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Skip and Sqak (Remake)
Skip and Sqak Wii U
Wii U Cover
Developer(s) Yellow Apple Games
Platform(s) Wii U
PlayStation 4
Xbox One
Genre(s) Action Adventure, Side Scroller
Release Date(s)
May 9, 2015 (NA)
May 15, 2015 (EU)
May 24, 2015 (AUS)
June 4, 2015 (JP)
1-2 Players
Age Rating(s)
Everyone 10+

Skip and Sqak is a 2015 sidescoller video game devloped by Yellow Apple Games. The game serves as a reimagining to the 1993 game of the same name, as well as the first game in the Skip and Sqak Reboot. The game is developed for the Wii U, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and released in summer 2015.

In this remake, Skip and Sqak work together to save many islands from being invaded by the Lectroads.


The story goes back to Skip, Sqak and their friends living in Sunny Villa island; the enemies in the game are a fiendish clan of reptiles known as "Lectroads", replacing the Red Ants from the original series.

The game takes place in the Peacific Ocean (a parody of the Pacific Ocean) where several islands are the home of anthropromorphic animals.

The islands are being invaded by evil lizards called Lectroads who are capturing small Critters (birds, squirrels, mice, bunnies, etc) and using them as slaves to build their dark gloomy cities. Meanwhile, in Sunny Villa Island, an egg hatches on the beach with a blue frog coming out. The frog walks by a house owned by a red bird named Sqak who both witnessed a message of Emperor Dante, the Lectroad's leader, planning to take over earth by turning the entire Peacific Ocean into his own empire with all the island's inhabitants his permanent slaves. Horrified of Dante's plot threatening Sunny Villa, Sqak wants to help the frog fight off the invading Lectroads and save the captured Critters. Sqak decides to name the frog "Skip" and the duo's adventure to save the world begins, with Sqak's friends Robin, Blatly, and Imp helping the pair. Skip and Sqak explored across many islands fighting Lectroads and rescuing caged Critters. At Fracas Factory, the Lectroad's gadget factory, the pair fought and defeated Dante's robo mechanic Dr. Gearz in a dogfight. At Amazonia Island, the duo confront Dante who is draining all the lava in the Amazonia volcano as power for a secret weapon of his. 

Dante sends his lackey Vizer Vego to attack Skip and Sqak, but Vego gets defeated and his damaged hover chair blasts him high into the sky. Reading a blue print Vego dropped earlier, Skip and Sqak discovered that Dante's secret weapon is a laser machine called the "Island-Tizer" which will destroy Sunny Villa in one shot and place his kingdom in it's place. The duo head back to Sunny Villa and busted out their caged friends. Skip and Sqak decide to go stop the Island-Tizer only to get ambushed by Dante controlling a massive robot on top of the laser. Once defeating Dante's robot, the entire floor begins to shatter sending Skip, Sqak and Dante falling deep down the Island-Tizer full of lava. Skip manages to save Sqak and himself while Dante plummets and perishes in the lava. The entire final battle damages the Island-Tizer to explode sending the two falling to Sunny Villa. Skip and Sqak are now heroes of the Peacific Ocean islands.

In a secret ending, once collecting all the collectables in the entire game, this unlocks the gateway to another dimension full of fruits. Skip and Sqak confront and defeated the angry Apple God who explodes in millions of apples flooding Sunny Villa, with Skip feasting them in delight.


The Main Characters reappear in this remake, while the game will introduce new characters.

Main Characters

  • Skip
  • Sqak
  • Imp: A purple long eared creature who helps the duo across dangerous areas with his hovering ears.
  • Blatly: A green spider monkey who helps the duo by bouncing his tail over hazards.
  • Robin: She sells items for the pair to use in their journey.
  • Makayla: A purple frog who lets the player see the concept art they collected. She later becomes Skip's love interest.
  • Mayor Cheatsy: A white rabbit who is the mayor of Sunny Villa Island. He wants the duo to give him Cheatsy Coins that are scattered across islands.
  • Emperor Dante: The Main Antagonist and Final Boss of the game. He is the ruler of the Lectroads who seeks out world domination. In the end, he fights Skip and Sqak at the Island-Tizer with a robot but plummets into the lava powering the laser machine. 
  • Vizer Vego: Dante's adviser and the game's Secondary Antagonist. He fights the duo on Amazonia Island but gets defeated and his hover chair malfunctions and blasts him off into deep space, never to be seen again for the rest of the game.
  • Dr. Gearz: A robot inventor who is Dante's mechanic, building gadgets and vehicles for Lectroads.


