Skip and Sqak
Developer(s) Namcom
Publisher(s) Nin
Platform(s) SNES Logo
Release Date(s)

May 15, 1993 (NA) June 24, 1993 (EU) October 19, 1993 (JP) August 28, 1993 (AUS)

(PS1, Saturn) April 11, 1995 (NA) April 15, 1995 (EU) May 20, 1995 (AUS) August 24, 1995 (JP)

(Nintendo 64) July 29, 1998 (NA) August 3, 1998 (EU) September 28, 1998 (AUS) November 14, 1998 (JP)

Single Player, 2 Player
Age Rating(s)
Genre(s) Platform, Adventure
Media Included Violence, Comic Mischief
Skip And Sqak is a platform game on the SNES released in 1993 created by Namcom. The game invloves a blue frog named Skip and a red bird named Sqak try to save the world from being conqured by aliens called the Ants

The game was first made in 1993 for the SNES, later for the Playstation and Sega Saturn in 1995, the Nintendo 64 in 1998, and later in 2013 for the Skip and Sqak Collection.

Skip and Sqak SNES Cover

The original SNES cover.


The world of the series is set in a world populated by Anthromorphic Animals.

The game first shows a lonely egg laying by a beach of Sunny Villa island, which hatches and reveals a blue frog and wanders around the beach. The baby frog is found by a young adult farm girl named Mia, who takes him home to introduce him to her other adopted son, a red bird named Sqak. The frog had a crystal eye, a crystal sphere that records settings and are what you need to go around in the game, shows a recording of Emporer Dante, the ruler of power hungery aliens called the Ants, who explains that his empire has suffered habit issues due to overpopulation, and has a plan to make more space for his people by invading the universe and imprisoning the original inhabitats.

Fearing that Dante's plan could threaten the universe, The blue frog asks assistance from Sqak and Mia by going around the island saving residents from being conqured from Dante's army, and find a colony of "Blue Ants" which Dante mentioned in the recording. The frog also has a plan to save the island by talking to a chimp like scientist named Dr. Tron, who studies on the Ants and might know where the Blue Ants are. Sqak accepts Skip's request, Sqak decides to name the blue frog "Skip". With the help of their freinds, the duo are able to save lots of islands and are able to find Tron, who tells them to meet him in his high security labratory under ground. The 2 go, but when they got to Tron, almost got them killed by a huge robot gorilla, Revealing that Dr. Tron was actually working for Emporer Dante.

After The 2 destroy the massive robot, Sqak became hostile and aggressive to Skip for falling into the trap. Skip tries to save the rest of the island but Sqak is focused on getting revenge on Tron. Sqak gets his goal by winning a dogfight with Tron who is piloting a space ship on the ants space station base. Seeing that Dante had enslaved an island via a crystal eye, Sqak feels guilty for not listening to Skip, but they continue to save the island. Dante still hasn't admit defeat, as he continues to enslave the universe.

The duo go to a Jungle Island with a temple of the ancient Pasikus, the creators of the universe. When they searched around the jungle, Skip's family was no where to be found. Skip gets sad about this, but he and Sqak have to stop the Ants who are invading the island. The duo defeated Advisor Veger, Emporer Dante's assistant, who flies into the sky by his malfuctoning chair.

When Sqak finds out that Dante has enslaved Sunny Villa and tries to destroy the world with a huge laser machine up in space, He and Skip go back to Sunny Villa, free all their freinds and allies who are all locked in cages, go up to space on the laser machine, and fought Emporer Dante in a huge robot. on top of the laser, Dante reveals that he didn't want to conquer the world for his people, he wanted to conquer the world for power and fame all for himself.

In the End, Dante was killed after the robot head he was in explodes and he falls into the lava that flooded the laser earlier, and Skip and Sqak used the laser to destroy itself, and blows up the whole laser machine, sending both the duo falling down back to earth. Skip sprains his ankle from the fall and Sqak leaves. Thinking Sqak is leaving him, Skip turns the other way, walking sadly, but Sqak didn't wanna leave skip, he wanted to fix his ankle. And so. once returning home, the duo got a huge cheer from their freinds and allies. The duo relized they CAN save the world without the Blue Ant's help.

After the game's credits, Skip, now having a family with Sqak and Mia, watches a TV adverisement showing a reformed Dr. Tron trying out his new invention, The "massager MEGA" and gives it a little test right in front of the Duo, and Sqak tells Skip to turn off the TV because it was too gruesome to watch.


