Skip and Sqak Eclipse
Developer(s) Yellow Apple Games
Platform(s) PlayStation 4, Switch and Xbox One
Release Date(s)
Genre(s) Action Adventure
Series Skip and Sqak (Reboot Series)
Predecessor Skip and Sqak World
Skip and Sqak Eclipse is the upcoming fourth game in the Skip and Sqak Reboot Series developed by Yellow Apple Games. In this game, Skip and Sqak venture to rescue Makayla after she gets kidnapped by the "Klipsies" that were summoned after the sun and moon both mysteriously merged into one planet.

Each stage in this game will have two multiple pathways that will either take the player to a stage set in the day or night (hence to the title).


Skip, Sqak and Makayla are in the fields getting ready to watch the eclipse. But as the eclipse begins, the three are surprised to see that the sun and moon both collaberated into one whole planet. The two planets colliding releases a shockwave that transforms the stars into cosmic creatures called "Klipsies" who kidnap Makayla and take her towards the emerged planet. Skip is desperate to save his girlfriend, so he and Sqak venture to rescue her while also fighting the strange creatures on their island. Throughout their journey, the two keep confronting a fairy wizard named Ralundo who created the Klipsans to help search for his long lost wife, Rosenae, after the two got seperated on their wedding day from a storm. Ralundo and his Klipsies mistook Makayla for Rosenae and he refuses to believe she isn't as he summons many Klipsies to stop Skip and Sqak.

After defeating Ralundo's guardians, Sunra and Twilo, a cosmic path opens towards the Eclipse that Skip and Sqak both take. Inside the Eclipse, Skip and Sqak venture across a city full of Klipsans and made it inside a palace where they find Makayla sleeping peacefully on a bed. Suddenly, when Skip was about to carry her out of bed, Makayla is revealed to be under the Klipsan's magic and she attacks him and Sqak. They were able to free Makayla from the Klipsan's magic and confront Ralundo who finally sees that Makayla is not Rosenae (after noticing that Makayla has legs that he and Rosenae don't have) and he apolagizes for his kidnapping, stating that all he ever wants was to find his lost wife. Ralundo reveals that he met a "purple gentlemen" who promised to help find Rosenae by creating a shockwave to transform all the stars by the sun and moon's collaberations. The "purple gentlemen" was revealed to be Comrade Vexter, in the guise of a sorceror, who explains his plot of using the Eclipse as his new empire and sends many Klipsies to demolish the world. Vexter also plans on using Makayla as a vessel for his new magic powers so he can finally destroy Skip and Sqak once and for all. The two fought and defeated Vexter who sets the entire palace to collapse and teleports himself out of the Eclipse but Ralundo was able to teleport Skip, Sqak and Makayla out of there as the sun and moon finally seperate. The seperation of the sun and moon also reverts all the Klipsies back into stars, and the game ends with Skip, Sqak and Makayla all watching the beautiful stars floating back to the sky.

Once all the day and night levels are completed and all critters are rescued, Skip and Sqak discover a secret castle made of crystal in the center of an asteroid where they confront on fought Vexter for a second time. After defeating Vexter and as the asteroid is about to explode, a fairy burts out of Vexter's staff and she teleports Skip and Sqak down to Sunny Villa just in time. To Ralundo's surprising joy, the fairy is revealed to be Rosenae who Vexter captured to construct his staff. The two fairies fly off together as Skip, Sqak and Makayla watch the peaceful sun set. During the credits, Vexter is seen floating in space trapped inside a crystal.

When 100% of the game is completed, the bonus game "Fluffy's Rampage" where the player plays the entire game as Makayla's pet Fuzmanian, Fluffy Cuddles.


Sunny Villa Meadows

  • Morning Meadows (Day)
  • Mignight Meadows (Night)

Oasis Desert

  • Sunlight Sand (Day)
  • Dusk Desert (Night)

Polar Forest

  • Northern Noon (Day)
  • Whispering Woods (Night)

Wonderous Waters

  • Saddened Swamps (Day)
  • Moonlight Lake (Night)

Circus of Sanity

  • Lane of Light (Day)
  • Twilight Tent (Night)

Mount Moderness

  • Blazed Buildings (Day)
  • Crescent Clockworks (Night)

Eclipse Kingdom

  • Sunlight Pathway (Day)
  • Moonlight Pathway (Night)
  • City of Eclipse
  • Klipsan Palace
  • Eclipse Throne Room

Mysterious Comet

  • Solar Crater (Unlocked by completing all Day Levels)
  • Light Crater (Unlocked by completing all Night Levels)
  • Crystal Castle


Main Characters


  • Fluffy Cuddles: Makayla's beloved pet who helps the two rescue critters in underground mini levels. He is also playable in the bonus feature Fluffy's Rampage.
  • Imp: He owns his own circus tent and will give Skip and Sqak prizes if they beat Blatly at a minigame.
  • Blatly: He competes against Skip and Sqak inside Imp's circus tent.
  • TBA


The Klipsies are stars in the sky that have been corrupted and formed into creatures after getting hit by the sun and moon's magical shockwave.

  • Klipsan: The basic Klipsies enemies.
  • Flutter: Butterfly-like Klipsies that fly in the air.
  • Star Faller: Klipsies who drop rows of sharp stars underneath them.
  • Coaleries: Small Klipsies made of coal who act as explosives for the Klipsie army.
  • Floppy: Seal-like Klipsies that hurl Coaleries off their noses.
  • Vizzabil: Invisible Klipsies who can only be seen in mirrors at the background.
  • TBA



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Eclipse Kingdom