Skip and Sqak: The Strange Vacation is an adventure game developed by Namcom. The game was released in January 21 2012 on the Nintendo Wii, 3DS and PC. The story is when the SSFF and Queen Kaida try to go to a tropical island for summer vacation, while trying to avoid a bounty hunter.

The elements and humor in the game are fimilair to other games like the Neverhood, Grim Fandigo, Full Throttle and Voodoo Vince. The game is rated Teen for language, toilet humor and sexual references.


(Act 1)

In the Blue Ant Palace, the SSFF are packing their bags to go to Atlanta Island with Kaida to spend their summer vacation now that school is out. Meanwhile, in outer space, an alien scientist named Professor Thazmyn who studies on other planets sends a bounty hunter named Mr. Deadly to capture some "Earth Creatures" to study on the planet earth. Mr. Deadly agrees the offer, and decides to capture some in Sunny City. Back at the palace, Tubby forgot his TV in his room so Skip goes to get it for him. As Skip drags the TV down the hall, the gang confront Mr. Deadly who freezes them to a giant ice cube with his ice gun. When Skip sees his frozen friends and Mr. Deadly, he runs down the hall trying to avoid getting frozen too until he got to the library and barricades the door. While Mr. Deadly tries to knock the door down, Skip uses the library's computer which shows a secret exit out of the library behind a bookshelf which can be open with a book combination. Doing the combination right, Skip opens the secret passage where Mr. Deadly finally kicks the door down and was about to freeze Skip until the door closes, seperating him and Skip. Skip goes down the tunnel and into the parlor, where he sees the door locked and a Butler cleaning up a huge mess Stink Ants made last night. Skip picks up a vacume and sucks up all the mess and the Butler gives him the code to unlock the door. As Skip goes down the hall, he sees Mr. Deadly coming around the corner and jumps out the window, landing in the courtyard. Skip sees the Easter Bunny on top of the gates and refuses to get down because he has a huge fear of heights. Skip goes to push the switch to open the gates, but sees the gears jammed with a wood bit so he borrows the Easter Bunny's carrot to smash the arrow off a statue on a fountain. With the pointy arrow, Skip pries open the bit and gets the gears going again, opening the gate so he can move on. After Skip ventures through the huge garden maze to activate 4 statues, the vibration causes the Easter Bunny to fall off and crashes into the second gate, breaking it open. Skip tells the Easter Bunny to go home so he does, and Skip opens another gate after touching a secret button near the fountain. Skip finds himself in the Palace yard where he finds a big fish who is sad because the fountain he is in is too small so Skip puts him in a bucket to carry him to the pool only to realize the pool water is empty. Going down and pulling a switch, water rushes in front of Skip and the pool gets water again. With the fish happy in the huge pool, Skip goes to his frozen friends but realizes Mr. Deadly moved them down the cellar. Down the cellar, Skip faces another locked door and a Rat who locked all the doors upstairs. The Rat acts bitter to Skip as the adults upstairs setted mouse traps that killed all his friends. Angered with the Rat for calling him "Bug Mouth" and refusing to give the keys, Skip builds a mouse trap which the Rat falls into, killing him. Skip takes the keys from the dead rat's hands and opens the door with his frozen friends in front of him. Before he can get closer to them, he hears Mr. Deadly coming who hides himself in the closet, hoping the frozen ice cube will lure Skip to a trap. Skip then uses the long garden hose and lassos the closet with it, preventing Mr. Deadly from breaking out, and ties the end to a rocket that blasts off sending both the closet and Mr. Deadly high into the sky. Thinking of a way to melt the ice and save his friends, Skip goes to Cynder's room to get her hair dryer since it has a long cord. To find a socket to plug the hair dryer, Skip goes to the music room to find one but sees there is a cap on it and can't get it off. Playing around with the music instruments, Skip awakens the musical god Melody who volunteers to get the cap off. She suggests she can get more power if Skip plays more music so Skip plays the air gutair loud enough for Melody to break the cap off. As Melody returns to the god world saying goodbye, Skip plugs the hair dryer and heads downward to melt the ice cube which frees his friends.

