SKIP May 5

Skip, the cheerful blue frog

Skip is one of the 2 main protagonists of the SNES plat former game, Skip and Sqak, and later one of the playable characters in the sequel. He is a day old (then 3 in the sequel) silly blue frog and is often the more calm one other than Sqak. In the third game, it was revealed Skip was actually from the future as he was accidentally sent to the past by Madame Rosalina. He is the son of Queen Aleena and King Ignus.

His real name is actually Leon given by his parents. His special move is the Spice Rage.

Skip and Sqak

At the first part of the game, Skip was an egg abandoned in a forest. He hatches from his egg and finds a Crystal eye close to his egg shells, and flees to Sqak's house. After showing the eye that explains Emporer Dante's plot, the 2 team up and try to save the world while looking for a scientist named Dr. Tron, who later turns out to be working for Drek. At first, Sqak was mad at Skip for falling into Tron's trap. The 2 continue saving islands, defeat Tron in a space fight, go to Skip's home island and defeat Drek's servant, Veger, and find out that Dante is wanting to destroy the world with the Island-Tizer. So the duo head down and save everyone and destroy the Island-Tizer, along with the emperor. Skip then becomes Sqak's adoptive brother and Mia's son and the duo and their friends became the famous heroes of Sunny Villa.

Skip and Sqak 2

Skip was sent to the future in Sunny City with his friends and he and Sqak were together as a group of Blue Ant Ceterians take them to Queen Kaida and they spend the night at her palace. The duo woke up and promised to look for their friends so after finding them all, the group decide to help the Blue Ants save the world as they are named the Skip and Sqak Freedom Fighters.

Through the game, Skip develops a rivalry with Cynder, who often teases him but they begin to care for each other. Before the gang can take their new Hover Car on the race track, Akutio tells Skip that the wish bubble can destroy Cynder so Skip destroys the Hover Car, and upset Cynder.

After the gang find out Akutio was pulling their legs, they got Dr. Tron to fix up the Hover Car right in time for the Finals. But the race was short lived as X2 and his army attacks the stadium while the SSFF fight JoJo, and the Dark Iku Castle is ready to destroy the earth.

The Wish Bubble Skip grant to go home goes up to the castle so the team go up to the castle and encountered a Giant Monstrous JoJo who crashed in Dark Iku earlier. The battle between the SSFF and JoJo was cut off when JoJo gets killed by the Light Iku Beam the Blue Ants launched to destroy the earth. As the gang celebrate with Professor X2 and his SSSSS Team in prison, Cynder kisses Skip on the cheek, and he screams with excitement.


Skip is always happy and silly, loves pigs and eat Apples, and acts like a cry baby. He sometimes shown to be very mischievous, for example before Aleena reached to get a shampoo bottle that fell in the bath, he kicked her bum and she fell into the tub. Since he is only 3 years old, he acts very immature but loves to give a hand to those in need.

Villain Nature

Despite being the hero, Skip, along with Sqak, Croco, Imp, Tubby, Dib and King Cheatsy are the only 7 characters from the SSFF to serve as a villain in the Anime Series. For example