Skip and Sqak 2 is when the gang get sent to the future of Sunny Villa, which is now Sunny City. Now Skip and Sqak and their friends have to stop the Red Ants and Professor X2 from destroying the earth and take over the universe.

feel free to comment on whats on so far but just for you to know ITS NOT YET FINISHED!

Chapter 1: A New World

In Sunny Villa, everyone is safe from the evil Emporer Dante. Skip and Sqak are now famous heroes and go out to check on their freinds, which begins the game's tutorial.

After the tutorial, the duo see its getting late and decide to go to sleep. That Night, an army of Ants attack Sunny Villa. The duo try to fight back, but they're no match for their Walkers that are invincible, so they have no choice but to run to Dr. Tron's get away blimp with all their freinds and up they went. Suddenly, a portal pops out of nowhere and sucks in the blimp, sending everyone 600 Million into the future and Skip and Sqak land in a gloomy city.

While the player explores the city, a group of Ant Soilders (who oddly have blue eyes) surround Skip and Sqak and takes them to their palace. In the palace, the 2 meet the Queen Kaida, the Ant queen of the city. Kaida explains to Skip and Sqak that she and her people are not like the Ants from the previous game, instead they are on the good side because their eyes are blue, and the red eyes are bad.

The Queen lets Skip and Sqak stay in her palace for the night, and the 2 vowed to find their freinds first thing in the morning.

Chapter 2: Looking For Freinds

The next morning, Skip and Sqak wake up and remember they need to find their freinds. So the pair try to find Kaida to get permission to leave the palace, but they can't find her. While looking, Croco suddenly comes out of the toilet. Before Croco can explain his "Amazing Adventure", Skip sees Kaida and they got permission to leave the palace.

The trio go to find their freinds who are out in the city.

  • Dib is found The Swamp
  • King Cheatsy is found in The Junkyard
  • Tubby and Imp are found in the Road Hog Bar

In the Road Hog Bar, Tubby and Imp give away free beer to their freinds, but their boss, Java, catches them in the act. The group go down to the cellar and meet the Underground Gang, members Tex the deer, Sid the hog, Snap the green frog, Ralph the robot, Imp's girlfreind Selena, and a young girl named Cynder.

Cynder has been offended by people because she has been touched by Dark Iku, which causes her to turn into a mindless beast when she is angry. Java has raised Cynder when she was little and tries to find a cure for her Dark Nature.

Tex thinks the gang are a bunch of babies and forces them to steal an egg from a Feather Dragon's Nest to test their bravery. Once climbing to the top of the mountain, the gang find 3 eggs unguarded, much to Croco's dissapointment. Upon seeing how brave they were, Tex claims they are now members to the Underground Gang.

Meanwhile, in a lab, A mysterious scientist is watching Skip and Sqak with a bug camera thats been following them around almost through the game.

Chapter 3: Race Sign Up

Becoming new members to the Underground Gang, the gang are told by Java to deliver a Valcun Tube to his mechanic at the Stadium. Upon going there, the team meet the mechanic behind a curtian and takes the tube. They were going to leave, but upon seeing that the winner of the upcoming race tournament can grant a wish on a Pasiku Statue on an advertisment, Sqak wants to sign up, but Dib is scared of danger and refuses to drive.

While in the lobby, Dib tries to get a drink so he takes a can of coke (Which is actually soap) and lets Sqak hold on to it, but it gets confiscated by Ravi, the champion of Hover Races year after year. Later the team talk to the mechanic about how they can build their own Hover Car, but the mechanic is too busy to help, which angers Croco and demands it. Upon hearing Croco's voice, the mechanic turns out to be Robin, who is happy to see her freinds safe. Meanwhile, Ravi drinks the soap he swiped from Sqak and gets angered by the "prank". He orders his men to capture Sqak to get even.

At the garage, Robin explains that she's been working here since the crash. When Robin sees Roshan, the 2 fall in love. Sqak gets secretly jealous and tries to keep it cool, but he gets snagged by Ravi's Goons. Before Ravi can beat up Sqak, Croco tries to settle it with the championship Hover Board Race Tournament.

