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European Cover.
Developer(s) AlphaGen
Publisher(s) FantendoArendWordmarkSize
Platform(s) Nintendo 3DS
Release Date(s)
1-2 players simultaneously
Age Rating(s)
E for Everyone
Genre(s) Adventure
Media Included 3DS Cartridge
GHoST Cartridge

Sketchians is an upcoming video game for the Nintendo 3DS. The game stars two Sketchians: Dood and Doodette, as they try to save the world from the evildoers who want to take over the world. The game features a single player story mode, but allows a second player to join in to play co-op.


Main CharactersEdit

Character Profile Alignment
One of the two main protagonists of the game, Dood is a skateboarding Sketchian who is very nice. He and his sister are the two who go and fight the evildoers who threaten the world of Pictar. Good
Doodette, also known as "Det", is one of the two main protagonists of the game and is, like her brother, a skateboarder. Along with her brother, she goes out to fight the evildoers. Good
Hun Tar
Hun Tar is one of the major antagonists of the game, and the main villain for World 1. His minions are Hunter Sketchbots. Evil
Farmer Sketchian
Farmer Fract Sketchian is one of the major antagonists of the game, and the main villain for World 2. His minions are Scarecrows. Evil
Waste Mover
Waste Mover, or simply WM, is one of the major antagonists of the game, and the main villain for World 3. His minions are Trashcan People. Evil


World 1Edit

Level # Level Info
1 Find the Part (Part 1): Dr.El Doodle is making an elixir but can't tell anyone about it. However, he's missing a very special ingredient: Sketchberries. He asked Dood and Det to find the part. However, what Dood, Det and the Professor don't know is that Hunn Tar has gotten there first.
2 Find the Part (Part 2): Dood and Det get to area where the Sketchberries are supposed to grow but, Hunn Tar had sent Hunter Sketchbots to stop them, which causes them to fight them.
3 Find the Part (Part 3): After destroying the Hunter Sketchbots, it's time to face Hunn Tar in a boss battle, then head back to the lab to give Dr.El Doodle his Sketchberries.

World 2Edit

Level # Level Info
4 Cloned (Part 1): When Dr.El Doodle accidentally creates a clone of Dood, Farmer Sketchian thinks he is too powerful and captures the clone. So Dood and Det rush over to Farmer Sketchian's hideout to save the Dood clone.
5 Cloned (Part 2): After getting to Farmer Sketchian's hideout, Dood and Det get roped into fighting swarms of Scarecrows, that are trying to keep them away.
6 Cloned (Part 3): After getting inside Farmer Sketchian's hideout, there is only one thing standing in between Dood and Det and the clone: Farmer Sketchian.

World 3Edit

Level # Level Info
7 Wasted (Part 1): When the WasteMover's Minions (Trashcan people) take over the streets the only people not afraid are Dood and Det which means you have to defeat them.Completing this level means that you unlock a map which you use to find the WasteMovers hideout.
8 Wasted (Part 2): When entered the building you find a stink bomb which you have to defuse.Next search through the doors to find a hat so you can head to the main factory to blend in and find the main Waste Mover.
9 Wasted (Part 3): Fight WasteMover until he breaks the wall and jumps into a giant bionic suit and start to running away.
10 Wasted (Part 4): Chase the bionic suit while throwing trashcan lids and the parts that the metal starts to come out before he comes out on a mechanic lifter and fixes it, until it breaks.
11 Wasted (Part 5): After breaking his suit it is now just many pieces.WasteMover then decides to throw them at you which you must then dodge and throw back at him.

World 4Edit

Level # Level Info
12 Minions attack (Part 1): When the WasteMover's Minions (Trashcan people) get angry at WasteMover for failing they head out to get you thereself.Battle a Giant Trashcan person as well as the normal sized ones by throwing garbage at his arms and feet after he reaches into his head and throws it at you.
13 Minions attack (Part 2)The farmers minions think the same thing which means you have to fight a giant one as well as normal sized ones by throwing the wood chips at him that you pick up from on the floor that had been left from you fighting the normal ones.
14 Minions attack (Part 3):Do the same thing with Hun tar's minions(not finihed)
15 Minions attack (Part 4):
16 Minions attack (Part 5):
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