These are the merchandise of the Skip and Sqak Series.


In February 1996, Mcdonalds had toys to promote the release of Skip and Sqak 2.

  • Skip (If you twist him around, he can spin)
  • Sqak (If you push the button on his back, his head will glow like fire)
  • Croco (If you push him down, he'll jump up like a spring)
  • Imp (If you push the button on his head, his eyes will glow)
  • Tubby (If you push the button on his back, he'll make belching noises)
  • Robin (If you put the toy orb in her gun, press the button she'll fire the orb)
  • Roshan (If you push the button on his chest, his eyes will glow blue)
  • Dib (If you push the button on his staff, it will glow up)
  • King Cheatsy (If you wind up the key on his back, he'll walk for a few seconds)
  • Cynder (If you turn on the switch and go to a dark place, her eyes will turn dark purple)

Yoplait Yogurt

Skip, Sqak, Croco, Imp, Tubby, Robin, Cynder and Dib appeared on the tube of Yoplait tubes.

  • Skip (Blueberry Acai)
  • Sqak (Strawberry)
  • Croco (Strawberry Kiwi)
  • Imp (Blackberry)
  • Tubby (Lemon Burst)
  • Cynder (Cherry Orchared)
  • Robin (Orange Creme)
  • Dib (French Vanilla)


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