Chapter 4: A New Villian

Since they don't have a Board to participate, the gang decide to buy one over at the Hover Board store. Unfortunately, the gang take a wrong turn in the woods where they get attacked by Red Ants but a mysterious wizard saves them. Before the gang thank him, the wizard flees and the gang follow him through the woods until they found the wizard in his hut. The wizard introduces himself as "Akutio" and explains he has Dark Iku powers just like Cynder.

After learning about the gang's portal incident, Akutio wants to help the gang go back to their time by building a machine that not only takes them back to the past, but can bring back life to the city. The gang promise Akutio to bring back some parts that he can use for his machine.

Akutio then shows the gang back to the city by taking the sewer drain. After going through the sewer, the team go to the Bar where Tex orders the gang to spy on a mysterious floating base in the sky. Once going there, they climb up the wall and get fight the base security. The gang find out that the Red Ants are using the base as a hide out for the operation to get revenge on the Blue Ants who abandoned them on Xoon.

Professor X2 is incharge of the operation, declaring that they need to capture a Blue Frog and Red Bird for 100 Million Coins. X2 is also in the aid of a group of outlaws who assemble the "Skip and Sqak Search and Smash Squad" (or SSSSS):

  •  Dr. Sakerine The Genius
  • Gexy Gecko The Party Animal
  • Bigmouth Angler The Chatterbox
  • Bully Bear The Muscle
  • Hip and Hop The Trouble Makers
  • Coconuts The Servant
  • Grubber The Commander
  • Grounder The Other Commander

The gang try to sneak passed the balcony but Coconuts attacks them in his Ant Hornet. The gang destroy Coconuts's Hornet and escape the base, now they need to go back to the bar.

Chapter 5: Go Home or Save The World?

Once returning to the city, the gang is surprised to see the Red Ants attacking and the Blue Ants are fighting them off as quickly as possible. To protect the city, the team join forces with the Blue Ants to defeat Professor X2 and the Red Ants AND find a way to get back home. They are given missions:

  • Protect the Blue Ant Battle Base from Red Ants
  • Take out the Red Ant Ceterian despensers
  • Hack the Red Ant's security system
  • Capture the enemy base by force

After defeating the Red Ant Base, the Blue Ant Soilders introduce the team to their general, who is in fact Colenel Duckleg. Duckleg claims the gang did awsome out there and names their team the "Skip and Sqak Freedom Fighters" (or SSFF). The SSFF are then given a room in the palace which they can't resist looks rich, so they decide to get some rest.

The next morning, the SSFF get a call from Duckleg to go down to the Mission Centre. There, the team learn that the Blue Ants are shipping a bomb to destroy the Red Ant Base on a mountain, but the base is guarded so the SSFF need to protect the cargo while it flies to the base.

After that, the cargo dropped the bomb and destroyed the Red Ant base. Next, the SSFF need to help the Blue Ants take out the 4 Red Ant UFOs by going inside, plant a bomb in the control centre, and run out of the ship before it explodes. Sqak notices a container that he gives to Akutio, who then uses the container for his machine.

Afterwords, it's getting late so the SSFF go back to the palace and go to bed.

Chapter 6: Take Down Gexy Gecko

When the SSFF wake up, Colenel Duckleg to head down to the Mission Centre. When going to the Centre, the SSFF learn that Gexy Gecko, one of X2's allies, is sending Red Ants to attack Gogekka. The SSFF decide to take Gexy down and go on a ship with some Blue Ant Soilders who wanna help.

At Gogekka, the SSFF set up base in a tent owned by a silent old Rabbit named Reena and her talking voodoo dolls, Pain and Death. There, the SSFF and the Blue Ants have to get rid of some problems that will occur when taking down Gexy.