  • Buzz Saw: The boss of Furry Forest. He is the commander of the Saw Wheels.
  • Cannonball Carl: The boss of Sea Side Station. He is the captain of the ship invading Sea Side Station
  • Foreman Randall: The boss of Wasted Wasteland. He is the foreman of the oil drilling and mostly spends his time in his wrecking machine, which he uses to destroy Skip and Sqak.
  • Stormy: The boss of Floating Island. He is a muscular Lectroad who seems to look similar to the Greek god Zues.
  • Ninja Sisters: The boss of Mount Ju Da. They are a quartet of female ninja assassins sent by Dante to exterminate Skip and Sqak.
  • Gruesome Gloria: The boss of Bumble Bushes. She is an over weighted gardener planting polluting flowers all over Bumble Bushes.
  • Witch Doctor: The boss of Ghostly Bogs. He is summoning ghosts and zombies back from the dead and uses his Skull Horde to fight Skip and Sqak.
  • Gearz Incinerator: The boss of Fracas Factory. It is a large incerating machine driven by Dr. Gearz trying to destroy Skip and Sqak.
  • Vizer Vego
  • Emperor Dante
  • Apple God: The secret boss encountered in the Bonus World. It is a gigantic Gold Apple forming many apples together as a body.


The levels in the game are islands in the middle of the Peacific Ocean being invaded by Lectroads. (B=Boss, M=Blatly, I=Imp, C=Circus)


  • Sqak's House (Let's you look at your progress such as collectibles.)
  • Robin's Shack (TBA)
  • Makayla's Manor (Let's you look at some concept art.)
  • Mayor Cheatsy's Office (Cheatsy rewards you with trophies for each Golden Mango you get in each world.)

Sunny Villa

The gang's home island being invaded by the Lectroads who are demolishing the palm trees on the island.

Sea Side Station

The docking bay in the middle of the sea is where the Lectroads are dumping their toxic waste into the water.

Wasted Wasteland

A rocky deserted territory where the Lectroads are drilling for oil as fuel for their machines.

Floating Island

An island that is literally floating in the sky by clouds. Lectroads are turning the clouds into dangerous thunder storms.

Mount Ju Da

A frosty mountain where something inside is making avalanches.

Bumble Bushes

A large bush in the middle of a jungle where all the bees make the world's delicious honey. The Lectroads have invaded the giant bush and turned it into a disgusting paste factory.

Ghostly Bogs

A haunted swamp area that is always dark and has ghosts and zombies lurking in the bogs. The Lectroad witch doctor is trying to resurrect Lectroads from the dead.

Fracas Factory

An industrial factory building gadgets and vehicles the Lectroads use. It is built by Dante's mechanic, Dr. Gearz.

Amazonia Island

A jungle island with mysterious ancient temples.


Bonus World

A secret world to another dimension that can be opened once collecting all the collectibles in the game.

DLC Levels

These are DLC levels that are set to be on sale in Xbox Live Marketplace, PlayStation Network and Nintendo eShop.

Pumpkin Forest

The Lectroads are frightening all the critters on Halloween Night in this creepy forest. This DLC is set for October 31, 2015.

Holiday Tundra

The Lectroads are causing havoc in Santa's Workshop on Christmas Eve. This DLC is set for December 12, 2015

Easter Island



  • Creeper: These lizards are found in every level. They are short and often come in groups.
  • Razor: Lectroads with spikes on their back cannot be bopped, so punch them instead.
  • Thumperoo: Kangaroo-like Lectroads that bounce around instead of patrolling.
  • Saw Wheel: Snake-like Lectroads equipped with saw blades.
  • Flutter: Bat-like Lectroads that always fly in the air.
  • Zpark: Firefly-like Lectroads that cannot be touched due to their electric skin.
  • Boomer Bob: Toad-like Lectroads who toss explosive bombs.
  • Rippopotamus: Hippo-like Lectroads who roll hazards across the platform.
  • Spike Bomb: Puffer Fish-like Lectroads that are only found in underwater areas trying to harm the duo with their spikes.
  • Pin Head: Urchin-like Lectroads that, like the Spike Bombs, can only be found in underwater areas.
  • Shockodile: Crocodile-like Lectroads that release thunder beams from their mouths. They are found in both land and underwater areas.
  • Angry Cloud: Lectroads on small floating clouds that shoot lightening underneath them.
  • Skully: Zombie Lectroads that are only found in Ghostly Bogs.
  • TBA


A sequel, Skip and Sqak 2, is in development.



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