This is a page showing the changes to each console of Skip and Sqak 2.

Super Nintendo Entertainment System

  • The SNES version is built on the same engine with the first game.
  • The SNES had a bonus world where the SSFF fly to Xoon to defeat Sekto.
  • The SNES had characters talking with a translating text box.

PlayStation and Sega Saturn

  • This version has characters talking in gibberish and grunts.
  • The bonus world is when the SSFF try to stop a jail break X2 caused.
  • This version has FMV cutscenes.


  • The N64 version has the same graphics as the PS1 and Saturn.
  • The soundtrack in the N64 version is different.
  • The N64 has more fluid animation

Sega Dreamcast

  • The Dreamcast is more of a 3D platformer with extended levels.
  • The Dreamcast has full voice acting.
  • The Dreamcast is a free roaming environment.

PlayStation 2 and GameCube

  • Both versions are the same as the Dreamcast.
  • They both have HD graphics.
  • The language can be either english or gibberish on the options.

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