  • Sneek into Gexy's base and take photos of his plans
  • Climb the Cragstone Mountain to collect 3 Light Iku gems
  • Destroy all The Drill Machine mining for Dark Iku in the Mine
  • Protect the powerplant from the Red Ants trying to destroy it
  • Steal all the Red Ant's weapons in the Weapons Factory
  • Start the Operation to take down Gexy's Base

The SSFF break into the Base and end up fighting Gexy Gecko during his "concert". Once defeating Cheatsy, the evil gecko escapes before getting arrested, but the Red Ant Base in Gogekka is Blue Ant Property. The SSFF picked up a broken speaker from Cheatsy's stereo earlier, and they give it to Akutio for his machine.

Chapter 7: Thwart Bigmouth Angler

The SSFF got another mission that the Under City, a home for alot of fish people, is being invaded by Bigmouth Angler and his Red Ants. Taking an elevator to the Under City, the SSFF and Blue Ants set up base in a sushi shack owned by a trout named Dennis. They need to do tasks before dealing Bigmouth, since his Base is in the Black Out area, the SSFF go to the Kelp Forest to look for a koala scientist named Dr. Gad Zooks. When they got to Gad, the crazy koala attacks them, thinking their bad but Dib settles him down.

Gad Zooks shuts down the security in the Black Out so the Team can sneek undetected. After going through darkness and fighting strange creatures, the SSFF realize Bigmout moved his base at the Deep End, The deadliest zone in the Under City.

Bigmouth sets a big ship of oil to pollute the water in Under City. The SSFF climb onto the boat and looked for a way to cut the power (since destroying it can set the boat on fire and burn them) until at the end Cheatsy shoots a barrel by mistake, the SSFF jumped out of the boat before it explodes (KA BOOM!!!)

At the Sushi Shack, the Blue Ants and the SSFF go to the Deep End, fought pirahna and shark bandits, and the SSFF fought Bigmouth in his base. Being defeated, the evil Angler Fish goes to an escape pod but the Blue Ants took over Under City. The SSFF picked up 5 propellers from Bigmouth's lair, and they give it to Akutio for his machine.

Chapter 8: Knock Out Bully Bear

The SSFF wake the next morning to have another call from Duckleg that Bully Bear, muscle of the SSSSS, is doing some sort of experiment in the Red Ant UFO. To get to the UFO, the gang need to sneek into a battery that needs to be delivered to the facility. Unfortunately, the battery is at the the end of a Canyon and a group of Red Ants are sent to retrieve it.

After fighting their way through Red Ants, the SSFF sneak inside the battery right in the nick of time as the Red Ant UFO finally finds it. Inside the UFO, the team go out of the battery and try to look for Bully as they explore the UFO hallways fighting Red Ants.

As they went deeper, they encountered a Giant Ant With Huge Muscles and had a hard time defeating it. The SSFF found out that Bully is using a special antidote to turn some Red Ants into Brutes so they can overpower an army of Blue Ants in seconds! The SSFF need to find a way to put an end to Bully's plot!

The gang need to take the entire operation down before Bully succeeds:

  • Drain out 3 machines holding some of the antidote and direct the pumps into one machine
  • Search and take out 5 Ant Brutes in the UFO

The SSFF can finally take down Bully Bear and his operation, and after fighting through the UFO fights Bully Bear. When defeating Bully, the tough bear escapes as the team goes back to the palace now that Bully's operation is KO. They picked up a small turbine and give it to Akutio for his machine.

Chapter 9: Protect The City

The next morning, the Blue Ant Army detected Red Ants attacking the City Walls and go to battle. The SSFF wants to help them out so when they got there, the Red Ants are on the otherside of the wall trying to break it down with Tanks while the Blue Ants fight them off. After destroying all the Tanks with a Rocket Turret, the Red Ants use an Ant Caterpiller to attack the city, but the SSFF went on board and destroy it's whole back.

Later the SSFF got a call from Java to go to the Road Hog Bar for a meeting. When they got there, they saw that Akutio is planning to go let the Underground Gang go down Gloomy Cave because it's a secret way to a Pasiku Temple where a Pasiku Artifact Java is wanting to help the Blue Ants.

