"First, they came to take over their home... Now they're back, and are coming for them..."-The game's slogan

Skip and Sqak 2
Skip and Sqak 2 logo
The game's title
Developer(s) Namcom
Publisher(s) Nintendo (SNES)

Sony (PS1) Sega (Sega Saturn)

Platform(s) SNES, PlayStation, Sega Saturn, Nintendo 64, Sega Dreamcast, PlayStation 2, GameCube
Release Date(s)

February 18 1996 (NA)

March 1 1996 (EU)

March 2 1996 (JP)

April 15 1996 (AUS)

(Sega Dreamcast)

December 31 1998 (JP)

September 9 1999 (NA)

December 14 1999 (EU and AUS)

(PS2 and Gamecube)

November 11 2001 (NA)

November 23 2001 (EU)

December 12 2001 (AUS)

March 9 2002 (JP)

Single Player, 2 Player
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Platform, Adventure, Science Fiction, Fantasy, Comedy
Media Included Violence, Comic Mischief, Mild Language, Crude Humor

Skip and Sqak 2 is a sequel to the platformer, Skip and Sqak. Created by Namcom. The game takes on a much darker and edgier tone unlike the first game. The plot involves Skip and Sqak and their friends being sent to the future of the 600 Millenium, right in the middle of a huge war between peaceful Blue Ants and evil Red Ants, and now they have to stop Professor X2 and his henchman from destroying the earth.

The game is developed for the SNES, PlayStation, and Sega Saturn and released in Sunday February 18 1996, while the Nintendo 64 version was released on September 25 1996. In September 9 1999, the game was remade for the Sega Dreamcast with full voice acting. In 2001, the game was also recreated for the PlayStation 2 and GameCube.

A remake for the Skip and Sqak Collection on the PlayStation 3, Wii, Wii U, 3DS, Vita and Xbox 360 was released in June 2013 for the series 20th Anniversary.

A re-imagining of this game is set to be released in 2017, serving as a sequel of the 2015 remake.


The sequel of the game was announced in November 1993 due to the success of the first game. Development of the game began in April 1994 originally targeted only on the SNES, but a year later in December 1994 the game will also be on the PlayStation and Sega Saturn in order to reach a wider audience.

The cut scenes of the SNES version are shot in game play footage, with the PS and Saturn having the same thing but alot are FMV made. The SNES version of the game has detailed graphics, fluid animation and quality music, while the PS and Saturn are built with the same plus 3D models and textures re-presented on Silicon Graphics (exactly what the design of the first three Donkey Kong Country games were made of). Namcom wanted to extend the plot longer then the first game, and put in dark themes to it so it could get the attention of older players.

Later, in 1999, the game was remade on the Sega Dreamcast with a new feature of a 3D free-roaming environment and full voice acting. In 2001, the game was remade on the PS2 and GameCube built on the Dreamcast engine only with more HD graphics.

A sneak peek of Skip and Sqak 2 was shown after the credits of the anime pilot in November 1995, which the pilot was also kept as a bonus for beating the game.

Back Cover Summary

Crash landed into a gloomy world, Skip and Sqak are being targeted by the evil Red Ants with the aid of a Red Ant Scientist to destroy the world with a dark legend the Pasiku's fought millenniums ago. With a new threat that can destroy the world, the duo have to join forces with the friendly Blue Ants to restore peace back to earth.

The duo are not alone this time, their friends Croco, Imp, Tubby, Robin, Dib, and King Cheatsy are joining their quest along with Roshan, prince of the Blue Ants and Cynder, a cute but mysterious dark girl. It is time for the Skip and Sqak Freedom Fighter team to save the world!

  • Explore beautiful (but gloomy) forests, steam punk cities and ancient temples in your quest to vanquish the Red Ant's plans for world destruction.
  • Battle the Red Ants with crazy combat, explosive sleeves and other crazy tricks the SSFF have up their sleeves.
  • Bounce with Croco, stand up to big thugs with Imp, knock over foes with Tubby and many more! With each having their own attacks and abilities!
  • Defend Blue Ant Bases from the Red Ants, and blow their red base to smithereens in return of many surprises!
  • Watch a dark, epic story that can leave you with dripping tears.
  • Encounter many new friends, friendly Blue Ants and hostile Red Ants.


The story is very long than the first game. To see the whole plot, click HERE

3 years after Skip and Sqak, Sunny Villa gets attacked by the remaining ants. The island starts to go on fire, and Skip, Sqak, and their friends flee to Dr. Tron's Blimp. The Blimp takes off but it goes into a portal that came from nowhere, causing the group to get sent 600 Million years into the future during a war with the Blue and Red Ants over earth. Only Skip and Sqak are together after the portal separated everyone, and they find out earth has been taken over by the Blue Ants, an Ant colony who are good and peaceful unlike the Red Ants who are abandoned on their home planet Xoon.

