while the PS4 and Xbox One came out on November 2013. The game was originally going to be the finale of the Next Gen Reboot, but continued to make more games.

The story is with the Skip and Sqak Freedom Fighters (SSFF) out on dangerous adventures to stop a new villain team called Revengeance Evil Doomsquad (RED).

A TV Series, Skip and Sqak XD, aired on September 2013 based on this game.


A sneak peak of the game was shown after the credits in Back In Action, where some of the gang's old friends from school steal their rocket and fly up to Xoon. A trailer of the game was shown on January 13 2013. The game also reveals there will be more teams with 50 playable characters.

Namcom stated that the game will have over 90 levels which increases the game's plot. The Wii U Version was developed first, and soon the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 is in development soon after. Those 3 consoles were announced to come out in Fall 2013 on E3, while the Vita and 3DS version will be out on a later date.

Fans asked Namcom to put in a lot of new playable characters introduced in the game, which Namcom quickly did just for the game to sell well. The new characters all have personalities in development, while one of the new friends, Oswald replaces his cousin King Cheatsy.

The game was originally going to be played in a 3D Platform, but it was instead 2D mainly to avoid having a split screen mode on Coop Mode. It was thought the game will only be a Tower Defense Play, but it turns out it will also be an adventure mode as well.

It is later considered on Nintendo Power that the Wii U and PlayStation Vita versions introduces the robot Sparky, who is being controlled by the Game pad and Touch Screen. Sparky can do lots of help for the players, like displaying the map, help out in battles, and hack into doors. However in the PS3 and Xbox 360 Version, Sparky appears but is not playable. It was confirmed that in the Xbox and PS3 version the player will have to protect Sparky from enemies while it's hacking a door.

20 Screenshots of the game were uploaded on January 27 2013, and some Sneak Peek Videos were on Youtube on March 16 2013. When fans heard the character Tara will be playable, the whole base was getting ready to buy the game, and soon the determine increased as the game was announced to have over 90 levels and 50 Mini Games. Namcom later stated that Skip and Sqak Rangers will share elements from the first and second game of the series, involving 2D platforming and Beat'em Up Genre.

The game was revealed to have an Online Battle people can play WiFi via PlayStation Network, Wii Ware, and Xbox Live. The online mode can be played on Versus Mode or Coop Mode, and teams can be played either at home or on the Network.

In August 2013, Namcom announced the game will be soon made on the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One released on a future date. The PS4 version will feature the remote play on the PS Vita, while the Xbox One would have the online addition Skip and Sqak Wifi War for a free download.


After Back In Action, the SSFF Members get a call from the Blue Ant Army that the Red Ants are trying to take down the Blue Bases all over Earth. Now the SSFF and the Blue Ant Army have to protect the Bases and defeat the Red Ants once again, with the return of old abilities from Skip and Sqak 2.

The game begins with Dr. Tron getting bored of being in the SSFF's Space Station, so Sqak and Robin give him something do to by smashing some Space Roaches that stowed away in the ship. Meanwhile, King Cheatsy suffers back pain and he is unable to help the SSFF protect the earth. Seeing that he's becoming a very old mouse, Cheatsy leaves the SSFF and decides to go back to the Mouse Kingdom with his cousin, Oswald filling the work for him.

When the SSFF get a transmission that a villainous plot to take over earth with the Red Ant Army, and team found out that the mysterious team is Melvin, Bruno, Jerry, Ty, Priceless, Lance, Egghead and Keef planning to get revenge on the heroes for their first defeats and they formed into a villainous organization called the Revengeance Evil Doomsquad (RED). RED plan to kill the SSFF and other teams, then conquer the universe with the Red Ants.

The SSFF go to many new places defeating the RED, but they are shocked to realize Robin's best friend, Lisa, is actually working for the Red Ants disguised as a mysterious robot named "The Shadow Virus". The gang go straight to the junkyard and destroyed a robotic entity Lisa made to destroy Sunny City. After destroying the mechanical Goliath, Lisa explains the reason why she went bad was because she thought she and Robin can be the 2 most brilliant minds on the planet, and believes her romance with Roshan is holding her skills back.

After dealing with Lisa, the SSFF go to the RED's hide out where they all fight the entire team. The SSFF defeated the New SSSSS and put them all in prison, but they were curious to know what made them turn bad. Using a tracking device, the SSFF follow it until they got to Dr. Sakerine's old castle in Spooky Swamp.

The SSFF explore the abandoned castle until they learned the true plan via projector: Dr. Sakerine convinced their friends to work for the Red Ants and form into RED. While his agents were invading earth, Sakerine has been building a giant laser machine to turn all the Blue Ants into Red and make all the Red Ants worship him.

Learning about Dr. Sakerine's plan, the SSFF also saw the Sakerine was in the castle cellar all this time building the laser. They begin to fight him as the Laser only has a few minutes to fire. The gang defeat Dr. Sakerine, but the whole battle damages the laser and it explodes, sending the SSFF flying back to Sunny City. Everyone in the city has a huge celebration for the victory over the Red Ants.

Meanwhile, after the credits, it is revealed Dr. Sakerine survived the explosion as he is floating in space, vowing to get revenge on the SSFF some how.

