Skeletrax's Current Image
Full Name Ri the Space Pirate (formerly), Skeletrax the Marauder (presently)
Current Age 976,791 Years
Date of Birth Unkown
Gender Male (formerly), Unspecified (presently)
Species Unknown (formerly), Skeleton (presently)
Align Chaotic-Good
Current Status "Alive"
Skeletrax is a prisoner of the Luxmors Prison Planet. He was one of the earlier but by far one of the most notorious captures by the Luxmors Prison Planet. Skeletrax is a dead space pirate whose bones are infused with a energy known as "Dimensional Neon", allowing his consciousness to stay bound to the bones of his body.


In his current State, Skeletrax appears to be a small skeletal individual. His bones are black and white in coloration which he has stated is from the ink from his tatooes when he was alive, staining them. Skeletrax also has a noticeably green glow about his body which is due to the Dimensional Neon fused with his bones that keeps him "alive". It is unknown what species Skeletrax was as even he and his crew of the undead cannot remember. Speculation is that he was an ancestor of the Chirian Species due to his distinctive round head, 6 rib bones and one-toed feet.


Skeletrax despite his current condition is a very light-hearted individual. He often jokes about the joys of being dead and how great it is to not have to worry about all the "systems" living beings have. When alive, Skeletrax was described as being an ambitious but loyal Space Pirate, he rose through the ranks of his original captain's ship and soon took the mantle of Captain, 35 years into the Service. He has been known as a remarkable swordsman and gunner and is estimated to have over 900,000 years of experience in both. After death he has proven to still be quite ambitious although his loyalty has swayed as has his sanity, but since his crew are already "dead" they usually don't mind.

While his swordsman skills have been retained throughout his death, his gunning abilities have become completely worthless as gun recoils usually break him apart, forcing him to reconstruct himself. He has been noted to be able to use laser pistols, however, that is about as far as the extent of his gun skills go.


During his time before his capture, he was previously known as Ri. Ri was a mighty Space Pirate, raiding trading vessels and kidnapping many individuals. He commanded a monumentally sized spacecraft called the S.V. Eclipse, a Rank-471 Warship that was refitted with a Rank-209 Warship's hull (notoriously large even for a warship) and the engine power of a 280 Rank-385V3 Scouter Ship. His crew of nearly three million followed his every order and were loyal throughout. After their deaths and resurrections as the undead, his profits grew dramatically and Skeletrax became known as both a Space Pirate and an Investor. He was suspected of investing in many military endeavors, which most ended up being stolen by him soon after completion.

When the LPF came to capture him for crimes against the space code, he broke about every rule from Section 1-1 through to Section XB67-4. He was specifically charged on the law stating that no undead individual is permitted to be in courtship with more than 93 different species. Skeletrax was recorded as having put up the most impressive and longest resistance against the LPF, standing against them for 41 Days, it is estimated that his men destroyed over 20 million LPF Units. However, he was captured, with his crew escaping. Since his capture, little has been heard of the S.V. Eclipse and it is suspected his crew await his return.

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