Sketch (Gremlin)
Full Name Sketch
Gender Male
Species Fabric Sprite
Location Fabrica
Class Ally
Height 3 centimeters

Sketch is a Friendly Gremlin and is extremely freaky. He rides on a button named Lavender. He can never frown.But this has it's advantages. Anything he draws comes to life. Like, one day he was hiding in this room, and then a big explosion happened. He drew a barrier around himself so he was safe. Then he learned someone had been hurt in the accident, so he went to the hospital right away. But then he remembered he couldn't go into the hospital, because he was too freaky.

This character is being reworked as part of a Button reboot. Previous content has been placed in a dropdown box to aid in future reworking of this character. As Sketch is not particularly essential to Button lore, this character may be written out of the reboot.

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