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Skip and Sqak
Skip and Sqak (Series Logo)
The series logo with the six main cast
(From left to right: Makayla, Blatly, Skip, Sqak, Imp and Robin)
Developer(s) Yellow Apple Games
Genre(s) Action Adventure
First Game Skip and Sqak
Wii U, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Skip and Sqak was renewed for a reboot series developed by Yellow Apple Games. The reboot reset's the original franchise's continuity featuring new characters, redesigns and story lines.


The series mostly involves around Skip, Sqak and their friends living on Sunny Villa island usually going on adventures, often fighting foes along the way.


Main Games

  • Skip and Sqak (2015) PlayStation 4, Wii U and Xbox One (Skip and Sqak work together to save their island home from Emperor Dante's invasion.)
  • Skip and Sqak 2 (2017) PlayStation 4, Wii U and Xbox One (When a villainous clan called the Vexpire conquers every island in the Peacific Ocean, the pair and their buddies must save many islands from the control of these nasty villains and defeat their leader, Comrade Vexter.)
  • Skip and Sqak: Round the World (2018) (Vexter creates mutated clones of the heroes called "The Scum and Qwak Goons" to take control of the entire globe. Skip, Sqak and their buddies must defeat their doppelgangers and save the world from Vexter's invasion.)
  • Skip and Sqak Eclipse (TBA)
  • Skip and Sqak Adventures (TBA)

Spin Offs


TV Series

A TV Series, Skip and Sqak: Sunny Villa Adventures, is in production. The show takes place after the first two games, but it's continuity will be seperate from the rest of the games.

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