Skip and Sqak 2
Developer(s) Yellow Apple Games
Platform(s) PlayStation 4
Nintendo Switch
Xbox One
Release Date(s)
October 15, 2017 (NA)
October 20, 2017 (EU)
November 4, 2017 (AUS)
December 2, 2017 (JP)
1-2 Players
Age Rating(s)
Everyone 10+
Genre(s) Action Adventure, Side Scroller
Series Skip and Sqak (Reboot Series)
Predecessor Skip and Sqak
Skip and Sqak 2 is a side scrolling game and sequel to re-imagined Skip and Sqak that is released in October 2017 for the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. In this game, a menacing space alien named Comrade Vexter successfully invades many islands in the Peacific and Antlantic ocean with his Red Ant army and Skip, Sqak and their buddies must stop them before they can take over the rest of the world and turn it into the center of his powerful empire.

As a re-imagining of the 1996 sequel of the same name, characters like Kaida, the Blue Ants, Red Ants make a reappearance.


One year after saving Sunny Villa Island from the Emperor Dante, Skip and Sqak wake up one midnight to find their island home being attacked by an army of aliens known as "Red Ants" under the command of their short, tyrannical leader Comrade Vexter along with his henchmen, Grubber and Grounder, and his wife/army general, Zarkia. As Vexter's army begins attacking the island and abducting the critters into their saucers, Skip and Sqak both tried to stop them only to be defeated and locked away with all of their friends.

Imprisoned in one of Vexter's prison ships, Skip and Sqak are going to be executed for retaliating against Vexter but luckily they were saved when the prison ship is being attacked by mysterious blue saucers. The destruction of the prison ship sends the duo falling into a chasm where they recieve a message from Queen Kaida, the leader of the Blue Ant aliens (who are portrayed more caring and pleasant to Earth's inhabitants unlike the Red Ants), who offers them weapons to fight back against Vexter's army and tells the two to head into the rain forest up north where the Blue Ant base is located. Along the way, the duo rescued Makayla, Imp, Blatly and Robin who were imprisoned in a deep underground jail. After escaping to the surface and into the north amazon, the gang arrived to the Blue Ant base and are greeted by Queen Kaida. The queen reveals to the gang that they are now in the Antlantic Continents, very far from Sunny Villa Island, and that Vexter has been slowly conquering places across the world. If Vexter succeeds into taking over Earth, he will spread his army into taking over every single planet in the galaxy. To prevent Vexter's domination, the only way to thwart him and the Vexpire Army is by destroying the Red Ant Mothership which is being heavily protected. The gang's first step to weaken Vexter's forces is helping the Blue Ants invade a Red Ant prison where thousands of critters along with Mayor Cheatsy are imprisoned. Robin has an idea to shut down the prison's security but she needs a special "P0W3R" battery to do so. Skip and Sqak venture in an enormous junkyard to steal a P0W3R battery that Gizmo the rat and his Junk Dawgs are guarding under the orders of Vexter.

Now that she's got the P0W3R battery, Robin hacks into the prison's security and disables it that allows Skip and Sqak to infiltrate it. In the prison, the duo snuck through tight security and managed to reach Mayor Cheatsy's prison cell only to get captured by the prison's head of security, the fashionista reptile Gexy Gecko. Makayla arrives in her Road Lord tank and defeats Gexy in his mech, freeing the duo, Mayor Cheatsy, and all of the critters in the prison.

Queen Kaida informs the gang that she recieved word that General Zarkia and her crocodile soldiers are attacking the Blue Ant's religious temple, the Antlantic Sanctuary, and the quickest way to get there is by crossing a river where Mincemeat the pirahna has setted up defenses all across the stream. After getting through the defenses and dealing with Mincemeat, the gang arrived to the Antlantic Sanctuary where Zarkia is attacking the shrine in her battleship. Skip and Sqak were able to weaken the battleship's defenses after activating the shrine tower's security systems and defeated General Zarkia in the battleship's interior, forcing her and the Kroc soldiers to flee from the Antlantic Sanctuary.



Playable Characters

The player can switch to Skip or Sqak by pressing the select button. The two of them each have their own weapons that can be swapped using the X (Switch), Triangle (PlayStation 4), or Y (Xbox One) button.

Playable Character Attacks/Weapons
  • Punching (Melee)
  • Knuckle Launcher
  • Bubble Bomber
  • Peck Attack (Melee)
  • Feather Blades
  • Feather Twister


  • Makayla
  • Blatly
  • Imp
  • Robin
  • Queen Kaida: The queen of the Blue Ants and the ruler of the Antlantic Ocean.
  • Sergeant Janice: A delivery girl in the Blue Ant army whom Blatly must protect in optional Turret Segments.
  • Blue Ants: Alien Ants alligned in the color blue and act as allies to the gang. The Blue Ant army is trying to free their kingdom from Vexter's invasion.
  • TBA

Playable Machines

  • Turret: Blatly uses a turret in some occasions to help out in missions, the first to help the gang escape the Under Jail.
  • Air Bullet: A jet piloted by Robin who uses it to take Skip and Sqak to certain areas.
  • Road Lord: A tank driven by Makayla. It can blast bullets and missiles as well as ramming down walls.


