Skip and Sqak: The Forgotten Moon is a game developed by Namcom. It is released in September 2002 on the PlayStation 2, Xbox and GameCube. The story is when Skip, Sqak and their friends go on an adventure to save a forgotten moon Queen Kaida likes before it is gone forever.



One morning, in the Blue Ant Palace, Queen Kaida is very sad and the gang ask whats wrong. She tells them that the 100th eclipse is coming this afternoon, which excited the gang at first, until they found out her favorite moon called the "Night Light Moon" has been forgotten and broke apart for 1000 years and if the 100th eclipse begins, it will vanish forever. Feeling sorry for Kaida, Skip, Sqak, Tubby, Croco, Cynder and Roshan decided to find the pieces of the Night Light Moon before the 100th eclipse starts.

The six heroes go to new worlds, and realized the pieces were stolen by strange creatures and their leaders.. After collecting all the pieces and putting them back togethor, the gang try to deliver it to Kaida but realized the 100th eclipse is starting so they took a shortcut through a glade filled with all the creatures they encountered. Afterwords, the gang go to the palace and showed the Night Light Moon to Kaida but suddenly the moon rises into the 100th eclipse and merges into it, turning the entire eclipse into a light show for the Night Light Moon.

Queen Kaida is very happy that her favorite moon is saved, and she gives the gang cake as a reward. The gang can also travel on the Night Light Moon as a bonus world.


  • Flower Forest: A forest full of beautiful flowers but giant bees.
  • Fun Park: An amusement park with amazing attractions, but has scary clowns.
  • Pirate Bay: A town of pirates to sail the 7 seas.
  • Snowy Mountain: A giant mountain of snow with giant yetis and snow rabbits.
  • Boiling Volcano: A hot volcano filled with lava slugs and fire imps.
  • Sand Tomb: In the middle of the desert is a tomb filled with mummies.
  • Creepy Mansion: The mansion in Spooky Swamp is filled with ghosts and zombies.
  • Dark Cave: A cave filled with bats and skeletons.
  • Thorn Woods: A forest of thorns is filled with thorn beetles and sharp worms.
  • Eclipse Glade: A glade filled with all the enemies. The gang have to go pass here to deliver the Night Light Moon over to Kaida.
  • Night Light Moon: The bonus world. The gang can travel on this giant colorful moon.


  • King Bumble
  • Ring Master
  • Captian Blowarm
  • Giant Yeti
  • Fire Dragon
  • Tomb Curse
  • Spooky Ghost
  • Rocky Armidillo
  • Thorn Monster
  • Perfect Titan (Final Boss)
  • Crystal Entity (Bonus Boss)