However, before they can leave, Roshan forgot his study book in his secret research facility in his room and refuses to leave without it. As his friends wait in the saucer, Roshan heads into his room and asks his security computer to open the secret passage for him. But the computer refuses to open the door until he meets his hero, Mr. Brar. Since Mr. Brar isn't here, Roshan decides to dress up like him which fools the computer. Once the computer opened the passage like he ordered, Roshan goes into his secret research facility where he asks Bookworm where his study book is. The Bookworm reminds Roshan that he kept it in the safe to keep it very safe but he forgot the combinations. He did remember hiding the combination somewhere in the 20 book shelves and he soon finds a beetle stuck in one. Once pulling the beetle out of there, Roshan sees the combinations which is 6-3-7-2 and opens the safe with it. Getting his study book, Roshan sees the Bookworm frozen and gets gun point by a returning Mr. Deadly but gets crushed by a pile of falling books before he can freeze Roshan. Roshan heads back to the saucer with his friends and they fly off. Meanwhile, back in the research facility, we see Mr. Deadly smashing his fist through the pile of books.

(Act 2)

As the gang and Kaida fly in the saucer on their way to Atlanta Island, the saucer begins to break down which sends the gang crash landing into a dark swampy wasteland. Roshan explains they need to refuel the saucer to fly again but since it's too far to go to a gas station they need creature dung as a second theory, so Croco, Imp and Tubby go into a steampunk factory to find some. As the 3 head down the swamp, Imp gets devoured by a gaint eel. Croco and Tubby cry, but soon got over it. The two split up around the factory to find a way in. While exploring, Tubby encounters a group of KoKo birds and eats them, which angers their gigantic father and swallows Tubby in rage. However, the weight in Tubby causes the giant Koko to explode which reveals a hole on the ground. Croco heads over and the eel barfs out Imp and the trio are reunited and jump down the hole. Down the pipe, there are 3 paths so the trio split up again, leaving Imp all alone and he heads down the middle path. Riding down the pipe, Imp finds himself in a beautiful garden full of colorful flowers and a cute house where he meets a sexy lady named Hotsa.

Meanwhile, Croco is still walking down the path until he found an elevator. Going up, he finds himself inside the factory where he meets a beaver worker who wanted a pizza he ordered. Croco goes down into the food supply to make a big pizza for the beaver. Once giving it to him, the beaver opens a door that let's Croco climb up a stairway.

Tubby finds himself in the factory boiler machine under the building, where he finds a fat walrus stuck on a pipe. The walrus begs Tubby to get him out, which Tubby tought the walrus is an "elephant with diahrea stuck in a toilet pipe". Going down into the control room, Tubby pushes the Pipe Button that causes the walrus to pop out of the pipe but falls into the depths below. With the walrus out of the way, Tubby climbs into the pipe he was stuck in and lights a matche because it's too dark.

Imp is still with Hotsa, laying on the sofa with her. While Hotsa is sleeping, Imp grabs a floaty and a needle but the loud creeking from the door wakes up Hotsa and she and Imp go swimming in the beach togethor. Imp gets on the floaty and pops it with the needle, sending him flying and latching onto a pipe but falls off and Hotsa luckily catches him. Imp tells Hotsa about how he needs to refuel his saucer, so Hotsa decides to put him in her fireplace and go up the chimney that is connected to the factory kitchen which sends Imp flying up the chimney.

Croco climbed up the stairs until he finds himself in the room where Mawgy creatures are taking dumps to power the factory. He finds a big mawgy who tags along with Croco until they found a locked door with a switch somewhere. Following the cord connected to the door, Croco climbs up a latter and sees the switch to open the door but a bulking security guard stops him before he can pull it. The guard doesn't want "non-workers" touching anything in the factory and blocks the switch with his muscular body. To distract him, Croco goes to the bathroom to take a dump but ends up destroying the toilet when flushing and the exploding sound attracts the guard. With the guard distracted, Croco pulls the switch and he and his Giant Mawgy friend go through the opened door.

Tubby finally reaches the end of the pipe, where he finds himself inside the boiler machine room. He stares at a glass dome of acid above him, but soon meets the factory's CEO, Carl Doodly the rooster. Carl angrilly shouts at Tubby for trespassing his factory and was about to shoot him with his laser gun but Tubby ducked and he ends up firing at the acid dome and the acid pours all over Carl, burning his skin off and dissolving his skeleton. Tubby tries to open the elevator Carl came out of in the first place but it's broken, so he decides to sit and wait.

