Full Name Skiene
Current Age 18000+
Date of Birth April 6th
Gender Female
Species Shadow human Demon
Location Unknown
Zyvoline (first master)
Fandraxono (second master)
Mallory (current master)
Zodiez (supplier)
Main Weapon(s) Lucifer's PAIN-T Press
Skiene is a demented art demon that has been part of the Zaxinian Lifts chronology for around 1,000 years, having been responsible for designing the architecture and landscapes of that universe completely on her own. Skiene has spent the majority of her life chained to an enormous mechanism built by her demonic kind, with this machine reaching into her blood and supply of Inkura to both torture and help her into drawing out all the continents and major civilizations in the Lifts. Strapped away in a chamber hidden way underground throughout almost her entire life, she has very little experience with society and has very few friends. Because of her mental vulnerability, she is very easy to manipulate and take over by villains such as Nightshade or Mallory, whom have abused her powers to create beasts and monsters and worlds just for themselves without having any sympathy for the pain Skiene's taking from it all.

With her utterly fantastic imagination and role as the Goddess of Creativity, she has been used to create thousands of mishaps that the Zaxinian Lifts' people have had to deal with since their creation. Much of the bestiaries featured in games such as General's Journey, Split Personality and The Children Program: Generation Z have been crafted by her own hand, and she's ultimately the source behind the Mass-Produced Clone Corps and her current "overseer" Ms. Replicate, who makes great use of her skills. While she was used for good intents and purposes by people such as Fandraxono and Zodiez, she has been unwillingly part of many grand and evil schemes that have haunted the universe for millenniums. The one and only reason why she has never been removed from her status as Art Goddess due to the fact that she has fused with her PAIN-T Press machine over her time alive, and the two are impossible to disconnect without killing Skiene or breaking the useful press. Against her own will, she is part of "C.O.T.S." (Clone Operation Testing Squad) and is the mass producer of the Mass-Produced Clone Corps.

During her spare time, she designed the entire realm of Hisplit herself out of her frustrations with her manipulative machine and countless abusive users.


Skiene is almost completely drained of emotion or any sort of energy, with just about all her remaining energy gone. Skiene runs a very basic personality with a very limited vocabulary and has almost little control over what she says. Her machine, being a sentient creature in its own way, controls what goes out of her mouth and contorts her body in very painful ways to perform the tasks she's assigned to do. The demon inside her machine is very berserk and viciously attacks Skiene whenever she refuses to run a task it desires or when she risks its life with some sort of clumsy movement. Day after day, week after week, the demon screeches into her ear and refuses to leave her alone, causing her to run a constant migraine as well as causing her to cry often. She takes orders very well most of the time though, as she knows just how badly the PAIN-T Press can punish her if she fails. Because of having almost no control over herself, the actions she does attempt to do herself seem to be distorted by the influence of the machine; her smiles of what would normally be innocence are instead very creepy and complicated with Inkura drooling.

She has so little control over herself that she lets others control her just as much as they want with the knowledge that she alone cannot stop it. As such, she is a parent of over three hundred children and has murdered millions of others over the course of her life. While she feels horrible over her actions, she can't resist what she's told, and does every little thing Ms. Replicate or someone else tells her to do with the most painful of smiles.


Skiene is incredibly skilled with art, able to use the power of her PAIN-T Press to draw planets, landscapes, and environments to life alongside civilizations, but twists everything with whatever she's got going on with her vivid, wild imagination. She can draw anything to life and give them roles to serve their appropriate masters as long as her fellow demon Lucifer agrees to it first. Her machine contorts and moves her limbs in every way possible to ensure that she does what she's told to. If Skiene has enough will, she can plunge creations of hers into darkness so they'll never see the light of day again, but this takes a lot of power out of her machine and really pisses off Lucifer, whom proceeds to hurt her badly whenever the machine kicks back into full power. Many of Skiene's drawings do not look professional, looking just like very amateur children-like sketches, but with her much stronger imagination, she can shape them into what she feels is appropriate.

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  • Skiene was originally a character on the Zolaran Archives, but was dropped from it and made into a Zaxinian Lifts character so to not waste her art.
  • The name of her weapon and mechanical helping/torture device, Lucifer's PAIN-T Press, was inspired by Exotoro's PAIN-T.

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