  • Skip: One of the 2 primary protaganists, a blue frog with orange eyes hatched from an egg all alone on Sunnyvilla, after he hatches, he finds a crystal eye beside his egg and asks Sqak to assist him on his quest to stop Emporer Dante.
  • Sqak: One of the 2 primary protaganists, a red bird adopted by Mia, and he and Skip must team up to stop Emporer Dante.
  • Mia: The Duo's adopted mother, a young adult farm girl who helps The Duo by saving their progress. She oftennly is protective and treats the 2 heroes like babies.
  • Croco: One of the 3 helping characters. He Is a Green skinned, Blue eyed Crocodile who can bounce on his tail. He oftennly acts like a showoff and brags that he saved the world he's in.
  • Tubby: One of the 3 helping characters. He is a Yellow skinned Green eyed hippopotamus and, as his name suggests, is little over weighted. He is pretty stupid and gullible.
  • Imp: One of the 3 helping characters. He is a short purple skinned red eyed Imp who has a phobia over almost everything big or scary and he is also a total neat freak.
  • Robin: A yellow bird with grey hair, dark green eyes, black coat and gloves, black pants with an orange belt and orange boots. She is brave and less cowardly than her male freinds. She helps the Duo by selling moves and upgrades at her own stand.
  • King Cheatsy: A short, spoiled, lazy, selfish, gullible, and only cares about money Mouse Ruler in the Mouse Kingdom. Despite being a careless cad, he gives fun bonuses to Skip and Sqak in turn of a gold medal but they need to pay their coins to him before they choose a minigame.
  • Dib: A white paled, grumpy, mutter mouth, Devil who is bigger than the other devils and he first appears when When the Duo die for the first time, and tells them that the more lives (Heart fruits) they get, the more chances they earn to live or its game over. He later appears in the Spooky Swamp, trying to catch chicken in an abandoned chicken coop, and gives Sqak the fire cracker move to kill the zombies up ahead.
  • Dr. Tron: A goofy, gullible, foolish chimpanzee scientist who secretly has a crush on Mia and Skip tries to search for almost throught the game, believing a scientist like him knows how to stop Drek's invasion. However, Tron was actually the mascot for Drek's new island, and After he failed to kill Skip and Sqak with a giant gorilla robot, Drek sends Tron to the Ant space station to eliminate the 2 in a space fight or he'll get fired. Tron fails, and is now reformed after getting fired and later tests his massager MEGA on tv.
  • Ant Emporer Dante: The evil ruler of the Ant empire and the Main Antagonist of the game. He leads an army of Special type Ants to invade islands and exterminate any rebels, including Skip and Sqak. He later attacks the 2 at his huge laser machine to destroy the island and put a new one in it's place with a huge to leg walking robot, but gets defeated and falls into the lava that flooded the inside of the laser earlier, killing him.
  • Advisor Veger: The Servent of Emporer Dante and the Secondary Antagonist of the game. He is also the commander of Dante's Army. He fights Skip and Sqak on top of the Pasiku Temple, but gets defeated. He continues to appear in other games.

Secondary CharactersEdit

  • Mr. Plumber: An unnamed horn toad wearing overalls helps Skip and Sqak at Great Pond by fixing the waterpipe the need to go in. He is later seen in the Battle Field fixing up the turret the duo need to destroy the Ant UFO's.
  • Loki Locust: A green fast talking locust who is a news reporter along with his friend, Murphy Cricket
  • Murphy Cricket: A brown cricket who hosts the news. He is more confident than his partner, Loki Locust.
  • Justin McRuss: A light brown otter who is a famous river boarder.
  • Mr. Owl: a brown owl who is very smart, but sometimes gets a little kooky like Skip.
  • Skull Crack: Dr. Tron's security guard in Black Water Stream. At first he believed Skip and Sqak were trying to take a picture of Tron in his sleep and refuses to let them in his trailer until they pay him 300 coins. He is also Mr. Plumber's brother.
  • Agent B: Justin's grumpy agent who got separated from his client in the crash in Mud Creek. He gives the duo the Expose Goggles if they give him the River Race Trophy.
  • Douglas Beetle: The head beetle of the Mud Ball Industries in Mud Creek. He lets Skip and Sqak use mud balls to get passed one of the levels.
  • Mr. Mole: A blind elderly mole who gives Skip and Sqak their first crystal eye in Great Pond.
  • Silvia: A western accent deer who gives Skip his Jet Swim ability.
  • Colenel Duckleg: A tough military duck who ordered Skip and Sqak to take out the Ant's base in the Battle Field.