The chimney takes Imp right into the kitchen where a Pig Chef is cooking his soup. Before Imp can talk to the Pig Chef, he realized the chef is looking for a "small creature with pointy ears" for his soup, which the discription matches Imp perfectly. Sneeking over to the fridge, Imp picks up a can of Spicy Hot (hot sauce) and pours it into the soup. When the Pig Chef tastes his soup, the Spicy Hot in it burns his mouth and gives him diahrea and he rushes to the toilet. With the Pig Chef in the bathroom, Imp gows down a hole in the wall and finds himself in an empty metal padded room with only him and a rocket launcher. Imp picks up the remote that can launch the rocket but a small bouncy creature with a long grin eats it, so Imp chases the bouncing critter until he caught him. Once getting the remote, Imp fires a rocket that blasts a hole in the wall. He comes to take a closer look but the bouncing critter pushes the button and sends another rocket at Imp which blasts Imp away.

Croco is still riding on the gaint Mawgy and saw a hole up ahead, so they jump down and land into the boiler machine room with Tubby and Imp flies into the room on the rocket, blasting a hole in the wall which reveals a bucket truck. The trio put the giant Mawgy hoping he'll dump alot of dung to refuel the saucer but it won't dump a thing. Imp decides to feed the Spicy Hot sauce to it, causing it to dump alot of crap and the 3 drive off in the bucket truck. Croco, Imp and Tubby arrive to the gang with a huge bucket full of Mawgy crap, so after putting the manure into the saucer it is now working again, much to everyone's delight and they blast off. Meanwhile, Mr. Deadly shows up in the wasteland and saw tracks of the gang's saucer and sniffs the dirt, implying "They were here..."

(Act 3)

It's night time and everyone in the saucer is very tired. Roshan asks his mother if they can go sleep in a hotel but Kaida doesn't know any near hotels. King Cheatsy suggests they should sleep in the "Black Well Hotel" in the middle of the woods, so Kaida lands the saucer and they all go to the Black Well Hotel which is actually haunted. A ghost butler answers Kaida's knock on the door and escorts her and the gang to their room. In their dorm, Kaida lies on a very soft bed and quickly falls asleep. With Kaida sleeping, the gang decide to watch TV but the power goes out because of the thunder storm. Roshan suggests they should find the fuse box and get it working but everyone is too afraid except Dib, who the gang throw out of the room until he gets the power back on. Dib goes down the lobby and rings the bell for the bell man to come but he isn't, so he decides to go look around himself. Dib goes down the 1st floor and goes to the backyard, where he sees a key near a Slork House but confronts a ferocious Slorky who tries to tear him apart and he runs back inside. He goes down the cellar where he meets a Boiler Worker who is fixing up a pipe. Dib decides to help him out, so he goes down the pipeworks to turn on the pressure. With the pressure exposed, it is revealled that a stuffed toy is clogging up the pipes. Dib takes it and heads outside where he distracts the Slorky with the stuffed toy, and he takes the key while the Slorky is ripping up the toy. With the keys, Dib uses them to unlock the mysterious door down the hall which is actually the janitor's closet. After flicking on the light switch above, Dib sees the switch opens a secret tunnel to a big dark room with a hatch door in the middle of the ceiling. Using rope, Dib lassos the ring of the latch and pulls down the door, which the door has a pop up stair way connected to it. Dib climbs up the stairs, but it breaks and the debri blocks his only exit. With his path blocked, Dib picks up a plunger and plugs it on the debris wall and bounces himself to the high door. While in the bathroom, Dib meets a Toilet Freak guy who shows him a way down the cellar by actually flushing Dib down the toilet. Going down the drain, Dib finds himself in the cellar where he confronts the Frankenstein Janitor who stops Dib from turning on the fuse box which results an argument. After Dib touches the fuse box, the Janitor loses his temper with smoke coming from his head, the smoke reaches to the sprinkles and they spray water on the Janitor which electocutes him due to the bolts on his head and explodes. Dib then turns on the fuse box restoring power back to the hotel.

Meanwhile, the gang are happy that Dib got the power back on so they head down the lobby to congratulate him. However, they saw Mr. Deadly coming in to check in. Knowing Dib is still down there, they all go to find him before Deadly does.

