Sk8 and the Elemental Gods'
Developer(s) Universal RIft
Publisher(s) Nin
Platform(s) Wii U, Nintendo GT
Release Date(s)
25px-Flag of Japan October 9th, 2013
25px-Flag of USA October 13th, 2013
25px-Flag of Europe October 20th, 2013
25px-Flag of Australia November 15th, 2013
1-2 players
Age Rating(s)
ERating ? 3Rating ? USK6 ? OFLC-G ? CERO A
Genre(s) Action, Platform
Media Included Wii U disc, GT cartridge.

Sk8 and the Elemental Gods is a game for the Wii U and Nintendo GT, a sequel to the positevely recieved Sk8 and the Board of Power. It is the first game that was released under Popple Co.'s new name, Universal Rift.


Taking place several months after the first game's ending, 0- is still floating around in space after his defeat, suddenly, a strange blue force surrounds him and pulls him back into the planet. This is revealed to be the demon assistant to the god of the underworld, Despito, the demon's name is Imply. Imply is tired of taking orders from his master, and longs to overthrow and plans on using 0- to become the master of the gods, but after upgrading him with cybernetics, Imply is betrayed by 0-, who journeys to the Celestial Court and imprisons the gods, using each as a power source.

Meanwhile, Sk8 and his friends are sharing a picnic down in a field, Sk8 goes off to pick some flowers for Fl4a, when he discovers something odd; Some plants are becoming ridiculously overgrown! He then hears a scream and discovers that his friends are in Shadowy Cages, both being held by the tentacles of 0-, now wearing the Falcon Crest, a crown worn by the leader of the gods (formerly Crestia) he takes Rix6 and Fl4a to the Shadow Court and whacks Sk8 into the distance.

When Sk8 wakes up he finds himself being cared for by his brother, S2art, and Bord. Sk8 is visited by an angel who has escaped from 0-'s wrath, fittingly named Angela, who asks Sk8 for help to get all the gods back in the Celestial Court, Sk8, with help from S2art, Bord, and Boop, decides to go off and save his friends, free the gods, and defeat 0-!


After journeying through 11 areas and rescuing Despito, the god tells Sk8 that Crestia, and Sk8's friends, are being held in the Celestial Court. The gods band together to grant Sk8 their powers and he flies to the Celestial Court. When he arrives, 0- is there waiting for him, and the two battle it out. When the large eyeball creature is beaten by Sk8, he latches himself to Rix6, taking over his body and turning the once friendly Rix6 into a more powerful Rix Negative! Crestia tells Sk8 that the only thing that can combat the Falcon Crest is the combined power of the gods, granting Sk8 her power. Sk8 flies off into the sky and combats Rix- in an epic battle, eventually the crest is knocked off of Rix6's head, Sk8 saves Rix6 and the crest is caught by Crestia, but 0- falls (presumably to his death) back to the Mortal ground. Crestia thanks Sk8 and makes him and honorary god, the God of Unity. Sk8 returns to the mortal ground with Fl4a and Rix6 and continue their picnic.

After the credits, 0- and Imply are revealed to be imprisoned in Despito's underworld prison, Imply comments that there is no point in locking up of dead guy, but 0- disengrates, and turns into small, green versions of himself, which proceed to release Imply, but Imply's loud screams are heard as the parasitic 0- multiplies, and his glasses are thrown to side, implying that the parasites ate him.


The game has a a much wider cast of characters than the first, mostly due to the 12 gods.

Major CharactersEdit

  • Sk8 - A 16 year old boy who goes on an adventure to rescue the gods from his nemesis 0-, he uses his magic skateboard Bord.
  • Angela - A small angel like creature who seeks Sk8's help, she is later revealed to be Crestia's attendant.
  • S2art - Sk8's 8 year old brother who is controlled by Player 2, he uses a small makeshift skateboard he made for himself named "2by4".
  • Bord - Sk8's flying skateboard who can talk.
  • 2by4 - S2art's flying plank of wood with wheels, he cannot speak but communicates in grunts.
  • Rix6 - Sk8's best friend who was kidnapped by 0-.
  • Fl4a - Sk8's girlfriend who was also kidnapped by 0-.
  • 0- - A large eyeball creature who overthrows the gods and becomes virtually overun with power.
  • Imply - An imp who has been enslaved by 0- to do his evil bidding.
  • Crestia - The leader of the gods and the former wearer of the Falcon Crest, she is wise and sagely.
  • Despito - The god of the underworld and Imply's former boss, he has granted Sk8 powers to control Imply.

Minor CharactersEdit

  • The Council of the Gods - Consists of Thornio, Aquadia, Scorcha, Beauti, Bowarrow, Lamusica, Soroa, Burra, Acae, and Skatea.
  • Kelgog - He appears as a guide in the tutorial level.
  • Boop - Occasionally, Boop will appear to help Sk8 when he cannot access Bord.


  • Frontier Field - The main hub world of the game, connects all the worlds together, it is a large open field that has many gates.
  • Vine Jungle - The first stage in the game, it is a large jungle full of vines and thorns, Sk8 rescues Thornio here from the evil tree golem, Big Oak.
  • Wave Waters - The 2nd stage, it is a vast ocean that has multiple glaciers that host a few of 0-'s forces, Aquadia is rescued here from a large watery snake, the Hydro-Hydra.
  • Magma Volcano - The 3rd stage, a large volcano that frequently erupts lava and rocks, Scorcha is rescued from the volcanoes depths from the large fire spyhnx known as the Flame Lion.
  • Vanity Falls - The 4th Stage, a beautiful waterfall with a rainbow behind it, Beauti is rescued from a large-waterfall climbing monster, Karpamari.
  • Quiver Forest - The 5th Stage, a vast forest full of woodland creatures, Bowarrow is rescued here from the Sheriff of Rottingham.
  • Melody Park - The 6th Stage, a large amusement park full of music-themed instruments, Lamusica is rescued here from the one-man band, Tenorbass.
  • Canyon of the Serphents - The 7th Stage and the only one to return from the first game, it has recently had a lot of earthquakes, opening up new areas, Soroa is rescued here from King Kobra.
  • Vanilla Iceberg - The 8th Stage, a treat-themed iceland that seems to have an air of fun, Burra is rescued here from the giant beast, Junkfeud.
  • Tumbling Tunnels - The 9th Stage, a large underground labyrinth, Acae is rescued here from the Molenster.
  • Soaring Skies - The 10th Stage, and the shortest one in the game, it is just a flying section to rescue Skatea, who provides you with the key to the underworld.
  • The Underworld - The 11th Stage, Sk8 journeys down here to free Despito from Imply, who now has a giant mech.
  • Celestial Courthouse - The game's final stage, where Sk8 uses the Falcon Crest to combat Rix Negative, which is formed after 0- can no longer hold his body and uses Rix6 as a host.


One of the main problems with the first game is the controls were slippy on the GT version, but this was fixed in this game with the addition of the Sk8 Brake Attachment. The Wii U controls were credited as spot-on as usual. In both versions the analog sticks are to move around, the A button is to jump, the X and Y buttons are to shoot, and the B button is to summon Bord.