The duo meet the Blue Ant's Queen Kaida and King Drogo, and their son, Roshan. Soon, the duo reunite with their closest friends and folks from the first game. Meanwhile, Professor X2, a Red Ant scientist, is planning to kill off the entire Blue Ant colony by destroying the world with the help of a dark force known as "Dark Iku".

Skip and Sqak are going around places in the city with Croco, Dib, Imp, Tubby, Robin, King Cheatsy, Roshan, and Cynder, Skip's enemy and the foster daughter of Java, the owner of the Road Hog Bar. Later, The gang are put into the army by Colenel Duckleg who is now the general of the Blue Ant army, and are known as the Skip and Sqak Freedom Fighters (SSFF).

When the SSFF met Akutio, a wizard who has Dark Powers like Cynder, he wants to help the SSFF go home by building a machine that sends them back to their time and make Sunny City beautiful. But Akutio later betrays them at the Red Ant Lab by turning them in to Dr. Sakerine (Solo Mode) or abandons them (Multiplayer Mode).

Later the gang return to the city where Akutio tells them the wish would actually cease someone from existence, so Skip destroys their finished Hover Car the SSFF were using to compete in the Hover Board race to win Cynder's chance to be normal again. Mia was revealed to be with X2 who are planning to get married, much to Sqak's terror. After the gang rescue Mia on the wedding, but she refuses to believe X2 is a bad guy and lets him rescue her as he attacks the palace.

Java is revealed to be working for the Red Ants and builds Dark Iku Syphons for them. When they got to his lab, the team defeat Java and the syphon is about to explode. Cynder tries to save him, but she gets dragged to the gang's getaway ship while Java gets consumed in the explosion. Can't bare Java's death and with no one to raise her, Cynder tries to commit suicide by locking herself in her room to starve to death. However Skip and Selena come in and comfort her till she's better.

As the race begins, the SSFF use a new Hover Car built by Tron. Cynder volunteers to be the racer, only to have Akutio in the race as well. The gang realized Akutio is actually JoJo, a chameleon who started the Dark Iku outbreaks, in disguise. JoJo steals the wish bubble the gang need to go home, only to crash into a barrel supply of Dark Iku.

Dealing with many Red Ant invasions all over the city, the SSFF join the Blue Ant's assault on planet Xoon. The SSFF fought through Xoon's defense zones in space, and finally got to Xoon where they enter Professor X2's Lair and battle X2 and his SSSSS Henchman. After defeating X2, Mia is angered with X2 trying to hurt her kids, and she beats up the entire SSSSS and her ex-boyfriend.

The SSFF go to the Dark Castle to get the wish bubble, while the Blue Ants charge a laser that will destroy the entire castle within 30 minutes. The SSFF confront JoJo, who is now a dark demon from the Dark Iku. During the fight with Dark JoJo, the laser blasts and destroys the Dark Castle, killing JoJo in the process. Meanwhile, Professor X2 and his henchman get arrested by the Blue Ants.

With the wish bubble gone too, the SSFF and friends are stranded in the future forever, but they knew the Red Ants will return so they decide to work as members of the Blue Ant Army. The Blue Ants have a party to celebrate the defeat of the Red Ants with Professor X2 in prison, where Skip and Cynder finally kissed for the first time.

Playable Characters


New Enemies

  • Ant Maid: These sexy female Ants in pink gown dresses can attack with their dancing.
  • Ant Charger: Ants wearing a helmet with horns can ram right at you. If you dodge them, you might get a charger to ram into other Red Ants.
  • Ant Brute: These strong, huge, berserk Ants serve as a Mini Boss. They need more than a few hits to take them down, but be careful they can knock your teeth out.
  • Ant Moskito: Small Ants in a mini helicopter shoot from their guns and fly fast.
  • Ant Rider: Ant cowboys ride on bulking beasts that ram their heads at you.
  • Ant Walker: These squid robots driven by Ant Grunts can spin around and spit green goo that holds you tight. Like the Ant Brute, they also serve as a Mini Boss.
  • Ant Hiker: These lady ants carry large, heavy backpacks of supplies. Killing them lets you get health and coins from their backpacks.
  • Ant Kaboom: Bombs are strapped all over these Ants so when they see you, they'll light the fuse and try to get close to you so get outta the way!
  • Chamelant: These Ants can turn themselves invisible and try to sneak up on you.


There are lots of characters introduced in this game.