Down the Cave, the SSFF and Underground Gang encounter Zombie Ants, Deadly Traps, and other dangerous things. When they got inside the temple there were more Zombie Ants and after going through deadly obstacles, finally found the Arifact but the door closes between the Underground and SSFF. The SSFF fight a Giant Statue brought to life while the Underground try to open the door.

After destroying the Statue, the SSFF and Underground (who finally opened the door) gets the artifact and brings it back to Java. After giving the Artifact to Java, Akutio tells the SSFF he knows how to get in Professor X2's Fortress undetected by disguising as Red Ants, which quickly fooled the Red Ant Soilders and let them in the Fortress.

As the disguised SSFF and Akutio go through the Security, they are this close into pulling the plugs of X2's plans until Akutio betrays them by turning them in to Dr. Sakerine, or leaves them as the Fortress is about to explode.

Chapter 10: Captured!

NOTE: This chapter only occurs if you beat the Red Ant Fortress in Solo Mode, and in this whole chapter it will remain solo mode until the end of the chapter. This is considered to be the most scariest level in the game.

The SSFF are taken hostage by Red Ant Soilders who take them to a small UFO and fly far off right to their prison, Dr. Sakerine's Labratory Castle in space. Dr. Sakerine is pleased that the SSFF are captured and promised to do some probing to each of them so he can use their parts on other experiments he made in the past. After explaining his plan to the group, they are taken into "Anti Gravity Pods."

Imp is the first one to break out of his pod and tries to find a way to get him and his friends out of the Castle. Meanwhile, Sakerine sends Cheatsy's Pod to the Probing Table where he almost saws off Cheatsy's brain but Imp sabotoges the Saw's power so Sakerine rejects Cheatsy down the garbage chute

Each character broke out of their pods but they are alone and go down certian parts of the castle"

  • Cheatsy travels through the Garbage Chute where he encounters Sakerine's Flea Bots
  • Dib travels through the Acid Facility where he encounters Flea Bots and Zombie Ants
  • Cynder explores outside the Castle Cemetary where she encounters Zombie Ants
  • Robin travels through the Red Ant Museum where she encounters Flea Bots and Zombie Ants
  • Croco explores the Pipe Works where he encounters Flea Bots
  • Roshan escapes from a room with rising acid and he explores the Courtyard where he encounters Flea Bots and Zombie Ants.
  • Skip travels the Castle Roof and bumps into Flea Bots
  • Sqak travels through the Testing Facilty where he encounters Flea Bots and Zombie Ants

Tubby is all alone in his pod with his friends breaking outta their's and wails for someone to help him. His cries attract a prisoner named Scuz, who breaks Tubby outta his pod and tells him there is an escape pod down the Castle Emergancy Room. Tubby goes down the hall guarded by Flea Bots and goes outside where he has to get passed the Courtyard Maze filled with Zombie Ants.

After going through the Maze, Tubby reaches to the Emergancy Room where his friends are trapped behind glass wall which happens after their adventure. Tubby frees them with a button and so the SSFF reunite but before they can take the Escape Pod, Scuz beats them to it and escapes with out them, Much to their dissapoinment.

But Roshan sees a rocket and they decide to use it to escape, but Dr. Sakerine catches up to them and holds them hostage but luckily Imp is able to get the rocket started and the gang escape leaving Sakerine to teleport out of the Castle which explodes from the Rocket's Blast Off.

Left Behind

NOTE: This occurs if you beat the Red Ant Fortress in Multi Player Mode. This Chapter only has 4 levels but they are kinda long.

The SSFF survive the explosion only to discover that they are nearly burried under the debris. The Team have to find their way out of the collapsed base and find a way back to the city. After getting out of the giant pile of debris, the SSFF try to go through a Forest with Red Ants patrolling around, a Giant Thorn Bush with deadly thorns, and finally the sewers.

Finally, the SSFF made it back to the city.

Chapter 11: Horrifying Secrets

When the SSFF got to the Blue Ant Palace, they got a welcome back party from the Blue Ant Soilders. Later, Kaida decided to tell a secret to Roshan she kept for all these millions: Kaida isn't Roshan's actual mother, her dear friend, Alice was but she got killed by Red Ants after she gave birth to him. Roshan gets upset and suffers a big depression, and locks himself in his room and won't come out.

