Skip and Sqak Ancients
Developer(s) Namcom
Platform(s) Wii U, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PS4, Xbox One, PS Vita, 3DS
Release Date(s)
(Wii U, PS3, Xbox 360, Wii, PS4, Xbox One)
November 16 2014 (NA)
November 21 2014 (EU)
December 5 2014 (AUS)
March 4 2015 (JP)

(PS Vita and 3DS)
March 17, 2015 (NA)
March 19, 2015 (AUS)
April 12, 2015 (JP)

Singe Player, Multi Player
Age Rating(s)
Everyone 10+
Genre(s) Action Adventure, Side scrolling.
Predecessor Skip and Sqak Rangers (2013)
Successor Skip and Sqak Rivals (2015)
Media Included Violence, Mild Language
Skip and Sqak Ancients is a game of the Skip and Sqak games, and the 4th installment of the Next Gen Reboot. The game is released in November 2014 on the PS3, Wii U, Wii, PS4, Xbox One and Xbox 360; while the 3DS and PlayStation Vita are released in early 2015.

The story is when someone went back in time to change history that causes the Blue Ants to be losing the Ant War. Now it's up to SSFF, Dr. Tron, Mia, Kaida and Drogo to go back in time with Dr. Tron's time machine to help the Blue Ants before they lose the war completly. However, their time travelling quest might be bigger than they thought.

Playable Characters

The playable characters are SSFF, Dr. Tron, Mia, Kaida and Drogo. This is also the very first time Mia and King Drogo are playable in the series, as well as Dr. Tron's and Kaida's second (Tron-SAR and Queen Kaida-QKRA).


At the Blue Ant Palace, Dr. Tron realizes something weird coming from his computer. When he looks at it, he sees history of the Blue Ants losing the Ant War. Tron then calls in SSFF to tell them the horrifying news, and the only way to save the future is to time travel with a time machine Tron made out of a busted saucer. The gang leave Dib and Sparky behind to take care of the palace while they time travel.

SSFF ride the time machine to certian time periods to help the Blue Ant armies with Mia and Tron joining their advenutre, but their enemies are actually Green Ants instead of Red Ants. After rescuing Queen Kaida and King Drogo from a herd of Green Ants, they both explain to the gang that the Green Ants are actually clones being made by Envy S. Ovu, the owner of Sunny City's science centre. With Kaida's and Drogo's help, the gang managed to save alot of time periods and soon confront Envy at Desert Oasis. Envy manages to escape into the present, and the gang were not able to locate his time travelling mothership anywhere until they found out he is literally riding down the time line to the beginning of time to make Green Ants supreme victors over both Blue and Red Ants.

To go after Envy, the heroes need to collect 14 keys to open the time portal door and Envy kept them all safe in his 14 Green Ceterians. After travelling to the previous time periods to collect the keys from the Green Ceterians, the heroes opened the time portal door to pursue Envy. At Envy's time ship, the heroes learned from Envy that milleniums ago he and real Green Ants lived in a planet called "Vert" which was sadly destroyed completly by the Planet-Bliterater (from Skip and Sqak 2), killing all the Green Ants accept Envy who managed to evacuate Vert. After the destruction of his homeplanet and people, Envy furiously vowed to avenge his people and regain his population over Blue and Red Ants. He also reveals that the villains the gang fought in time periods were his henchman trying to set up history of the Green Ants and help them gain advantage.

The heroes fight Envy as the time ship travels through time space to the end of time. Envy eventually gets defeated and knocked into deep time continuim by Skip. Afterwords, everyone returns to the present to have a party now that history is saved with Sqak wondering what happened to Envy. Meanwhile, after the credits, Envy is shown to have survived the fall now stranded on on a clock-like island where all the Green Ceterians were knocked to earlier.

If the player rescues all Clock Faeries, they will unlock a secret world to their dimension.


