Sketchiria Flag
The flag of Sketchiria
Capital City Paintria
Largest City Boureveard
Language(s) English, LatinAmerican Spanish
Leader(s) Michael Michigan
Government Democracy
Population 46.165.724
Currency Pages
Drives on the Right
Abbreviation SK
Included Environment(s)
Plains, Forests, Mountains

Sketchiria is a large country located in the Osirisian continent of Dolenia. It is known for having 2 languages, however most people know at least a small bit of the other, these 2 languages are LatinAmerican Spanish and English.

It's technology is mostly up-to-date, generally because Sketchiria relies on trading, however that doesn't mean they create updates to other things themselves.

Sketchiria is more of a peaceful country, it can defend itself pretty well in a war, but it prefers to not get in a war in the first place, that's why they always like to give a good impression.

Creatures known as Spark Elementals live here peacefully with humans.


Sketchiria is located in the Southwest near Sven-Sventeino.

Due to it's location and weather, rare plants can grow on them, these flowers are rare in most parts making them one of the most traded items form Sketchiria.

Phoenixes usually travel to these parts, more specifically Keost and it's nearby areas because of it's warm weather. 

Sketchiria now owns an Overseas Territory around the Middle-eastern part of Isis near other Overseas Territories. 


The most important laws of Sketchiria are:

  1. Don't disrespect the policemen or the government, the severity of the punishment depends on the severity of the disrespect.
  2. Do not vandalize, punishments range from fines to up to 7 years in jail.
  3. Don't cause a commotion that could potentially ruin our reputation or cause problems with other countries, punishments range from 6 years in prison to even death if it's too severe.
  4. People have freedom of speech, religion, petition and expression, the government CANNOT pass any law that can prohibit these freedoms.
  5. If a person restricts another person based on it's features he will be punished, punishments range from a small fine to up to 3 years in jail if it's too severe.

Relation with other countries

Sketchiria is neutral with most countries, always making sure trades are fair to not cause any problems with other countries.

Relation with Soupistan

Sketchiria and Soupistan have a nice relation, Soupistan usually gives them iron and steel, which are rich in some of the more mountainous parts of the country and in exchange Sketchiria usually gives them minerals traded from other countries.

Relation with Poisonmissa Isles

Sketchiria and the Poisonmissa Isles have a friendly relation, they have been trying to find a way to trade, but because of the poisonous nature of the Poisonmissa Isles, they never could, but recently they have managed to to a perfect trade for both countries, Fire Flowers for Pine Wood.

Recently they had done another trade, Iron for Ice Flowers.

Relation with Sinwatica

Sketchiria has a fairly nice relation with Sinwatica, having underwater tunnels that connect each other and trading Fire Flowers for sapphires.


Komerco is Sketchiria's overseas territory, it's fairly small and it's mostly used to handle overseas trading, it's also home to the big Komerco Center Pier Network, a network of piers where worldwide trades of all sorts happen using machines to organize these trades and of course ships, sooner or later the ships go back to Sketchiria to give the items given in exchange. 


Name Description
Paintria Paintria is the capital of Sketchiria, it's known for it's mostly mountainous areas, it's one of the most rich parts in Sketchiria, having decent amounts of petroleum and iron.
Boureveard  Boureveard is by far, the biggest state of Sketchiria, most parts of it are based on modern cities, making it perfect for people who want an urban life, it has decent amounts of iron and beryl.
Lairleif Lairleif is a state located near the forest, it's a fairly rural city with parts of an urban city, it has low amounts of iron and steel.
Keost Keost is a state near the coast, it's known for it's beautiful beaches and their generally warm waters
Duggen Duggen is a state different from the rest, as it is an underground community with it's own limit, most of the workers that get the minerals are from this land, as most citizens are taught things like how to mine certain ores and how to use drills.
Turopia Turopia is also an unique state, as it's mostly a rural community consisting of million of treehouses and huts linked together by wooden bridges, it's located deep inside the forest.
Fuloato Fuloato is another unique state, consisting of floating huts and houses linked together by bridges, it has floating markets where one can burrow a boat to see the small stores floating in the water.


The government of Sketchiria is a democracy, while the President can make some choics on his own, most of the chioces he makes have to go through the public first.

However, until 2006 it wasn't technically a full democracy and presidents were chosen by a system in which they were picked by a powerful political organization known as the "Tametians", however the public eventually spoke up and started a riot that ended up "dethroning" the Tametians, since then the public has voted to choose the president like a normal democratic country.


Until 1900, where the Tametians fully rose to power and assumed control of Sketchiria and its politics, Sketchiria was controlled and mantained by the government of its neighbour countries, especifically Sven-Sventeino. It wasn't until 1900 where Sketchiria technically assumed its own government, even though it was controlled by the Tametians, and Presidents started being chosen to take control over the country.

