Sketch Land is an upcoming game for The V2 and follows a character named Skribul and his adventures to stop an unknown diety who stole the Rainbow Marker, a source of energy that powers most of Sketch Land.



Unlocked in 1-1

A pencil that can be used to create bridges, make whips that can wrap around items to grab them, and use as a grappling hook. Though, it doesn't have an eraser. It can also be used as a weapon.


Unlocked in 1-3

An eraser that can be used to erase objects made from led, including enemies made from lead. It can be thrown at enemies as a weapon, aswell.

Ink-Resistant Boots

Unlocked in 2-1

Boots that allow Skribul to walk through ink, but only for 40 seconds. If Skribul stays in the ink for longer then 40 seconds, the boots will begin to fill up with ink and Skribul will sink.

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