Without Roshan, the SSFF will have to move on with out their smartest member. They decide to sneak into X2's Castle to find out what Professor X2 is up to, so when they got into the castle need to avoid deadly security traps and Red Ants in the castle until they spied on X2 who is in his office. Much to their terror, they found out that X2 is planning to marry Mia, who he "rescued" when she crashed into the future.

When the gang got back to the palace, Skip and Sqak couldn't believe Mia didn't knew she is gonna marry the mastermind wanting to destroy the world. Meanwhile, Kaida goes into Roshan's room where he refuses to talk to her, as she tries to apologize for telling him the death of his mother. Roshan finally gets over his depression and hugs Kaida, who sees a cloud with Alice's Angel on it.

The SSFF decide to rescue Mia before the wedding, so they decide to make a plan to bring Mia back to the past with them along with their other friends who are safe in the city, and Dr. Tron who is never seen since the crash.

Chapter 12: Bop Hip and Hop

Before the SSFF can save Mia, they need to defeat Hip and Hop, two chipmunk twins who work for the SSSSS, who are causing trouble at Sunny Forest. When they got to the forest, they realize the chipmunk duo are planning to chop down all the trees to get rid of the earth's oxygen. To keep the earth healthy, the SSFF need to destroy all of Hip and Hop's Tree Chopping Machines before the whole forest is out so they go all over the woods putting an end to the Giant Saw Machines.

Later, the SSFF climb up to the top of the trees to take out more Chopper Bots taking down the big trees. Once they're done, they go down to Hip and Hop's Lumber Mill to take down the final Saw Machine, where they fight Hip and Hop on top of the highest tree in the forest. When the SSFF defeat Hip and Hop, the team jumps off the tree while the chipmunk duo fly back to Xoon in a saucer.

The final Saw Machine is destroyed and the SSFF go back to the city.

Chapter 13: Akutio In Charge

When the SSFF go to the Road Hog Bar, they and the Underground Gang discover Java has gone out to work on something and left Akutio to fill in his work. The SSFF couldn't trust Akutio for what he did last time, but he admits he's seen the error of his ways so they give him one chance to lead them. Akutio then plans to go down to Professor X2's Underwater Base to steal some technology so they learn what's inside them.

To get to the Underwater Base, the SSFF will have to go into Mini Subs and fight through the defenses around the base. At the base, the SSFF explore the marine tubes and stole many gadgets they can find. When they were done, they catch up with Akutio who accidentaly pulls the base plug and water flows inside the base, and the SSFF escape on time in an escape pod.

With the Underwater Base flooded, the team return to the bar where Akutio tells the SSFF to go to down the City Stripe Mine to collect 8 Dark Iku Gems for his machine. After going deep in the mine and locating all 8 Gems, Akutio then gathers the gems and Junk from the Underwater Base to put them in his machine.

Chapter 14: Find Dr. Tron

Because Dr. Tron is the only one that can get the blimp working again, the SSFF will have to find him if they knew where he was. The team go to Dr. Gad Zooks so he can track down Dr. Tron's location on his computer, which shows where Tron is but they relize the inventive chimp is locked in the Red Ant's High Security Prison. The SSFF have to sneak into the Prison and find Tron, so they have to get in a rocket Gadz built to fly up to Xoon.

At Xoon, the SSFF sneak into the Prison where they avoid search lights, Red Ant Soilders, and deadly traps until they found Tron locked in a cell block. To break Tron out of his cell, Roshan will have to use his Hack Remote to shut down the cell bars. Once Roshan has hacked through the security, Tron is free from his cell and he and the gang make a run for it.

But when they got outside they gget caught by Bigmouth who sends his guards to attack them. The SSFF defeat Bigmouth's guards, and Bigmouth freezes Tron with his Ice Breath and swallows the Team inside his stomach. Inside, the Gang beat Bigmouth's stomach so much that he belches them out. The team fight Bigmouth in the Prison Arena surrounded by acid, where Bigmouth uses his Ice and Fire Breath.