Chosen by the Tametians

  • Stanley Pariah
  • Jeremy Stefford 
  • Marley Fellips 
  • Michelle Norseen 
  • Jonathan Bardia 
  • Jesse Ferreiria
  • Mason Miguelle
  • Jason Scrampel
  • Tonny Sammerson

Chosen by the public

  • Mel DeVita
  • John Skeeson
  • Lee Washington
  • Michael Michigan (Current President)


Millions of years ago...

Millions of years ago there was a clan of Elementals, they lived a peaceful life until a mysterious event forced them to leave the universe forever, however, they left behind 2 Spark Elemental babies, creatures that can control electricity, many years later they multiplied until there was thousands of them, however, without the energy of the other Elementals, they couldn't use their powers well, so they decided to hibernate to charge their powers until they could use them perfectly, many years later, the humans came....

The Foundation of Sketchiria

A man known as Julius Stephan Lucas II came to Sketchiria in 1706, which at the time was just a big crater with some people with tents, Julius was an artist that traveled across the whole world writing and drawing about countries, he said that it was the most beautiful place he had encountered yet, and many people agreed with him, so they all decided to start a petition to make it a town. The petition reached to high class people and even presidents at one point, these people made the unexpected real and they turned the place into a country, Julius shortly died after the official foundation of the country in 1728, the country was named after his love for drawing, and the country was officially named Sketchiria in 1730.

The start of a peaceful community

By 1908 the humans had a peaceful community in Sketchiria as well as in other countries, when one day, the Spark Elementals awoke from their hibernation, at first people were confused and started treats and small battles, until they realized that they both just wanted to protect their races and they decide to live together in peace, from that day Spark Elementals became a part of Sketchiria's society.

Elemental Medicine

By 1987 the humans had a significative increase in medical knowledge, however, Spark Elementals would enter hospitals at the same rate humans did but humans had no knowledge of Spark Elemental Medicine, not even the Spark Elementals, generally called "Sparks" by that time, knew about it because they usually healed themselves with magic, but the last Elemental Wizard died, from that day, teams were tasked with the job of investigating the Spark's anatomy and how to treat injuries, soon entire hospitals would teach doctors about Spark Medicine and Sparks themselves.

The War of the Unfair Trade

The War of the Unfair Trade ocurred in 1998 when a trade between a human and a Spark was, as described by some of the people, "unfair", some say that it was because the Spark was scammed, others said the item he got in exchange was broken, but the point is that at first it started as a small fight, then families got involved, then friends and then both races were at war. A small team of humans and Sparks was sent to stop the war, but the war was too big for them, but as the war grew, the team grew as well, until it became an entire army which managed to stop the war months after it started, this team would become the Sparks and Humans' Amy Squad or SHAS for short, another thing that changed after the war was how the trades were handled, both traders would have to be happy with what they got, that way wars like The War of the Unfair Trade would be avoided.

The Legend of the Phoenix

By 2004 legends were an interesting subject, as people would debate on wether they are real or not, one of these people said that the legend of a phoenix living on top of a high mountain was true and decided to investigate himself, when he climbed up to the top he was surprised to see not noly one, but a whole family of phoenixes, they were scared of humans so they stayed on top of the mountain. However, the person calmed down the phoenix family and convinced them to leave the mountain and take a look at Sketchiria, the phoenixes were happy with what they saw and decided to stay in Sketchiria itself, they multiplied until phoenixes were common in Sketchiria.

The Wrong Move

In 2005, the highly power political organization that picked presidents on their own known as the Tametians gave power to a man named "Tonny Sammerson", who was actually chosen because he had connections with the lead of the Tametians. Tonny Sammerson was quickly known as one of the worst presidents in Sketchiria's history, causing an economic crisis and messing with the relations with other countries. However, the Tametians still ignored the public and left Tonny in charge, this would be a bad idea as it would eventually lead to their fall one year later...

The Fall of the Tametians

By 2006 the public had enough of Tonny Sammerson and started riots all over the country, these riots all lead up to the biggest riot recorded in Sketchiria and its surrounding countries, known as the "Boureveardatio", named after the city it was held in. The riot itself became violent after soldiers were dispatched by the Tametians to silence the people, this eventually led to deaths and injuries in both sides and many parts of the city were damaged, but this was all worth it as the public eventually took down the Tametians.

With the fall of the Tametians, Tonny had no more power and escaped in a plane known as the "Sacred Crow" all the way to the northeastern country of Finaco.

Osiris War I

In 2015, Arcadia and Lumoshiland got into a conflict over who would get to colonize the moon first, and asked aid from other countries. In this scenario, current president Michael Michigan decided to side with Arcadia, a controversial move as Lumoshiland was their neighbouring country.

Sketchiria started to build underground bunkers inside Duggen and started "Plan Safety", in which citizens were evacuated swiftly into the bunkers in Duggen before the outside area of Duggen was locked up and protected by military forces. SHAS united with other military forces and became OWAS (Osiris War Attack Squadron).



Statistic shows that most of the population in Sketchiria is Christian Catholic with about 44%, Judaism follows close behind with 30% being Jewish and 26% Atheist or Agnostic.

Typical Food


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