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Skip and Sqak: Sunny Villa Adventures
Creator(s) Namsean1998
Genre(s) Adventure, Comedy, Fantasy
First Air Date(s)
Country of Origin Canada
United States
Original Language English
Season(s) 3
Episodes 60
Runtime 22-25 minutes
Status Upcoming
Skip and Sqak: Sunny Villa Adventures is an upcoming TV Series based on the Skip and Sqak reboot series by Yellow Apple Games. The show is set to be released in a future date with a season of 22 episodes in production. The show will only have three seasons.


The show is canon to the reboot series, taking place after the first two games, but will be seperate from the rest of the games. The show follows the adventures of Skip, Sqak and their friends living their lives on Sunny Villa Island, the tropical island home of lots of cute animals. The gang's duty is to protect their island home and the little critters from despicable baddies like Comrade Vexter and the Croakens, Gizmo the Rat, and all sorts of nasty villains who try to invade Sunny Villa. The show also takes on an adventurous tone with action sequences, humor and development to the main characters.

Each episode is 20-25 minutes long. Some episodes have two 11-14 minute segments.


Main Characters

  • Skip: The show's Main Protagonist. He is an adventurous, fun loving blue frog who is Sqak's brother figure. He enjoys eating mango fruits and playing his ukelele at night. He is an excellent brawler, being able to fight against dozens of baddies with his bare fists.
  • Sqak: The show's Deuteragonist. He is a heroic, adventure seeking red bird who is Skip's brother figure. Sqak had his adventurous personality developed while being raised by Lorelei back when he was a chick. Sqak also has the ability to run very fast.
  • Blatly: A green spider monkey who is the duo's neighbor. He is best friends with Imp and loves to play jokes, video games and pranks.
  • Imp: A small purple creature with pointy cat-like ears that he uses for flight. He is best friends with Blatly and Silvia's son. Imp is very empethetic to others and is prone to being a scaredy cat.
  • Robin: An orange swallow with green hair who works as a young mechanic. Robin is considered to be the tomboy of the gang.
  • Makayla: A young, beautiful purple frog who is the duo's next door neighbor and Skip's girlfriend. She is really caring, thoughtful and respectful to people especially to her boyfriend.
  • Roberto: A yellow swallow raised by a rich family of treasure hunters in Salsiesta. He is Robin's boyfriend and the son of Ricada and Richard Riftin. He and Robin both enjoy adventuring to places together.
  • Mayor Cheatsy: The wealthy rabbit mayor of Sunny Villa Island who tries his very best to make the island a happy place for all the inhabitants. He keeps a vault of endless money hidden inside his office of the Tree House (parody of the White House) that his arch nemesis Gizmo has spent years trying to steal. 
  • Fluffy Cuddles: A small yellow Fuzmanian who Makayla adopted as a pet. He may look cute and cuddly, but can turn into a ferocious beast if he feels threatened and attacks the person who frightens him. He and Skip have alot in common, loving mangoes and ukelele music. He debuted in the episode "Attack of the Cuddles".
  • Silvia White: A white panther who is the adoptive mother to Imp, Cheatsy's office assistant, and the most famous actress on the island.
  • Divson: A short, black penguin who works as the butler of the White Manor. He often gets irritated by Blatly's foolishness and loves watching the TV show "Antonio el Pajaro", which he looks up to the show's main character as a role model. He also has huge as he eats loads of fish.


  • Comrade Vexter: The ruler of the Vexpire, leader of the Croakens and the show's first Main Antagonist. He often comes up with schemes to destroy the gang and take control of the entire world with his Croaken army, henchmen and his wife Zarkia. He is the duo's arch nemesis.
  • Professor Meepus: A pink jellyfish scientist and Vexter's most trusted lackey. He builds all sorts of machines in part of Vexter's nefarious schemes and has a really bad temper as he is prone to throwing hissy fits.
  • General Zarkia: The female general of Vexter's Croaken army and the show's second Main Antagonist. Much like her husband, she is very vile and sadistic towards the critters. She is also the leader of a large gang of mercanaries.
  • Zpike:
  • Zlug:
  • Gizmo: A black rat who lives in the "Land-Thrill" junkyard and the show's third Main Antagonist. He is Mayor Cheatsy's arch nemesis as he spent years trying to break into the hare's vault of endless fortune using scrap in the Land-Thrill to construct machines and gadgets. He also has the Junk Dawgs working for him.
  • Mincemeat: A pirahna fish who is the foremen of an illegal undersea mine and the show's fourth Main Antagonist. Unlike most other fish characters, who can walk and breathe on land, Mincemeat isn't capable of that so he uses a robotic suit filled with water when up in the surface. Most of his nefarious plans involve illegally setting up mines that damage the environment and capturing many innocent critters to work as slaves.
  • Mrs. Rapelle:
  • Ztitch:
  • Daesect
  • TBA

Recurring Characters

  • Lorelei
  • Becky
  • Dennis
  • Melvin Newtowski: An ill-tempered, yellow newt who has a hobby of paranormal hunting. He has a secret underground hideout far from his family's house where he searches for any paranormal activity with security cameras. He debuted in "Invasion of the Critter Snatchers".
  • Bruno Toad
  • Priscilla Priceless: A spoiled rich girl who is Makayla's rival in their private school. Her personality is oppisite from Makayla's, as she doesn't care the trouble she causes or who she steps on just to get what she desires. She debuted in "Clash of the Cookies" where her cookies sell more then Makayla's but after Skip saves his girlfriend's business with his homemade "fruit cookies", Priscilla pays Bruno, Darcey and Vincent to sabatoge Makayla's business.
  • Darcey Weasel
  • Vincent the Skunk
  • The Critter Trio:
    • Chris
    • Arnold
    • Pauline
  • TBA

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