The Team defeat Bigmouth and they and a freed Dr. Tron escape the Red Ant High Security Prison.

Chapter 15: Broken Heart

Java is finally back at the Road Hog Bar, and he tells the SSFF that there is an abandoned building with a secret room with weapons created by Red Ant Scientists during the great war. Java thinks the SSFF would like to use those weapons in their missions with the Blue Ants. When the Team got to the building however, the couldn't open the front door because it's locked so they have to go down a pipe that leads inside.

The pipe is filled with Large Roaches and Chomp Pogs, and after going down the pipe they reached the front enterance of the Building, only to find some Red Ant Soilders patrolling inside the building looking for the same weapons the SSFF are after. The SSFF explore the building while fighting Red Ants and when the finally found the room, they found all sorts of gadgets like Java said:

  • Skip puts on Armored Gloves which upgrades his Bubble Bomb
  • Sqak puts on a Pilot Helmet which makes him glide farther
  • Croco ties a wrecking ball around his tail which upgrades his Tail Whip
  • Tubby puts on an Armored Vest which upgrades his Belly Flop
  • Imp puts on Special Goggles that lets him see invisible things
  • Dib puts on a Ring around his head which upgrades his Horn Hop
  • King Cheatsy puts a Cannon in his crown which upgrades his Crown Cannon
  • Robin equips a Laser Gun which upgrades her Plasma Gun
  • Cynder puts on Iron Gloves and Boots which upgrades her Punch and Kick Attacks

Not only did they get Gadgets, but they also found some pieces for their new Hover Car for the Race! The team climb out a window and go right back to the city. With the help of Dr. Tron, who built the Hover Car with the parts the team used, the SSFF are ready go to the Race and win a chance to go home.

But while outside, Skip is told by Akutio that the Blue Ants are fools letting a Pasiku Statue a prize of the race, since the Pasiku's can whipe away the whole existance of life. Thinking Akutio is right, Skip destroys the Hover Car with his Bubble Bomb, angering his friends and upsetting Cynder.

Chapter 16: Grave Robbery

Java organizes a plan the Underground Gang and SSFF have to do to help the Blue Ants win the war by searching for the Heart Of Eon in the Tomb Of The Pasikus. The SSFF and Underground Gang go down to an Underground Tunnel to reach the Tomb. After going down the tunnel, the team manage to get passed the Tomb's Deadly Traps and Zombie Ants.

Once going down to Eon's Tomb, the Underground Gang are too big to fit through the crack on the wall by the locked door but the SSFF can slip through. Before the gang take the Heart Gem, Coconuts suddenly comes out of nowhere with a Trantula Tank, who reveals that Professor X2 already stole the Gem.

After the Gang defeat Coconuts, they relize the Eon Heart was already stolen by Professor X2. The SSFF have to go back to the city only to find the Underground Gang mysteriously vanished.

Chapter 17: Everyone Captured!

The SSFF return to the Palace only to find it empty. They only found Drogo, who explains he sold them out after Professor X2 threatened to kill Kaida if he doesn't. He also reveals that everyone got captured by the Red Ants and locked them up in their Prison Fortress.

The team (except Dib) forgives Drogo since he was only defending his wife, and use the Palace Computer to locate the Fortress, which is at Spooky Swamp. The SSFF go to Spooky Swamp and found the Fortress, where they fought through Red Ants, sneak passed search lights, and avoided security traps.

The team managed to free their old frinds, Dr. Tron, Underground Gang, Dr. Gadzooks, Jessica and Janice, and Queen Kaida. With their friends rescued, the SSFF transport themselves and their friends back to the palace.

Chapter 18: Revenge Of The Beast

With all their friends rescued from the Red Ants, the SSFF got a word from Tex that the Feather Dragon came to the city and destroyed a tall building. The Feather Dragon relized her are eggs gone and goes on a rampage. Tex tells the SSFF to return the eggs they stole so the Feather Dragon can calm down.

