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Skip and Sqak Lost Islands is a DLC to Returns that is only downloadable on the PlayStation Network, Wii Ware, E shop, and Xbox Live. The DLC adds new islands on the original Returns game.


The PSN has a $39.99 price, while the E shop is $19.99 and the Xbox Market Place 200 Points.


After destroying the Island-Tizer 2, Skip, Sqak, Croco, Tubby and Imp continue sleeping. However, they woke up to find Red Ant Saucers in the sky. When the five chase the saucers, they saw 9 Islands the Red Ants are invading. The gang decide to go to these forgotten islands to save the day.


These are the islands that are included in this DLC

  • Flower Glade: An island full of beautiful flowers.
  • Mushroom Caverns: An underground area full of glowing mushrooms.
  • Feather Dragon Mountains: A tall, dry mountain that is home of the feroicous Feather Dragon.
  • Bamboo Plains: A huge forest of bamboo. The Red Ants have imprisoned all the panda villagers and are trying to burn down all the bamboo.
  • Water Lagoon: A big lagoon is where the gang have to swim to save the island.
  • Glacier Mines: The Red Ants set up a mine in this glacier, taking all the penguins as slaves.
  • Boiling Volcano: This volcano is very hot close to it, but it's even hotter inside.
  • Mud Hole: A huge pile of mud is actually a Mice Prison the Red Ants made.
  • Goliath Trees: An Island with huge trees is where the gang have to travel by climbing up there and walking on the branches.
  • Red Ant Hive: This is it, the gang have to go into that Ant Hive to free these islands for good.


  • Red Hornet Bot
  • Mushroom Bot
  • Feather Dragon
  • Bamboo Torcher
  • Red Shark
  • Red Driller
  • Lava Cannon
  • Mud Serpant
  • Tree Giant
  • Red Ant Mega Ceterian

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