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Skip and Sqak Party is a party game based on Skip and Sqak developed by Namcom. It is released in October 1998 on the PlayStation and Nintendo 64. The story is when Gexy Gecko captures the SSFF and forces them to compete in his new game show called "Gexy Gecko's Wacky Games!!"


  • Skip
  • Sqak
  • Croco
  • Imp
  • Tubby
  • Roshan
  • Robin
  • Dib
  • King Cheatsy
  • Cynder


Gexy Gecko creates his game show, "Gexy Gecko's Wacky Games!!" in a stadium. However, he has no one to participate, so he decides to bring the SSFF to his game show. Meanwhile, the SSFF are having a walk in the woods but they get surrounded and captured by Red Ants. The Red Ants take the SSFF to Gexy's show where they have to do a bunch of crazy games to amuse the audience.

The SSFF later did the final game after completing all games, where they battle Gexy inside his boogy robot. After destroying the boogy bot, it crashes a hole through the wall and the SSFF escaped.


  • Wheel-of-Torture: Run on a hamster wheel until you get to the finish line.
  • Muddy Trama: Stay on the platform and don't fall into the mud pool before time runs out.
  • Platform Push: Shove everyone off the arena before you're shoved off!
  • Tanks Alot: Destroy other's tanks before they destroy you!
  • Tall Wall: Climb up to the top of the wall, but the obstacles won't make it easy for you.
  • Boogie Battle: Try to out-dance Gexy on the dance floor.
  • Door Code: Finish the grimace code to unlock the door before the others do.
  • Ice Shot: Standing on an ice rink, try to stay on the ice as it gets smaller and smaller.
  • Turbo Trouble: Race on a jet boat to the end of the river and beat your foes.
  • Coin Collector: Try to get more coins then the others before time runs out.
  • Resident Weevil: Travel through a graveyard and shoot Zombie Ants and get to the goal.
  • Final Game: Get through Gexy's obstacles and defeat his boogy bot.

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