Playable Teams

The game allows you to play as 50 characters with several new characters to play as. Each Team has a certain difficulty

Skip and Sqak Freedom Fighters (SSFF) (Normal)

  • Skip: The silly bue frog
  • Sqak: The confident pasiku
  • Croco: The bouncy crocodile
  • Tubby: The big, yellow hippopotamus
  • Imp: The small, purple imp.
  • Cynder: The cute little girl
  • Robin: The brave yellow bird
  • Roshan: The smart Blue Ant prince
  • Dib: The grumpy, white devil from the Underworld
  • Oswald: The short, black mouse and Cheatsy's cousin
  • Sparky: A robot built to obey the SSFF (Wii U and PlayStation Vita Only)

Girl International Revolution Linc (GIRL) (Easy)

  • Kyra Kross: The blue fox
  • Fuz: The goth squirral
  • T1na: The sexy robot
  • Sarah: The tough tomboy
  • Mary: The blue ant girl
  • GiGi: The beautiful genie
  • Steltha: The stealthy rabbit
  • Maoh: The bad tempered doe
  • Cassy: The chubby, strong girl
  • Peachy: The bubbly pink elephant

Widen Arsenal Supreme Power (WASP) (Tricky)

Brilliant Rough Ultimate Tyrant Incredible Smackdown Heroic (BRUTISH) (Hard)

Revolution Authority Vanity International  (RAVI) (Expert)


Old Ants

  • Ant Grunt
  • Ant Soldier
  • Ant Maid
  • Stink Ant
  • Ant Ceterian
  • Water Ant
  • Ant Mantis
  • Zombie Ant
  • Ant Beetle
  • Ant Cicida
  • Fire Ant
  • Snow Ant
  • Ant Balloon
  • Ant Charger
  • Ant Kaboom
  • Chameleant
  • Ant Saucer
  • Ant Frog
  • Ant Belcher
  • Ant Ballerina
  • Ant Missile
  • Ant Jumper
  • Ant Drilla
  • Ant Sub
  • Ant Sumauri
  • Ant Blaster
  • Ant Penguin
  • Ant Furnace

New Ants

  • Ant Turret: These ants are firing from a bullet turret.
  • Cy-Bot: Little robots built by Red Ants to sabotoge Ant Hives.
  • Ant Hammer: These Ants carry a huge hammer to slam you flat.
  • Ant Killer: These Ants wear heavy armor and your attacks can't hurt them. The only way to get rid of these invincible beings is to make them fall to their demise. They serve as a mini boss.
  • Ant Shell: These Ants wear plated armor, and you have to keep hitting them until their armor breaks off to beat them.
  • Ant Sorceror: These Ants can summon a group of Zombie Ants, Fire Ants, Snow Ants, or Ant Drilla on battle. They are protected by a barrier, but they will flee when you kill all the enemies. Like Ant Killer, they are also a mini boss.


  • Croaks: Ninja treefrogs who work for Jerry.
  • Molers: Southern-accent little moles who work for Ty Wombat.
  • Slam Shells: Football slamming turtles who work for Lance.
  • Ranhaz: Mutated pirahna fish who work for Bruno.
  • Robot Monkeys: Crazy simian robots originally made by Tron now work for Dr. Keef.
  • Penglers: Snobby penguins who work for Egghead.
  • Dark Drones: Robotic servants of the Shadoworx (AKA Lisa).
  • Ant Maids: Beautiful maids who work as Queen Priceless's servants.
  • Flashers: Crazy grinning creatures who work for Melvin.

Arcade Games

The lobby has arcade games the gang can play:

  • Professor X2's BLASTED Game (Professor X2 and Adviser Veger go on a shooting rampage on enemies.)
  • CRUSHED!!! (Playing as a Pog, avoid getting crushed by a wrecking ball as long as possible.)
  • Tank Trouble (Playing as an Ant Tank, fight through enemy grounds.)
  • Konga Klash (Konga and other warriors are fighting to see who is the strongest warrior of them all.)
  • Troubled Tyrone (Tyrone sneaks into a Red Ant Mansion and has to cause mischief without getting caught.)
  • Money Defenders (King Cheatsy's four guards must protect his money from rat thieves.)


  • Gogstone Mountain: The highest mountain in Tikwando is the location of the Tomb of all Tikwandians.
  • Under City: An underground city where Ty Wombat plans to make the whole cave collapse.
  • Param Woods: The biggest forest in the world is know Lance's strike ball stadium.
  • Creepy Creek: A dirty creek with piranhas, filthy water and deadly plants. Bruno Toad plans an assault in a private base in this gloomy marsh.
  • Keef's Bot Inc.: In a jungle, a Robot Monkey Factory made by Keef is more than just making robo monkeys, but also a secret weapon to destroy Dr. Tron.
  • Secret Lab: Egghead has a private lab hidden somewhere, the SSFF have to find the enterance to take Egghead down. Be careful, the lab is guarded with Red Ants.
  • Metaltropolis: A steampunk city with robot residents, where the debris of dead robots are put in the Debris Desert. The city's junkyard is where Lisa is building her giant robot to whipe out the Blue Ants completly.
  • Red City: An ancient city is home of the Red Ant Colony. Princess Priceless is now the queen of the Xoon and she resides in her palace.
  • RED Station: A space station in the middle of deep, dark space is the base of RED. The SSFF have to go in there and take the entire team down once and for all.
  • Dr. Sakerine's Labratory Castle: The abandoned castle of Dr. Sakerine is RED's true hideout. The SSFF have to go in the dark castle to find out why their friends became evil.