Skip and Sqak Gateway To Dream World is a game developed by Namcom based on Skip and Sqak. It was released in March 2007 only on the Nintendo Wii. The story is when the SSFF and Aleena go into the Dream World to stop Night Pods from turning dreams into nightmares forever.

The game was originally going to be on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, but both versions were scrapped when Namcom wanted this game to be a Wii Exclusive.


  • Skip
  • Sqak
  • Croco
  • Imp
  • Tubby
  • Roshan
  • Cynder
  • Robin


  • Queen Aleena
  • Dib
  • King Teensie
  • Pip
  • Pinky
  • Patchy
  • Punk
  • King Dreamworx


The SSFF have a sleepover at Skip's House. In the middle of the night, the gang woke up to hear a loud noises in the basement. As they and Aleena went down to investigate, they saw a glowing light coming from the fireplace that turns out to be a portal. The portal sends the gang into the Dream World, another dimension where dreams are made by small creatures called "Dream Pods".

King Dreamworx, the creator of all dreams, has called the SSFF to tell them that his kingdom is being attacked by "Night Pods" (twisted versions of Dream Pods that make nightmares) led by King Blek so they can produce nightmares forever. The gang decide to help the Dream Pods protect dreams from King Blek and his army with the help of Dreamworx's friends: Pip, Pinky, Patchy and Punk.

King Blek has a magical paint brush he uses to create monsters and invaded other kingdoms in Dream World, and the SSFF go in and save them from Nightmares. After saving all kingdoms, the SSFF go to King Blek's Castle in the Nightmare World where they fight a Monster King Blek.

After defeating King Blek, his castle loses nightmare energy and now the Dream World is fully peaceful again. King Blek flees, but the others go back home now that the Dream World is saved. Hoping to go back to sleep, only to find out that its already morning!


  • Joyful Jungle: A jungle where all the Dream Pods make the dreams. When Blek's nightmares took over, it is a dark rain forest with chomping flowers.
  • Dusty Desert: A desert where the Dream Pods bubble the dreams to go into people's minds. When Blek's nightmares took over, it is now a gloomy wasteland with sand snags.
  • Gloom Glacier: A glacier that holds rejected dreams in the ice. When Blek's nightmares took over, it is a haunted cave with undead skeletons.
  • Vulcan Volcano: A Volcano where Dream Pods throw captured nightmares into the lava. When Blek's nightmares took over, it is a hellish volcano with boiling lava serpents.
  • Lull Lake: A huge lake where Dream Pods put people who are awake to sleep. When Blek's nightmares took over, it is now a frantic ocean with rough tides.
  • Moody Mountain: The mountain of Dream World where Dream Pods send their created dreams into the real world. When Blek's nightmares took over, it is a rough hurricane mountain with snow monsters.
  • King Blek's Nightmare Castle: The lair of the lord of all nightmares. This dark castle has so many nightmare monsters running amuk so be careful.
  • Dream Bubble: A bonus world where the gang go into their own dreams.


  • TBA


A sequel for the game is in development. However, no ideas are confirmed.

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