Skarius' main appearance
Current Age 26
Gender Male
Species 50% Tropius

50% Skarmory

Align Good-Neutral
Current Status Alive
Main Weapon(s) Steel Wings
Vulnerable To Fire
Height 2.1m
Weight 150kg
First Appearance Pokemon Fusion
 Skarius is a Pokemon in Pokemon Fusion. Taking the role of one of the main characters, Skarius is a fusion between Skarmory & Tropius, posessing Tropius' Size and Skarmory's aggressiveness he is a secondary character in Pokemon Fusion.


Prior to Fusion, Skarius was the patroller of the Deserted Wasteland, ensuring that the radioactive material that had seeped into the Wasteland was not being spread. During this time he would often use his powerful metallic wings to great sandstorms to stop the radioactive material from spreading.

One fateful day, Skarius was brutally attacked by a savage gang of Sabelwiles and was left abandoned in the Desert Wasteland, developing amnesia and would traverse the Wasteland in hopes of finding out where he was. He became known as the Giant of the Desert as he would inadvertently create massive sandstorms that obscured anyone's view of him.


Pokemon FusionEdit

One of the player's closer allies, Skarius is a loyal Pokemon who is willing to help the player in stopping the oncoming cataclysm, believing it will help him regain his memory.


Similar to most Tropius, Skarius has a large dinosaur like body with four relatively short legs and an elongated neck. His wings, unlike other Tropius' are more akin to a Skarmory's and include the red tinge on the lesser wings. His face is relatively similar to a Tropius' however his cheek pouches are elongated into horns and his fruits are instead golden plates. His secondary wings are also replaced by three long blade wings that are extremely sharp.


Extremely calm in most situations, Skarius is a dependable ally who is somewhat gullible however is reliable in a pinch. He doesn't quite grasp his full capabilities and it is usually by accident that he recalls one of his attacks.


Being a fusion between Skarmory & Tropius, Skarius is able to use many Steel and Grass Type attacks as well as an abundance of Flying Type Attacks.


  • Steel Wing
  • Metal Sound
  • Leaf Blade
  • Stomp
  • Air Slash
  • Giga Drain
  • Sandstorm
  • Fury Cutter