Skeleton Crew: A Saints' Row Story
Developer(s) Phazonworks
Publisher(s) Fantendo
Platform(s) Xbox One, PlayStation 4
Genre(s) Action
Series Saints' Row (spinoff)

Skeleton Crew: A Saints' Row Story is an action title released for both Xbox One and PlayStation 4; taking place between the events of Saints' Row 3 and 4, it tells the story of one of the worst mistakes the Syndicate made coming back to kick their ass: the Skeleton Crew.


Name Voice Actor Gang Description
Bonehead (Simon) Troy Baker Skeleton Crew
Eddie "Killbane" Pryor Rick D. Wasserman Luchadores
Viola DeWynter Sasha Grey Saints


For years in the seaside city of Steelport, Phillipe Loren's Syndicate has stood strong quite a long time: with the Luchadores' muscle, the Deckers' brains and Morningstar's connections, he and his crew have controlled Steelport for years; at least until the the Third-Row Saints came in and fucked everything up. Phillipe died, Killbane took over the syndicate, and ended up indirectly putting the Saints at the top in the foundry town. And the Saints want Killbane dead, too. But they're not the only ones.

One of Killbane's biggest mistakes is coming back to kick him right in the ass; a new guy in town is setting up his own foothold in the city, with his own militaristic gang following suit. His name: Bonehead; and his gang: the Skeleton Crew. With an unbreakable backbone, top-of-the-line gear (with a bottom-of-the-line crew) and a keen-but-unstable mind, the Syndicate's remnants don't stand a chance against both the Skeleton Crew and the Saints!


Skeleton Crew


Ground Infantry

The Skeleton Crew's ground infantry (cap of 100 troopers on the field at once) is a highly-trained army, consisting of discharged veterans, rebellious recruits, and turned members of other gangs.

Each infantry member has their own role in combat, and usually is named after a type of human bone.

Name Unit Cost Combat Role Class Description
Phalange $50 Basic Infantry Goon Basic units recruited near the beginning, the Phalanges are the basic goons available; cheap, easy, expendable and capable of taking and giving damage - losing one of them isn't too bad since they're a dime a dozen.
Vertebra $180 Big Guns Enforcer
Rib $150 Controllers Martial Artist
Marrow $170 Healers Medic
Clavicle $100 Controllers Combat Expert
Pelvis $200 Group Leader Lieutenant
Craniate $180 Technician Digibattler
Femur $190 Heavy Artillery Minigunner
Scapula $150 Defenders Shieldwielder
Carpal $70 Combat Support Armed Goon
Tarsal $70 Combat Support Armored Goon


  • Author's Note: "Bonehead's character inspiration came primarily from the mixed sources of Marvel's Crossbones and the Joker."

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