Skip and Sqak 3
Skip and Sqak 3
Cover for the GameCube
Developer(s) Namcom
Publisher(s) Sony (PS2 and PSP)

Nintendo (Gamecube) Microsoft (Xbox)

Platform(s) PlayStation 2, GameCube, Xbox, PlayStation Portable
Release Date(s)
May 3 2005 (NA)

May 20 2005 (EU) June 25 2005 (AUS) November 15 2005 (JP)

Single Player, Multi Player
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Adventure, Fantasy Fiction, Science Fiction
Media Included Mild Voilence, Mild Language, Sexual References, Comic Mischief

Skip and Sqak 3 is the third and final installment in the Skip and Sqak Series. It is the first game to recieve an E10+ rating for voilence and scenes. The game also introduces Skip's parents and features Professor X2 playable for the first time. It is developed in May 10 2005 for the GameCube, PlayStation 2, Xbox, and PlayStation Portable by Namcom.

A reboot, Skip and Sqak Next Gen, was made with Skip and Sqak Returns released 6 years later.

Playable Characters

The game only has 6 characters.


The story is longer like Skip and Sqak 2, to see the full story, click HERE.

After the SSFF saved the world from the Red Ants and JoJo, Sunny City gets attacked by an army of Ant robots called "Redworx" led by Professor Z9 the Cyborg Red Ant Scientist (and X2's Rival), and his assistant, Madame Rosalina the black widow, and his entire Cyborg Henchman. The Blue Ant Soilders fight the Redworx as the Skip, Sqak, Croco, Imp and Tubby go to the forest to search for an ancient artifact that was made by the Pasikus (an ancient race that created the universe).

Meanwhile, Professor X2 tries to catch Skip and Sqak by dressing up as Mia. As the gang and a disqused X2 go to the artifact, X2 reveals himself and fights the team, but the fight ends up destroying the arena and they all fall into Samos, home of the Blue Frogs. King Ignus, king of the Blue Frogs, was suspicous with the "outsiders" but his wife Queen Aleena acts gentle with Skip and acts like a mother to him.

When the SSFF and X2 return to the city, the Redworx are still attacking. The SSFF have no choice but to work with X2 and his SSSSS to defeat Professor Z9 and the Redworx. As the Red Ants found out X2 is helping the gang save the universe, they try to take down the gang and him too. The SSFF and X2 go into Z9's Redworx Factory, where they find out Z9 is trying to destroy the world with Dark Ravens. The gang and X2 go and destroy all of Z9's Henchman, who are helping Z9 unleash the Dark Iku Realm with the help of their Redworx Minions.

Later near the end of the game, the SSFF get rescued by King Ignus in a Tank, but an accident has him hanging on the edge of a cliff. Before he falls to his death due to weakness, Ignus explains he and Aleena were expecting an egg to hatch but it got stolen by Madame Rosalina because she wanted to experiment with it, but she accidentally sent it to the past. Skip finds out he is the son of Aleena and Ignus, revealing he is actually from the future.

After defeating Rosalina, the Gang go to the Pasiku Catacombs, where they meet birds who look like Sqak. It turns out the birds are Pasikus, so is Sqak. When the team go to the Dark Raven's ship, where Z9 takes control of the Dark Raven Goliath that the team destroy, along with Z9.

At Samos, the whole village has a funeral for Ignus, with Aleena promising to take care of her son Skip for Ignus's sake. X2, knowing that the tragedy is over, betrays the team and sends his now obeying Red Ants to attack. The SSFF, Aleena, and the Frogs fight the Red Ants as the credits roll.


In July 2001, Namcom hinted a 3rd Skip and Sqak game is being developed. Later, in march 2002 a sneak peek of the game reveals the game's release was May 2003. However, the game was delayed on a later date to develop more on the plot. The game was finally announced to be released in early 2005. A GBA version was planned in April 2004, but it was scrapped a week later.

The game's plot would be the SSFF and SSSSS teaming up to save the world while Skip gets to meet his parents. An early script shows that his parents were going to die before he had a chance to meet them, but the idea was removed with only Ignus getting killed.

Namcom stated that new features will be in the game: such as the first to be rated "Everyone 10+", Professor X2 being playable, and a 3D free roaming environment.

Old Characters

New Characters

  • Queen Aleena: The mother of Skip and queen of the Blue Frogs. 
  • King Ignus: The father of Skip and king of the Blue Frogs.
  • Lyza: Aleena's best friend and acts like an aunt to Skip.
  • Lumpy: The commander of the Blue Frog army. He gives the gang missions outside the Samos Jungle.
  • Queen Tyree: The queen of the Pasiku's and the creator of Sqak.
  • Advisor Peggio: Queen Tyree's advisor who speaks in smart words Croco can't understand.
  • Professor Z9: The Main Antagonist of the game. He plans to destroy the universe by using the Dark Iku on his Redworx army. He is soon defeated by Skip and Sqak and their friends.
  • Madame Rosalina: The Secondary Antagonist of the game. She is a Black Widow commander who wears a Navi outfit. She took Skip away from Aleena and sent him to the past by accident.


The bosses in the game are Professor Z9's henchman who were once Red Ant Scientists but became cyborg.

  • Professor T5: A Tank Redworx who has a cannon on one hand and a metal hand on the other.
  • Professor S3: A Grunt Redworx who can summon Redworx Enemies to attack.
  • Professor F7: A Stinkbug Redworx who smells worse than ever. He's so fat, he has to move in a hover chair.
  • Professor M2: A Female Redworx who is an incredible dancer with her sharp claws and hard boots.
  • Professor C8: A Charger Redworx who can even knock down a building!
  • Professor HC: A Two Headed Redworx with one head fire and the other cold. He often argues with himself.
  • Professor B6: A Beetle Redworx who moves around like a tank. He is the strongest member of the group.
  • Professor W4: A Water Redworx who swims faster than other Water Ants.
  • Madame Rosalina
  • Professor Z9
  • Dark Raven Goliath (Final Boss)

Graphic Design

The game's setting is more on native culture, while the first game focuses on certian environments, and the second game modern technology. The level design and music is similiar to Super Monkey Ball games, Frogger, and Starfox Adventures, and has good background designs with trees, mountians, and buildings. The engine in this game is similiar to Frogger Ancient Shadow and Starfox Assault.


The game recieved positive reviews, with many critics praising the plot, level design, and gameplay. But the game was criticized for not being multi player and low difficulty on some levels.

  • Game Rankings: 90% (GameCube), 88% (PS2 and Xbox), 75% (PSP)
  • Metacritic: 87 out of 100
  • G4: 5/5
  • GameTrailers: 9/10
  • Good Game: 16/20
  • B+
  • Eurogamer: 9.3 out of 10
  • IGN: 8.9 out of 10

The game is also a huge commercial success, as it sold 4.8 Million copies world wide.


  • Ever since Skip and Sqak 3, future games in the series are rated E10+. This game is also one of the few games to get this rating early.
  • Skip and Sqak 3 is very similiar to Tak-Zac, a franchise Namcom also made. Since it involves ancient culture, native tribes, and the villian tries to use Darkness to destroy the world.