  • Skip
  • Sqak
  • Mia
  • Dr. Tron
  • Tubby
  • Imp
  • Croco
  • Dib
  • Robin
  • King Cheatsy
  • Queen Kaida: The queen of Sunny City and the wife of King Drogo. She is overprotective over her son, Roshan, since she fears that her secret of he isn't her biological son would ruin his life. She used to be friends with Alice, Roshan's true mother.
  • King Drogo: The king of Sunny City and the husband of Queen Kaida. He always cares for Roshan no matter what he does and never gets angry at him.
  • Java: An elderly catfish who is the Secondary Antagonist of the game. He took care of Cynder for 5 years and kept her in the Bar Cellar. He also gives the team missions in turn of upgrades and coins. Later it is revealed he was trying to pump Dark Iku inside himself to make him and Cynder powerful. The SSFF realized his plans and defeated the catfish. Java was left behind when the bomb went off, which kills him.
  • Roshan: The prince of Sunny City and the son of Queen Kaida and King Drogo. Upon realizing that his real mother died, Roshan gets angered and suffers a depression. He fell in love with Robin, causing the two to date.
  • Jessica and Janice: Queen Kaida's twin maids who adore Skip and Imp and wear pink gown dresses with white veils down their backs. They always go easy with any one and are often calm.
  • Tex: The leader of the Road Hog Bar Gang. He is a tough, sleuth deer who is good friends with Sid and Ralph.
  • Alice: Roshan's birth mother and Kaida's only best friend. She got killed by Red Ant Soldiers on the night Roshan was born.
  • Sid: The muscle of the Road Hog Bar Gang. He is a strong and fearless Brown Pig who is good friends with Ralph.
  • Ralph: An orange robot with blaster hands, fat body, tall thin legs, and black feet. He is the shooter of the Road Hog Bar Gang, and good friends with Sig.
  • Snap: The dare-devil of the Road Hog Bar Gang. He is a clueless, and hyper green tree frog wearing a pilot's hat who is best friends with Tex.
  • Selena: The only female of the Road Hog Bar Gang. She is a Valkerie who is Imp's girlfriend (despite that he is an imp and she is a Valkyrie) and fights with a whip. She speaks in a British accent
  • Cynder: A young Valkyrie girl who had a harsh past as she was tortured by Dark Iku during a science experiment, which causes her to turn into a hulking beast when she is upset. At first, She and Skip were enemies and didn't get along, but in the end, they became lovers and kissed. She speaks in a British-French accent.
  • Ravi: A famous Blue Ant racer who is a chick magnet. He hates Skip and Sqak after they accidentally give him a can of soap (which Dib mistook as soda). He challenges the duo at the Hover Race Tournament.
  • Professor X2: The Chief Antagonist of the game. He is a short Ant scientist who wants to capture Skip and Sqak and destroy the world using his greatest weapon. His plan almost succeeded, but his plans were foiled by the SSFF and he gets arrested.
  • Coconuts: X2's Servant, a black and specific Rat who is more brighter than the others.
  • Grubber: The Commander of the SSSSS. He is actually a big lump of snot brought to life by X2. He is also good friends with Grounder.
  • Grounder: The Co+Commander of the SSSSS. He is a green, idiotic pig/hippo creature who is good friends with Grubber.
  • Bully Bear: The Muscle of the SSSSS. He is a strong and strict polar bear who serves as X2's security guard.
  • Bigmouth Angler: The Weapons man of the SSSSS. He is a land walking angler fish who has a huge appetite.
  • Dr. Sakerine: The Brains of the SSSSS. He is a flea scientist who captures the group during the game and locks them in his lab, leading them to escape. He speaks in a heavy german accent.
  • Hip and Hop: 2 annoying chipmunks who annoy people, and even X2. They work for the SSSSS.
  • Gexy Gecko: A groovy red gecko who loves the babes and parties. He works for the SSSSS.
  • Akutio/JoJo: The Main Antagonist of the game. He was first shown as a goat jester, but he is actually an insane, sneaky, self loving chameleon magician who got turned into a goat after granting a wish on the Pasiku Statue due to jealousy. In the end, he gets turned into a Dark Iku Monster by Dark Iku and fights the team on the top of the Dark Iku Castle, only to get obliterated by the Light Iku Beam.
  • Reena: An old gypsy rabbit who doesn't speak, so her living voodoo dolls, Pain and Death, talk for her. She knows a lot about the Pasiku's.
  • Pain and Death: Reena's animated voodoo dolls brought to life by Light Iku. They do the talking for Reena because she can't. Pain is the smarter doll, and Death is the fat gullible doll.
  • Dr. Gad Zooks: A koala scientist who studies and Ants and gives the team upgrades through the game.
  • Dennis: The owner of the Gogekkan Sushi Shop. He is a green land walking fish who gives the team Extended Health with his sushi.


Differences Between Consoles

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Skip and Sqak 2 Soundtrack


The game received strong positive reviews by both fans and critics. The game was praised for it's plot, platforming and level design but it was criticized for it's long length and darker tone. The game sold over 5.5 million copies world wide.


  • IGN: 9.8 out of 10
  • Game Rankings: 85%
  • Game Revolution: A+
  • X-Play: 4/5
  • Game Informer: 8.3 out of 10
  • Metacritic: 90%
  • GameSpot: 8.7 out of 10