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Sketch (Paintverse)
Sketch's new design as drawn by Exo.
Full Name Sketch
Current Age 14
Gender Male
Species Human
Main Weapon(s) Pincelle
Ability/ies Control of the Soul-Brush

Spirit powers

First Appearance Paintverse - Just the start!

Sketch from is the main protagonist of the Paintverse series, where he wields ancient relic named "The Paintbrush of All Souls" that allows him to use magical paint as a weapon.


Sketch can be a bit wild sometimes, getting into stuff without thinking, that's why in a way Pincelle works as his voice of reason, Sketch tries to help as many people as he can! This gets him into some problems of course....Sketch can get nervous and even scared without Pincelle or any way to defend himself.

In Paintverse 2, it's revealed that the "brave hero" attitude that Sketch holds is actually just a facade and that in the inside he's actually very insecure and scared, when things go sour or bad things start happening one after another Sketch can suffer a breakdown and his true colors are revealed.


Many many years ago...

There was a society of people known as the "Spiriteers" who had control over the Spirit Realm, one of these Spiriteers, who was actually part of the monarchy, went rogue and was kicked out of the team. This Spiriteer would then disguise himself and kill other members of his family so he could become king faster, and that's when he became known as the "Ancient King Frederick".

Frederick still played with the Spirit Realm in dark ways and slowly became insane, hanging out with spiders in his old rusty room and summoning demons along with doing crazy rituals until the Spiriteers found out what he was doing and killed him once and for all. The name of the Spiriteer who vanished him was "Farleem Villiar", Sketch's ancestor who would later return to the Earth and form a family without telling them about the Paintverse. 

Sketch is born

In 2001, "Sketch Villiar" is born, he is raised with two nice parents, a sister in an apartment. Around this time Artizz is forming back from the attack of "Tempirium" at a fast pace, but what they don't know is that around this time is that King Frederick, now a demon with the name of "Spightmare" is slowly regaining power to strike back in the future at a slow pace.

Just the Start!

In 2015, Sketch is already 13. Around this time is when Spightmare finally rises and attacks Artizz, managing to enslave all of its people. One day, a brave Artizzian with the name of Pincelle decides to fight back, only to be imprisoned in the ancient relic known as "The Paintbrush of All Souls", however, right before being trapped she managed to send a signal to call a warrior to save Artizz. Since Sketch came from a family of Spiriteers, the signal went to him instead and he was chosen by Pincelle thinking he was the warrior her signal called. Sketch then enters through the Paintverse and manages to fight back Spightmare and save Artizz.

After this series of events Sketch is called the "Third Legendary Hero of Paintverse", in other words, the third in a legacy of powerful heroes capable of taking down demons, the first being Gregory DaVince in medieval times and the second being Zacharie Darrelle much later.

Brighter Days

In 2016, Sketch is called again due to Spightmare's right-hand man, "Pyrrioss", attempting to resurrect Spightmare. Sketch takes on the task thinking it would be similar to his first adventure but after being attacked by ghosts and other spirits he finds out it may quite be the complete opposite.

Sketch learns that Pyrrioss is trying to steal the "Shining Crystals" from the Spirit Realm to revive Spightmare via a ritual, and this is messing with the Spirit Realm and causing havoc. After finally going into the Spirit Realm and taking out the problem, Sketch finally learns of the Spiriteers and his ancestor. After that, the current leader of the spirits, a "masked ghost with a shameful past", called simply "Masque" by Sketch alerts Sketch that his powers might start developing sooner than ever and this proves true as Sketch slowly learns how to manipulate spirits to his advantage.


In general, Sketch looks like a boy with very pale skin, however, his clothes have been different in the first two games of the Paintverse series, and the creator says that he plans Sketch to have different clothes in every future major appearance if possible.

Paintverse - Just the start!

Sketch wears a purple-ish cap saying C, a light blue shirt with scrawl representing the rainbow in the middle of it, blue jeans and brown shoes.

Paintverse - Into the Spirit Realm

In this installment, Sketch has no cap and wears a short-sleeved black jacket with a long-sleeved yellow shirt below it, blue jeans and a rainbow-coloured hankerchief


Sketch's main ability is his link with the SoulBrush after wielding it in the first game, he can wield it as a sword and/or use it to fire projectile Paint, which comes in a variety of different elements, each with their own advantages. Sketch's link with this artifact allows him to fire it and change its element no matter how far apart he is from it.

Sketch gains the ability to summon, communicate, and to a certain extent control spirits from the Spirit Realm in the second installment in the series, by "to a certain extent control them", we mean that they're not really under Sketch's control, as that's forbidden, this means that when Sketch gives them an order or suggestion they might refuse, unless it's to protect him or help him, as he's the only person that can directly communicate with them. If Sketch were to order the spirits to do something they consider evil they will most likely turn on him given the chance.

Spirits can morph their bodies into various shapes, this gives them many possible uses in combat, such as releasing a swarm of them to block the opponent's vision or spawning a giant fanged one to bite at the opponent, as well as common everyday uses such as carrying things around and stretching themselves out to act as a grappling hook of sorts.

However, if Sketch spawns way too many Spirits at once or in a short span of time he will need to wait some time before he can spawn any more, not only that but Spirits are pretty weak physically, a good hit can be enough to "poof" them back to the Spirit Realm, where they will have to wait a while before being able to be summoned again.


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