  • Comrade Vexter: The Primary Antagonist of the game. He is the short leader of the Red Ants and ruler of the Vexpire.
  • General Zarkia: The Secondary Antagonist of the game. She is the wife of Vexter and the general of the Vexpire army.
  • Dr. Hopkins: A cyborg jackalope who works as Vexter's mechanic.
  • Grubber: A mutated snot with long ears dressed in an astronaut suit.
  • Grounder: Another mutated snot with a more pig-looking appearance. He and Grubber are close partners.
  • Gexy Gecko: An insane gecko with an obsession with 1980's/90's songs. He works as Vexter's programmer.
  • Bully Bear: A big, strong polar bear who acts as Zarkia's bodyguard. He serves as a hazard in this game, and since the duo's attacks cannot hurt him an inch due to his bulky muscles their only option is to avoid him!
  • Mincemeat: A pirahna fish inside a robot suit who works as the foreman of undersea mining.
  • Gizmo: A black rat who resides in the Land-Thrill. He protects one of the P0W3R batteries with his booby traps.
  • Chef Bigmouth: A disgusting fry cook who owns an industrial train that uses kitchen cooking as power. He was hired to deliver weapons to the Red Ant Mothership.


The overworld of the game is set in the islands of the Antlantic Ocean (a parody of the Atlantic Ocean), ruled by Queen Kaida until she was overthrown by Vexter.

Crushed Canyons

Once a peaceful forest until the Red Ants demolished every bit of land until it's a rocky wasteland.

  • Rocky Start
  • Underground Jail
  • Tunnel Escape (Turret Segment)


A massive junkyard located in a rocky wasteland is the lair of Gizmo and his Junk Dawgs.

  • Land-Thrill Mine Field (Road Lord)
  • Junkyard Jungle
  • Gizmo's Garage (BOSS: Gizmo)

Caged Fortress

Those Red Ants built quiet a massive prison with very tight security. Mayor Cheatsy and many critters are held prisoner in this fortress.

  • Fortress Outskirts
  • Prison Chambers
  • Fortress Command Tower (BOSS: Gexy Gecko)

Antlantic River

Mincemeat has setted up defenses in this river to stop the gang from reaching the Antlantic Sanctuary.

  • Suspenseful Stream
  • Tight Trenches (Air Bullet)
  • S.S Sea Flesh (BOSS: Mincemeat)

Antlantic Sanctuary

The Antlantic Sanctuary is where the Blue Ants come to worship their religion. General Zarkia has authorized an assault on the temple with her Kroc Troops.

  • Invaded Allyways (Road Lord)
  • Tower of Azulious
  • City Centre (BOSS: General Zarkia)

Cooking Caboose

A steampunk kitchen train controlled by Chef Bigmouth who is delivering the captured Critters and Red Ant weapons to Vexter's headquarters across a volcanic crater.

  • Road of Lava (Road Lord)
  • Terrible Train Tracks
  • Cooking Caboose
  • Conductor's Diner (BOSS: Chef Bigmouth)

Vexpire Weapons Facility

Up in the canyons is the the Vexpire's weapons factory where Dr. Hopkins is constructing all sorts of weapons and machines.

  • Defense Towers
  • Vextronic Labs
  • Cyborg Ring (BOSS: Dr. Hopkins)

Antlantic Battlefield

The duo's escape from Dr. Hopkins leads them to a massive battlefield with the Blue Ants fighting the Red Ant army to save Queen Kaida.

  • Kroc Base Camp
  • Alien Armada
  • Armada Escape (Air Bullet) (BOSS: Grubber and Grounder)

Azulious City

The ancient city of the Blue Ants that has been taken over by Vexter. His soldiers are all over the place, prepared to take out Skip and Sqak.

  • Invaded Streets
  • Ancient Tunnels (Road Lord)
  • Azulious Palace
  • Azulious Throne Room (BOSS: Vextronic Fortress)

Vexpire Mothership

This is it... Skip and Sqak's last chance to stop Vexter from conquering the rest of the planet.

  • A Harm Welcome
  • Mothership Interior
  • Vexpire Core (FINAL BOSSES: Comrade Vexter and Tyrant Vexter)

Vexpire Army

Comrade Vexter has a massive army of alien soldiers who are trying to hunt down and destroy Skip and Sqak after their escape.


  • Red Ant: Aliens with purple skin and red eyes who are all under the command of Comrade Vexter.
  • Krubtuk: Hunchbacked aliens with bigger lower jaws who carry heavy weaponry.
  • Buzzer: Aliens who resemble mosquitos. They attack Skip and Sqak in aerial assault.
  • Vextronic: Vexter's robotic forces.
  • Kroc: Crocodile soldiers who are under the command of General Zarkia.

Vexpire Army

  • Ant Soldier: The main forces of Vexter's army who will stop at nothing to stop Skip and Sqak. They are the first soldier enemies in the game.
  • Krubtuck Brawler: The primary Krubtuck enemies who fight Skip and Sqak with their massive fists.
  • Kab-Louie: Krubtucks armed equipped with bazookas.
  • Torcher: Equipped with flamthrowers, these Red Ants will try to draw their flames closer to Skip and Sqak.
  • De-Fiend: Red Ants who are equipped with shields that protect the front of them, but not the back of them.
  • Buzzstormer: Buzzers who fly underneath Skip and Sqak and drop down nukes.
  • Buzzsabre: Buzzers who charge at Skip and Sqak in midair with their horned proboscis.
  • TBA


  • Vextronic: Robots who try to shoot Skip and Sqak while flying around. 
  • S-Fear: Robotic mines that act as hazards in the game. Some of them will try to get close to Skip and Sqak upon noticing them.
  • P0W3R Missile: Explosive missiles that Vexter's forces use for fire power. They can also be fired by Kab-Louies.
  • Seeker: Three-legged Vextronics who are only found in darker places, since they don't function in the light. It's best to sneak around these machines, since they will obliderate Skip and Sqak instantly if they get spotted.
  • TBA

Vexpire Commanders

The Vexpire Commanders can be encountered during segments as mini bosses.

  • Iron Beedilz: Armored Beedilz who attack with their ground pounds, ramming, and bomb throwing.
  • Commander Sukup: Big, tough Buzzers who are much dangerous than small Buzzers. They are also found in the Air Bullet segments.
  • TBA