Ski Drazehill
Art is not released yet
A boy with the fate of Adventure
Current Age 12
Species Human
Location Seafead/Traveller
Current Status Alive
Class Protagonist
Family and Relations
Main Weapon(s) Unknown powers given to him by Unknown forces
Vulnerable To Attacks by the Shaded
Voice Actor(s)
First Appearance Gauntlets of Fire
Latest Appearance Sky Symphony
 Ski Drazehill is the main protagonist of the Tales of the Crystals series. He was give special powers by an Unknown force and he keeps his powers by using the Gauntlets of Fire. 


Ski has brown hair, blue eyes and wears a black t-shirt and red jeans with white, red and black shoes. On his hands, he has two fingerless black gloves with a red flame emitting from them. These are the Gauntlets of Fire. He also has sunglasses that are usually on his forehead. He also has a necklace with 5 different stones in them. One is red, one is blue, one is green, one is yellow and one is white.


Ski is a brave, adventurous pre-teen. He doesn't like to give up.

Game appearances

Gauntlets of Fire

Gauntlets of Fire is Ski's first appearance. He is playable here and is involved in the main story.

Sky Symphony

Ski is also going to appear in Tales of the Crystals second game, Sky Symphony

Plunge in the Past 3 - Fantendo Universe

Ski is confirmed a default character in this party game. He is also the first character who's series has been confirmed, along with the Gladibots series.

Fantendo Fighters Ultra!

In Fantendo Fighters Ultra!, Ski is a default character in the game.

Character Interactions

Colt Silro

Ski is doesn't know about Silro's crush on him, but he is friends with Colt, but she wants to go further...

Adrian Bridge

Ski dislike Adrian, due to two reasons. The first is because he uses the Hydro bracelet to summon the Shaded. The second reason is unknown.


In Fantendo Fighters Ultra!, Ski teams up with Amusari to rescue Colt and Blushi.


Blushi, in the short time they meet, seems to have a good friendship with Ski.