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Skip In The Middle is the 29th Episode of the Skip and Sqak Anime Series. It originally aired on May 3 1997. The story is when a wealthy brat named Priceless tries to take Skip away from Cynder.



At school, the Grade 7 Class has a new student, a rich spoiled brat named Princess Priceless. Priceless was rude to everyone except Skip, who she quickly falls in love with but instead feels enraged when she saw her kissing him on the cheek. Priceless quickly throws a tantrum and claims Skip for herself, but Cynder ignores her and walks away with Skip in her arms.

As the gang walk home from school, they discuss how rude Priceless was but Robin tells them to give her a chance. Meanwhile, in her manor, Priceless throws another tantrum at her father, King Priceless, over how Cynder "stole" Skip away from her. King Priceless gives Princess a bag of money which she laughs evilly as she is up to something.

The next day of school, Princess Priceless used the money to buy a suit like Cynder only yellow. The gang got a call from Colenel Fogleg that Red Ants are attacking the city, so they form into the SSFF and take off with Priceless on their tails.

Down town, a group of Red Ants are holding the people in that area prisoner until the Blue Ants and SSFF came and began fighting them, with Priceless ruining their fighting as she tries to impress Skip. Before retreating, the Red Ants tie up Priceless and strapped a bomb on her but the SSFF sent the bomb away from the city before exploding. The whole SSFF Team was furious with Priceless for making them fail the mission, with Cynder telling her that Skip is hers, angering Priceless.

Priceless once again throws a tantrum at her father until he gives her a Suitcase of money. At the next day, Priceless bursts into the classroom with a special suit that gives her powerful abilities. Priceless tries to kill Cynder so she can have Skip to herself, but Cynder fights back which results a catfight on the school yard.

Princess Priceless and Cynder fight until Cynder destroys Priceless's Special Suit. Priceless has to spend a month in the Detention Centre, as Cynder and Skip embrace.

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