There are Skeeters on the water
Skeeter, Mario


A Skeeter

Skeeters are giant 4-legged bugs that float on top of the water that were first introduced in Super Mario 64. They have appeared in several of Mario's 3-D adventures. Skeeters can also walk on land as well as skate on water.These spiders will stride on top of the water. When they see a player, they will run into the player, trying to hurt him or her. Defeat with stomps, attack them, or eat them with Yoshi.

Game Appearances

Mario & Luigi: Rivals Quest

Skeeter's Stats
Location Pesky Waterlands
HP 40
Power 28; 40
Defense 35
EXP 25
Coins 10
Items Nothing

Skeeters are common enemies in the locations Pesky Waterlands and Starshine Bowl Beach in Mario & Luigi: Rivals Quest. They will dash in the overworld trying to do a first strike on the battle. Their in-battle attacks are the Kick Swim and Skeeter Dash.

In this game, pink varieties called Skeeterius also appears in Pesky Waterlands and Sarasaland, and they're more powerful than normal ones. They do the same thing in the overworld and have the Kick Swim attack in-battle, along with a different one called 4-leg Jump. Skeeterius have the same appearance from the Skeeters in New Super Mario Bros.