Up on the mountain, the SSFF try to keep the eggs steady so they won't break. On top of the mountain, the SSFF encountered an angered Feather Dragon and attacks them for stealing her eggs. The SSFF defeated the Feather Dragon, who falls onto her nest.

Just then, the eggs begin to hatch into baby Feather Dragons and the mother Feather Dragon is happy to see her newborn childeren. With that monsterous situation settled, the SSFF go right back to the city for their next move.

Chapter 19: Nightmare

In the palace, its getting very late so the SSFF go to bed. Once asleep, the gang each get frightening nightmares.

  • Sqak dreams the palace is on fire and he is all alone.
  • Imp dreams he is in a dark black place where he can't see anything but himself.
  • Croco dreams he is on the city streets wearing a bikinni and he has to fight his way through Ant Cops.
  • Tubby dreams he is being attacked by small animals in a forest.
  • King Cheatsy dreams he is in his ruined castle with all his coins stolen by Ant Thieves.
  • Dib dreams he is in a musical instrument world being attacked by small red devils.
  • Robin dreams she is on a cliff, much to her terror as she is terrified of heights.
  • Cynder dreams she is in her dark form and she is fighting Red Ants in an arena.
  • Skip dreams he is swimming in an empty ocean all alone being attacked by sharks.
  • Roshan dreams he is in the Red and Blue Ant War and he has to fight Red Ant Soldiers.

The gang wake up the next morning scared from their nightmares as they got another mission call.

Chapter 20: Into The Depths

The SSFF are called by Duckleg who managed to realize the Red Ants have built a Dark Iku labratory over at the Hisakua Tataneeakloa. When the SSFF go there with Akutio tagging along, they found a forgotten city deep in the Hisakua jungle called the "Pasiku Centra", where they are shocked to see Red Ant Siphon machines siphoning Dark Iku Pools.

The SSFF and Akutio explore the Pasiku Centra destroying all 8 siphons and fighting Red Ants. After destroying 8 siphons, the SSFF saw two Red Ant Soldiers late for a meeting over at the Temple. Not knowing where the Temple is, the SSFF decide to follow the two soldiers without being seen. Akutio borrows the engeins in the 8 siphons for his machine.

The two soldiers went to the Temple, not knowing the SSFF and Akutio on their tails. In the Temple, the SSFF and Akutio see an army of lined Red Ants having a meeting from the "boss" (which the gang thought was X2) who actually turns out to be Java. Cynder, horrified by this, begins vomiting on the floor with Cheatsy commenting "The pasikus are not gonna like THAT on their floor!".

Chapter 21: Wedding Crasher

The SSFF decide to rescue Mia before her wedding with X2. With the help of Tron's computer, they learn the wedding is at a church in a dark forest. The church is surrounded by walls that the SSFF climbed over, and they fought through Red Ants guarding the walls. Afterwords, the SSFF climbed into a pipe connected to the church.

Riding down the pipe, the SSFF find themselves in the cellar of the church. They traveled through a maze of tunnels of mud, Zombie Ants, and Mud Slugs until they found the stair case that leads them up to the wedding ceremony. The wedding with Mia and X2 begins with Mia walking aisle in her wedding dress as two Red Ant Maids are the flower girls.

Prof X2 is waiting in front of the aisle the minister. Before the minister can grant marriage to the pair, Skip suddenly jumps into the circle to save Mia. As the entire SSFF began to confront him, X2 tricked Mia into thinking the kids are actually assassins in disguise sent to kill her. Mia easily believes him, ignoring the gang's explaining. X2 then calls his Red Ant Security (who are actually the guests, and even the flower girls) to attack the SSFF.

The SSFF are getting the upper hand of the fight, but X2 tries to get away in his saucer with Mia still with him. The SSFF go after him, not before getting into a battle with Grubber and Grounder who wanna destroy them to please X2. After defeating Grubber and Grounder, the saucer was about to take off but the SSFF saved Mia in time and took her back to the palace. However, Mia is furious at the gang for taking her away from X2.