  • Ant Grunt: Small Ants only need one hit to defeat them.
  • Ant Mantis: These Ninja Ants love to spring around so much, they'll try to pounce on you.
  • Water Ant: Ants in scuba suits can only be found underwater. Their harpoon guns are their only weapon.
  • Ant Stink Bug: These Ants in gas masks and rubber suits have tanks on their backs that spray a moldy stink.
  • Ant Ceterian: Robot servants of the Ants can hover up and down and can even shoot you.
  • Ant Soilder: These Ants have no special moves other than shooting their laser guns.
  • Fire Ant: These spanish Ants can breathe fire and run fast.
  • Snow Ant: These Ants in parkas can breathe a blizzard that freezes you, but they don't run fast.
  • Ant Cicida: Small Ants with giant air horns can often be found sleeping rather than patrolling a platform and can be awoken if they get approached quickly. Their loud horn can alert a party of Ants.
  • Ant Balloon: Ants tied to a balloon can only be defeated by popping their balloon.
  • Ant Hornet: These Ants can fly with machenic wings and carry machine guns in their hands.
  • Ant Beetle: Tall Skinny Ants inside a round armor can roll right at you. Knock them off a ledge to break their armor.
  • Ant Spider: Robotic spiders can only be found in Spider Burrows and Spooky Swamp.


  • Sunny Villa: The first level and the home of all the main characters in the game. It is a beautiful spot with blue skies, calm beaches, and pretty gardens.
  • Great Pond: A huge cool lake with whisteling winds, cool forests, and the best spot for sunsets.
  • Mud Creek: A Huge Muddy lake where the Ants put their High Security Prison.
  • Mouse Kingdom: The kingdom of all mice ruled by the greedy King Cheatsy.
  • Tikwando: A tokyo like city with buildings, cars, and Ant security robots running about.
  • UnderGround Lab: Dr. Tron's secret lab with voilent security and robot chimps
  • Battle Feild: A war in a forest with Snipers, Tanks, and Enemy Bases.
  • Hot'N'Cold Topia: A club for Fire Ants and Snow Ants come to chill out and turn up the heat.
  • Spider Burrows: An undergeround lair where Ant Spiders built webs and traps.
  • Grumpy Clouds: The Ants built a storm machine so it can be stormy non stop. Now Skip and Sqak have to shut it down.
  • Spooky Swamp: A gloomy, creepy swamp with haunting graveyards and terrifying zombies.
  • Ant Air base: A huge air ship up in the air ready to drop a bomb on small islands.
  • Moon Base: A base up in outer space is ready to lead its soilders to invade the island.
  • Danteropolis: An unamed city conquered by Dante and his army. Be careful, there are Ants EVERYWHERE!
  • Hisakua Tataneeakloa: Was the home of the Pasiku's, the creators of the universe. The Ants try to steal all the Iku in the temple to power the Island-Tizer.
  • Island-Tizer: The Last Level of the game, a Lazer built in outer space by Drek to destroy the world.


Concept ArtEdit

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  • Move = Arrow buttons
  • Run = L
  • Jump = B
  • Attack = Y
  • Ground Pund = Arrow Down and Y
  • Strong Attack = Hold Y and release


  • Run
  • Jump
  • Ground Pound
  • Strong Attack
  • Spin = Y (Spin at enemies and open switches)
  • Bubble Bowl = A (Hurl a huge bubble at your enemies)
  • Bubble Platform = R (Create your own bubble platform that can only last a few seconds)
  • Bubble Bomb = A (Under water only)


  • Run
  • Jump
  • Ground Pound
  • Strong Attack
  • Fire Cracker = A (Launch a fire work at enemies from a high distance)
  • Pheonix Comet = Hold L and press Y (Blast yourself through blazing fire and make your foes bite the dust)
  • Glide = Jump and hold B (Glide across gaps and fly up by currents)
  • Chop = Y (Use kung fu on your enemies)


  • Move = Arrow Buttons
  • Thrust = B
  • Shoot = A

(Surf Board)

  • Move = Arrow Buttons
  • Slide = L/R
  • Jump = B
  • Stunts = In mid air, Hold Y and move the Arrows


  • Aim/Move = Arrow Buttons
  • Fire = B
  • Bomb = X


The game recieved critical acclaim. Game Rankings gave the game a 93%, praising the game's level design, platforming, and creativity. Nintendo Power gave the game a 5 out of 5, claiming "Skip and Sqak is the food for people starving to look at great graphics, lovable characters, and a very awsome story." IGN claimed that Skip and Sqak is "one of the best platformers not called Mario and the most funniest games" gave the game a 9 out of 10.

The game was a selling success as it sold 3.2 Million copies world wide.


  • Game Rankings: 93%
  • Nintendo Power: 5/5
  • IGN: 9 out of 10
  • Game Informer: 9.5 out of 10
  • Famitsu: 35 out of 40
  • Game Revelution: B+
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A sequel for the game, Skip and Sqak 2 was released in February 1996. The sequel took on a more darker and serious tone, and was ported on the SNES, PlayStation and Sega Saturn.

In May 2005, a third game, Skip and Sqak 3, was released for the GameCube, PlayStation 2, Xbox, and Playstation Portable


A rebooted remake of this game is in development. The first game of the reboot reimagines elements of this game.

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