Dib is trying to find a way out of the cellar and meets a talking statue head which used to be a hall helper in the hotel. The statue head swallows Dib which takes him in a room in floor 1. Before he leaves the room, Mr. Deadly comes in but doesn't remember about Dib until he finally remembers (After Dib said "Foul" which he remembered him saying before) but luckily the gang show up. Dib punches Mr. Deadly, knocking him out, and he and the gang run for it. Roshan wakes up his mother and everyone ran out of the hotel and into the saucer with Deadly in pursuit. Kaida starts the saucer and drives in reverse right into Mr. Deadly, running him over, and the gang take off. Deadly, getting up in pain, friendly fires his Freeze Gun to a saucer repairing device (which Kaida accidentaly flushes out back in Act 2 to fix the ship) which crushes him completly.

(Act 4)

Kaida stayed up all night driving the saucer while everyone is asleep. The gang, who are more energetic than the tired Kaida, want to go camping in the woods so Kaida does so since she's very tired of driving. Everyone is excited for the camp fire but they have no fire wood, so Sqak and Robin go out in the woods to find some. During the walk, Sqak gets seperated by Robin and gets catured by a monster who wants to eat him. While the monster goes to cook up the broth, Sqak escapes from the Monster's Den. Outside, Sqak sees a sign that points both "Lefty" and "Righty" and goes right where he sees a wart hog in a pen. The Hog goes beserk when he saw Sqak's red color, so Sqak plans to distract him by painting a wall of paint which the hog charges at. The wall then falls over and crushes the hog, revealling a pipe that Sqak goes into.

Meanwhile, Robin sees the same sign and goes left, where she goes into a pumpkin patch and meets a scarecrow who knew where logs were but doesn't remember because he has no brain. Promising the scarecrow to find a brain, Robin meets a rabbit mechanic who's working on a "Brain Swapper" machine, so Robin tricks him into having a massage and tells him to get into the chair. The Brain Swapper then turns on and sucks the rabbit's brain out of his head, which Robin takes the brain and goes to give it to the Scare Crow.

More plot coming!




  • Professor Thazmyn: An alien who studies on special planets of the universe. He wants to capture earth creatures so he can study on them.
  • Mr. Deadly: A vampire bat who acts as a dark bounty hunter carrying a freeze gun. He is hired by Prof Thazmyn to capture the gang.
  • The Rat: A rat who locked alot of doors and refused to let Skip through one of them. He hates everyone above (or he calls "upstairers") for killing his friends with traps. He is killed when he gets snapped in a trap made by Skip.
  • Eel: A large eel that lurkes the swamp waters. He swallows Imp right in front of Croco and Tubby, but later burps him out.
  • Monster Janitor: A big frankenstein monster who works as Black Well Hotel's janitor. He is destroyed after being electrocuted and exploding by the sprinkler water.
  • Casey: A big girl in a blue tanktop and jean shorts who runs a store in the midle of the desert. She fell into the quicksand and drowns, where Cynder uses her dead body as a stepping stone.
  • TBA

Other Characters

  • Mr. Butler: A Blue Ant butler who is cleaning up a messy room made by Stink Ants which Skip luckily cleans up.
  • Easter Bunny: The easter bunny is stuck on top of the palace gates and he is too afraid to get down. He is soon rescued by Skip.
  • Big Gold Fish: A big Gold Fish who is sad of the small fountain and he wants huge water space. He gets lots of space now in the palace pool thanks to Skip.
  • Melody: The goddess of music has been awakened when Skip was playing with music. She pulls the plug cap for Skip so he can plug the hair dryer.
  • Hotsa: A sexy lady who has a home with child drawings on the wall. She adored Imp when she saw him, and soon helped him continue his quest.
  • Computer: Roshan put a comptuer system on his wall to protect his room. He is a huge fan of Mr. Brar.
  • Bookworm:  A worm who keeps Roshan's books in order. He helps Roshan find his study book, only to get frozen by Mr. Deadly.
  • Beetle: A beetle who is stuck in a book shelf. Once being free by Roshan, he says "Thanks, dude!" which is his only quote and walks away.
  • Mr. Walrus: A walrus who is stuck in a pipe, but gets freed by Tubby.
  • TBA

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