  • King Redrick: The leader of the medievil Red Ants of the late 500th millenium.
  • Moji: A black mosquito who is trying to help the Red Ants take over Crust. He is a black magic sage.
  • Captian Nailpick: A shark captian of the Red Ant marine in the early 200th millenium.
  • Rambo Bam: A rhino who took over the Spartam Arena and forced Green Ants to fight.
  • Trunkan: A large elephant who can whipe out crops with the trumpets of his huge trunk.
  • Captian Sucky: The octopus pirate who stole all the treasure in Cut Throat Town.
  • Count Vile: The wicked vampire bat who leads his Pumpkin Heads to terrorize everyone in Antsylvania.
  • Lord Gnarly: The leader of the Gnomad vikings trying to sink the Blue Ant viking's ship.
  • Yoyo Dodo: The leader of the dodo clan who is stealing all the inventions the cave ants made.
  • El Toro: The raging bull who wrecks havoc in El Antorio with his Yappy army.
  • Zhifang: The sumo puffer fish who was hired by Envy to make a Green Ants weapon factory on top of Peaceliving Falls.
  • Siamia: A siamese cat who invades Antgypt with her Spinx servants. She appears to be Envy's girlfriend.
  • Envy S. Ovu: The Main Antagonist of the game. He is the last remaining Green Ant who wanted to destroy all the Blue and Red Ants for killing off his entire race by erasing them from history.

Bosses (Act 2)

  • Moat Dragon
  • Thumperoo
  • Inky Blob
  • Wham Walrus
  • Hyena Sisters
  • Thugtopus
  • Savage Scarecrow
  • Snowyjack Jack
  • Terrible Triceratops
  • Painful Piniata
  • Spikey Salamander
  • Snake Harmer
  • Envy S. Ovu (Final Boss)


The game has 14 time periods.

  • Antalot: The medievil blue ant village where it is protected by Sir Phillipe. In the year 580 456 342.
  • Crust: The rocky desert where nature is healed by Blue Ru. In the year 101 909 607.
  • Ant-Lantis: The city under the floor of the ocean ruled Emperess Bubbles. In the year 200 222 345.
  • Spartam: The roman city where arena challenges welcome to people to test their worthy of joining the army. In the year 360 327 013
  • Crop Savannah: The savannah where all the crops grow and harvested by the Blue Ant villagers. In the year 13 201 428.
  • Cut Throat Town: The pirate town where pirates sale the seas in search of treasure and venture. In the year 8 334 229.
  • Antsylvania: The haunted town where people are being terrorized by Pumpkin Heads. In the year 2 340 896.
  • Viking Village: The camp village of the Blue Ant vikings who are battling the Gnome vikings. In the year 236 923 421
  • Jurassic Jungle: The prehistoric land where Blue Ants and dinosaurs work togethor for a living. In the year 1000 Billion B.C.
  • El Antorio: The mexican village where fiestas are thrown every little second! And no one ever gets tired of partying. In the year 478 964 989.
  • Peaceliving Falls: The calm chinese mountains is being turned into a noisy weapons factory for the Green Ants. In the year 1 000 230.
  • Antgypt: The egyptian desert city of the Blue Ants is overun by Green Ants and Sphinx's. In the year 980 430.
  • Envy's Time Saucer: Envy's time travelling saucer full of tight security. Put an end to Envy's plot once and for all.
  • Time Faerie Dimension: The bonus world. This will be unlocked if the player saves all the imprisoned Time Faeries.


Green Ants

  • Ant Soldier
  • Stink Ant
  • Ant Mantis
  • Ant Saucer
  • Ant Frog
  • Ant Penguin
  • Ant Drilla
  • Water Ant
  • Ant Sub
  • Ant Charger


  • Squire: Mysterious knights who work for King Redrick.
  • Skeeto: Black mosquito's who work as Moji's servants.
  • Inkster: Squids who work for Captain Nailpick.
  • Clawvius: Lion gladiators who work for Rambo Bam.
  • Tiki Monkey: Spear chucking baboons who worship Trunkan.
  • Gully: Pirate Seagulls who work for Captain Sucky
  • Pumpkin Head: Pumpkin faced creatures who work for Count Vile.
  • Gnome: Gnome vikings who work for Lord Gnarly.
  • Saber: Sabertoothed Tigers who work for Yoyo Dodo.
  • Yappy: Yapping Chihuahua's who work for El Toro.
  • Prickly: Razor urchins who work for Zhifang.
  • Sphinx: Stealthy sphinx cats who work for Siamia.